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Monsters under the bed, yeah right

Monsters under the bed, yeah right

Hello Everyone, Enjoying my time with my dogs and my son. There are those that say there is no monster under the bed. Perhaps not a monster but some thing small and fast. For years now I have had a strange occurrence while I sleep. The blanket, comforter depending on...

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Everything has a spirit

The one thing you can count on in life is Change! Nothing every stays the same, even love changes as time goes by, the ebb and flow of love. Even one’s paranormal gift changes and grows more powerful or if your unlucky less powerful. Even I amaze myself at the things...

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Low Self-esteem relationships

As of 11 AM PST 2-15-14, I have heard 4 people tell me they had a breakup over Valentine’s Day. I often tell people that this time of year is rough on relationships, though we can also say that about Christmas through New Year’s as another rough patch. Perhaps it is...

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A message of Love

My last dream was of my 1st girlfriend. When I was in 1st grade, having mastered English in Kindergarten, I made a new friend. She was a blond girl with big blue eyes and a pony tail. We were both at the back of the classroom of about 20 kids. The teacher was talking...

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Your Life’s path

A message from your Shaman, Walks With Thunder. As we move through life we all have difficulties to overcome. For some it is a physical challenge, others may face emotional trauma, still others mentally challenged. I can hear those wheels turning, as your thinking hey...

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Time Travel

We are all time travelers. My friend’s 83 year old mother gave me an insight into this. Imagine a journey from 1930 to today. She would have seen the beginning of world war 2, lived through December 7th 1941, Kennedy’s assassination, Space race and so much more. There...

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Your child and drugs

Sitting here on this cold November day, I feel a little grumpy. Last night I had a talk (heated discussion) with a mother who has a child that has a drug problem. As I was reading my Facebook news feed I ran across another mother with much the same problem, drugs and...

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Powerful dreams

The dreams I have been dreaming are kind of out there these nights. Somehow a scrap of a dream hangs on even days after having dreamt it. I am flying in a stormy sky, beautiful lightning lights up the sky. In the dream I am thinking that flying in a storm might not be...

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Seasonal Magic

Seasonal magic I love this time of year. The leaves are falling, changing colors, the air has a chill in it, great weather to be in front of a fire with a book, my dogs and some hot chocolate. When I was growing up my sisters used to make the chocolate for me, seems...

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Spirit and Luck, they go together

Spirit and luck I have a client that loves to go to the money mall (casino) and be a winner (gambler). In the past I have told them that Spirit can’t be used in this way. They often call me and say I am at a Lucky 7 machine is this the right one? I get a feeling or...

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