Stephen Hawking

I heard yesterday that Stephen Hawking had passed away. My son called me about it today and wanted to point out some oddities of the event. Yes, we think of this as an event as one of the most brilliant minds is now silent. He passed away on Albert Einsteins birthday, and they were the same age when they passed, its also international Pi day. The universe sending its quiet messages that this was an important event to us all.

Of his many quotes I love this one

The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people.

– Stephen Hawking

His disability allowed him to think the deep thoughts most of us dont. Not much to do when everything except thinking is a difficult process. His ability to communicate in such a condition is a miracle. At this late stage of his life he was even on a TV series as a guest star, Big Bang Theory. He still had a sense of humor to share himself in that way.

As we all think about our mortality we have to wonder what we will leave behind us as our little part of life comes to a close. I would hope that the lives of those I have touched was in a good way, that in some way we came closer to understanding spirituality. As a teacher perhaps, I shared a lesson that helps others be a blessing to their community.

Here is the funny part in this for me. Stephen Hawking didnt believe in God. As he crosses over to the next life, what a surprise when he meets those souls who passed away before him. They say Jesus greets you on the other side and you have a chat together. One of the most brilliant minds of our time has just been wrong in a monumental way, as he meets his god.

May we all be a blessing to our families, community and each other. If you cant be kind then try not to be unkind.

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