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SUCCESS IS A SIDE EFFECT Success is a side effect of what you do. That was the message I received in a dream last night. It was a very clear message from my higher self, in my own voice that said. Success is a side effect of what you do. Woke up with it in my head...

Stephen Hawkings last laugh

Stephen Hawkings last laugh

I heard yesterday that Stephen Hawking had passed away. My son called me about it today and wanted to point out some oddities of the event. Yes, we think of this as an event as one of the most brilliant minds is now silent. He passed away on Albert Einsteins birthday,...

Practical Spirituality

Practical Spirituality

Looking back over the last few years I see a pattern of practical uses for modern shamanism. Two specific incidents of many stand out for me. The first one was when an apprentice wanted to leave her current job and get a much better one. We talked about it and a...

Magic in the morning.

Magic in the morning.

Enjoying life is one of my top priorities. I don’t have time for folks that are negative or try to push me around. That of course is a mistake on their part as the spirits that surround me aren’t kindly to those folks. They tend to disappear, and I like that. One of...

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