Practical Spirituality

Practical Spirituality

Looking back over the last few years I see a pattern of practical uses for modern shamanism. Two specific incidents of many stand out for me. The first one was when an apprentice wanted to leave her current job and get a much better one. We talked about it and a lesson we had in energy shielding came to mind. Change your auric field to be golden. Then put that golden field on everything you have connected to the interview process. The resume, electronic application, phone calls, the memories of the phone calls and contact. On the day of the interview I lent her my power and we put on a bright shiny golden glow on her. Result, she got the job as manager at two locations! A way better job than she had.

Of course things don’t always go well when dealing with new situations. People who were passed over for that job still worked there and were deliberately negative to the new manager. She called a few weeks later and explained the situation. Her boss was also kind of bipolar and unreasonable about contacting her outside of work hours. Boundaries needed to be setup and enforced. Once again, we put on the golden glow as an everyday preparation for going to work. We gave a blessing for those people who weren’t doing their jobs to be happy doing a job some where else. Everything cleared up a just a few days.

The second occurrence with another apprentice wanted to apply for three government jobs. Having heard about the other apprentice she asked if we could do that for her as well. The golden glow once again was used on the application process and put on daily around the apprentice. Though we did it on three applications and everything to do with those application processes. This took longer because the government doesn’t move quickly as it works to gets something done. At her interviews I gave her permission to use my power in the interview. After a few months Result! She got all three jobs! Now she had to choose which one fit her the best.

These simple things that are easy to do had a great impact on their lives. Making more money, a position of respect at work and being seen as the golden person who can do no wrong is a great result from just a few minutes focus on will and intent. Teaching spiritual techniques is just part of what we do in the apprentice program. Knowing how to apply the lesson in every day life is very practical and useful. I have an idea that putting that golden glow on in your relationship could just make it better too.

Are you thinking about getting a new job or promotion? Are things going well in your life that couldn’t be helped along with some practical spirituality? If your good and happy why change things, however if you’re not think about calling me and we can work on these things together. Call me today and lets talk about it.

You can make an appointment on this website By clicking on the “let’s work together” link at the bottom of this page.

Walks With Thunder

Changing the weather 101

As many of you have noticed our weather has been changing on its own.  If we can believe a man who claims to have invented the internet, our planet is in trouble.  Our recent category 5 Hurricanes and record numbers of tornadoes as well as record high temperatures would all seem to support a growing trend that could actually make me believe a politician could be right about the weather.  Then again I am not used to trusting that sort of person and can take care of the weather with the help of my friends.  Sorry did I forget to tell you I am a modern Shaman.  I change the weather all the time, as long as it helps the people.

Last October I had an interview for a local paper in the Puget Sound area of North Western Washington and while chatting on the phone with the interviewer I told her that Hurricane Rita would be a category 5 at sea, 2 when it hit land and a 1 when it was over any cities. A week later that is exactly what happened.  How do I do that you say, I ask the spirit of the weather to cooperate with me that’s how. You see in my world everything has a spirit.  In your world too, sometimes you even notice it, ever had a car with a name?  Did someone you know name their favorite tool?  Boats often have names as well, I bet you have even talked to your car or boat asking it to cooperate with you at times.

To ask the spirit of the weather to cooperate with you is an easy thing.  Now some folks will tell you that you need a blanket, music, blind fold and have to lay down.  Those are the same people who claim to have invented remote viewing. What I am going to share with you in a simple way is what Shaman all over the world have done for 30,000 years or more.  I learned this in a dream, and you don’t need any props to do it.  Many of my students do this waiting in line at the grocery store or at the dentist office.

Take a deep breath or three and frame what kind of weather you want to ask for in your mind.  Close your eyes or keep them open your call here.  In your mind’s eye imagine that you are talking to the spirit of whatever weather you want in your area.  Then ask them politely to change the weather to what you want it to be. Be specific about when and how this change should be, August 19th at 10:00 a.m. I would like no rain in Tacoma, WA. This should happen in a good way and last until 6:00 p.m.  Usually I ask the Thunder Nation to give me a hand with this sort of thing, I see them as a storm cloud over the ocean or as a Native Warrior, and sometimes as a Thunderbird with lighting flashing from its eyes.

When I was new at this weather control ability I had a friend in Canada email me and ask for my help, here is a copy of her email:

To: WalksWithThunder; Gray Buzzard; Can’t dance (Their names changed, mine is the same)

Subject: Kelowna fires

Hi Shamanic friends:

My friend in Kelowna tells me they lost another 200 homes last night to fire.  On a suggestion from her shaman in town (his name is Preben) I did a journey last night to help calm down the fire and the wind.  It went well in my journey but all it did was change directions.  At least that’s good it’s blowing east now away from the city but it’s still almost 75 km/hr in places and is fueled by the fire.  I wonder if we all do a journey to calm the wind and fire if that will help?


What happened next was unthinkable to me.  These other two folks are Shamanic Practioners and they said they would not be able to help because of the butterfly effect.  Sorry wrong answer, Shaman are here to help the people.  When people are losing their homes, I as a shaman should help if I can.  In this case my friend had permission to ask for outside help from a local Shaman.  These two wanna be’s couldn’t see past political correctness to do their duty as Shaman.  I replied, sure I can help, we Natives have been changing the weather for thousands of years, if we had a charter it would be in there, Shaman change the weather for  the good of the people and nature.

I did the exercise above, closed my eyes and saw a black storm cloud over the ocean.  I called out to the Thunder Nation and asked them to have pity on these poor Canadians and put out the fire.  They answered in my mind saying we can and will help in four days.  I then had an idea that I should ask the spirit of the fire to have pity on these poor Canadians and stop burning down their homes.  Behind me I felt heat, as though from a hot oven.  I turned around and there was a large human made of black rock, he had orange cracks in the join areas that spit fire and smoldered.  He sat down and I sat across from him.  He said in my mind, “if you are brave enough I will do as you ask.”  A shiver of fear ran down my spine, as this guy was about 8 feet tall and looked like he could break me in half with one hand.  I looked at him closely and noticed he had what looked like a sword handle pointing towards me.  A stray thought told me this was what he used to keep the fire going and spreading.  On impulse I grabbed this handle and took his weapon away from him.  He looked at me in a slightly disappointed way, as he didn’t get to break me in half, and walked away.  I knew I had passed his bravery test.  In four days there was a cloud burst over the area that put out the fire in 30 minutes.  10,000 Canadians were able to return to their homes.

My Blessing to see fairies

My blessing to see Fairies in a good way.

Some Medicine men and women call Fairy folk, the little people. No matter what we call them, Natures Angles are real and in our world. Why not embrace the magic of the Fey? This morning I saw a Blue Fairy light under my bed, glowing softly in the morning light. This evening I found an light Orange one on my knee. LOL Just so you know I have never taken any hallucinogenic drugs or herbs etc. I am so pure I could have been a Mormon. Why then would a former Network Engineer see these magical beings? Well it could be that I am also a shaman and have the gift of sight. It could be that Fairies love me because I love deeply. Perhaps I am a happy, fun person most of the time. (more…)

What Do you give you power to?

What You Give Your Power To

Lions and Tigers and Bears- Oh my! What do we give our power to? It’s a choice we make all the time. Some give their voices to another, others allow themselves to be controlled or manipulated by a partner or spouse. Have you caught yourself saying “He won’t let me…” (or) “She’s so controlling…” (or) “I am so stressed” (or) “I just never have enough time…” If so, be careful what you power since what we believe powers everything in our lives. (more…)

Spiritual Housekeeping

Spiritual Housekeeping

The life I lead can be magical to some. While I do some routine chores (like answering email, paying bills, folding laundry?), the “spiritual housecleaning” parts of my life may seem more enchanted to some- interpreting dreams, clearing negative energy, shielding, grounding… Yes, you could say I am enchanted by my life. (more…)

Swine Flu got ya down. Here are some Herbal facts and an Herbalist take on the whole thing. WWT

Swine Flu got ya down. Here are some Herbal facts and an Herbalist take on the whole thing. WWT

Special Edition Email Newsletter

Swine Flu
I’m sure most of you are aware of what’s going on and I do not need to tell you that a nasty virus is making it’s way around the world. You’re probably also inundated with frightening forecasts and statistics. So I won’t repeat any of that now. The reason for this special Kyyndred’s Closet newsletter is to share with you some antiviral herbs and recipe’s that the media is not telling you about. So, I’ll post those first and then I’ll ramble on at the end. (more…)

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