Spiritual Housekeeping

The life I lead can be magical to some. While I do some routine chores (like answering email, paying bills, folding laundry?), the “spiritual housecleaning” parts of my life may seem more enchanted to some- interpreting dreams, clearing negative energy, shielding, grounding… Yes, you could say I am enchanted by my life.

In the process of responding to apprentice’s dream-walking “homework,” I saw to my left bobbing and dancing sparkles of gold and silver. As they moved closer, I documented the movement by typing it into my email: “While I write this, there are fairy lights around my fingers and on my laptop screen- Gotta love that. They are golden white tiny orbs that sparkle. Just a bit of magic before I go to bed.” As I watched this dance, they came closer to my keyboard, hopped on it and danced across my fingers and off the right side of my laptop. About three weeks later while walking my Dissy Dog in the backyard, I saw what looked like a white moth (or was it a large butterfly?). I walked closer to investigate. Following this wedding dress white-winged and slightly glowing bug was fun. I caught up to it in the garden by the radishes when it suddenly winked out of sight as I watched, unblinking from about 2 feet away. Fairies, have such a strange sense of humor.

So what open my life to be different than yours? Even now as I write this article the fairies are here in front of the screen watching me! Hmmm? Maybe it’s just what I call spiritual housekeeping. Now and then everyone needs to do a little “cleaning” (so to speak)- especially folks that channel spiritual energy, those who receive it, or even those of us who just live in it every day. I have found many ways to keep my environment spiritually happy (and welcoming to blessings like Angels and Fairies). Some of my favorites are grounding and clearing, which each have as many possibilities to try as there are people to try them! Here are a few?

For grounding (I chuckled out loud at this one), but my good pal likes to use mud puddles and bare feet. The process is easy. Find or make a mud puddle. Take off your shoes and put your feet in the mud. Wiggle your toes and see the energy from the earth traveling up from the ground into your body and out the top of your head. I think that’s funny as we have so much rain in Washington State (usually its cold rain too). Putting my feet into a cold mud puddle is not my first choice, but hey! My way is just to take off your shoes and feel the ground/floor beneath your feet.

Another “grounding” technique is to envision yourself standing on the earth. Seeing the earth energy flowing through you (shoes on) to be grounded. That’s nice too. Then again there is the reverse of that with Energy from the sky coming down through you into your feet and then into the ground. What ever works for your personal symbology is good. For me, I also like to ask for what I want. I call all the nations that love me and ask them to ground my energy and clear my home of negative energy in a good, fast but gentle middle world way. I thank the nations that love me. Done. Easy. Love that!

To clear Negative Energy is just about as simple. In fact, one of the few traditional things I do is to smudge. I like to use white Sage for this. You simply light the Sage and let it smolder- using a bowl to catch the embers. Ancient Native Americans used an abalone shell for this, they were traded all across the Americas. Best approach is to fan the smoke with your hand into the cupboards, under the sink, into drawers, closets, the freezer, oven? Don’t forget the corners! I know some folks use a feather fan but I like my hands as no birds had to give up their wings.

And yet, not everyone gets along with smoke so you can also make a tea from the white sage leaves. Boil water, put three for four sage leaves in the water, steep till you get a light green tea. Let this cool. Put the tea into a plant mister and mist the areas you would have fanned the smoke into. Works the same way as the smudge. I also like to have some Kosher Salt on hand to sprinkle outside my home. Kosher Salt is prepared in a sacred way to the Jewish people and while it’s not said to be blessed, I believe it is as the Rabbi blesses the food in the warehouse and the salt is in there when they do that. What if the salt gets wet? Good then it dissolves in the water and makes the ground around your house saturated with blessed salt, even better!

Above all, whichever grounding or clearing technique you choose? Remember your will and intent when you do this. Your will is set to clear negative energy, your intent is a clean spiritual environment. So, will you have to “clean” again? You bet. I haven’t seen a house yet that does well with a once a year “Spring” cleaning and nothing else. This is a maintenance routine, so keep it simple, follow your own symbology, and create a routine that serves you well.

May your environment be blessed so that it supports a healthy mind, body and spirit in you and those you bless.

Walks With Thunder

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