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My Services

With over 20 years’ experience, Andy can help you get past the cross-roads of our lives, help you find your twin flame,  guide you in healing the person, connecting to those who have crossed that rainbow bridge, or even teach you how to forge your own path as a shaman apprentice.

Glimpse Into The Future

We all come to a fork in the middle of the road – Do we go left or do we go right?  Sometimes that fork is so dark and filled with so much chaos we just can’t see the proverbial light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel.

Andy connects with the spirits that love us to bring a message that will serve our best and highest good.  Sometimes the answers are with those who have crossed the rainbow bridge.  While other times, it is our supporting spirit tribe that has always been there looking out for our best.

Twin Flame and Romance

Is he (she) the “one”?

We are all meant to have that one special soul that ignites us and helps us come alive.  Andy will connect with spirit to guide you through your love journey and help you determine if they are for your best and highest good and what you can do if they are not.

Healing Made Simple

Healing can be so complicated, but why?

Andy will use his healing gifts to guide you to a place of peace and harmony – physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  He can cleanse your area of negative forces that are standing in your way and help bring blessings to you in a simple and non-complicated way.

Forge Your Own Path

You never really felt like you fit in, you often buck the system because the system just doesn’t seem right, and the paranormal seems to have always been around you… Why?

Simple answer – You walk with a power that others don’t understand.

Andy’s apprentice program will help you harness your Ancestral powers and become the blessing you were always meant to be.

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