Re-connecting You to Your Ancestral Gifts!

Simple, Guided, and Non-traditonal Teachings Connecting You to Your Untapped Powers!

Experience the power of Spirit

The beginning always starts with being able to feel power of spirit in us and around us - for everything has spirit


Wisdom comes from experience - our own, from others, and from our ancestors. Build a network of friends and helpers to guide you on you path


Progress and improvement ends the old but gives rise to the new. The work is simple but never easy. At the end the new rises to kiss the sky

Live Your Gifts

Be empowered as you empower those around you with just your gifts and the connection to spirit - for everything has spirit and they see the magic in you

Services I PRovide

I teach Simple, Non-traditional, and Powerfully Effective Methods Designed to Aid You on Your Journey - Reconnecting You to Your Powers.

The Modern Shaman Course
  • If Stella got her groove back, then I got my magic back. After years of living life in total chaos, battling depression, and not having a purpose I am able to live life on fire again. The healing we learn to help others is physical, emotional, spiritual, and emotional. It is a magic that you feel and others see. It is a magic that changes you and the world around you. Truly Amazing!
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of people. Thunder is an amazing Teacher and Healer. I am very blessed to be working with all of them.
  • I am very excited to be a part of Walks With Thunder's apprentice program. His method's of teaching are down to earth and easy to understand; the personalized time that he spends with his students really shows that he genuinely cares about how his students are progressing. When is comes to interacting with the other apprentices, they are such a loving, fun group of people open to helping the other students and eager to their share experiences and ideas. I have made some great friends and am truly blessed and grateful to be a part of this group!
  • This for me, is an opportunity to get back on the path and expand my talents and learn new and beautiful things.
  • I feel grateful to be a part of the apprentice program at this time. Andy has helped guide my post-op cancer treatment with very direct healing techniques. As a physical therapist, I am able to pick up on certain ideas and as a mother of five, I can get through my days easier. The one-on-one guidance helps the individual keep focus and the group sessions allow us to work on ideas immediately by helping others. Thank you Walks with Thunder.