Andy "Walks With Thunder" Rodriguez

Shaman Guide and Coach

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Hi, I’m Andy (Walks With Thunder)!

My Story

I am a reluctant shaman, though some call me a “Modern Shaman” or a “Non-traditional Shaman”, this is not the life I thought I would have and it didn’t go like I wanted it to go.  But it has gone how I needed it to go.

I have always been surrounded by the paranormal.  My earliest memories are about fairies in a tree when I was two years old.

You could say this “gift” runs in my family.  At least that’s what my mom told me when I told her about the paranormal things I was experiencing.  I tried to avoid it and chose technology and logic over the gifts I had been given.  In doing so there was a sense of un-fulfillment – Impacting my career and my love life.

The personal war between my two worlds sent me into a journey to find peace, love and harmony. My journey ended after seven years – when I finally accepted who I really was and what I could become. No longer did I feel a victim to my environment.

Victim didn’t look good on me; maybe it doesn’t look good on you either. My work really is a gift from spirit that I share with you.

Over the year’s spirit asked me to guide, coach and teach, not just Native Americans, but everyone. Most likely it was why I was born outside the nations as experience has shown me time and time again.

This is why I am here

My Values & Beliefs

Walking in power means you walk in truth -

Know who you are and be who you are.  There is no need for excuses.  Be true to yourself in all situations and environments.

Always Walk in Kindness -

Kindness is not a weakness.  Sometimes the greatest kindness, aside for standing up for someone when they can’t, is being truthful.  Even if it means that you stand against the crowd.

Walk in Love

Everything I do I do out of love.  I do not tolerate evil for it is the opposite of love.  I am a warrior of love so I will do what I must to fight against the evil in this world.

Anger is a power source - know how to use it.

Everyone gets angry… It does not mean we have to act out of anger.  Recognize where the anger is coming from and take the steps to bring justice in a kind and loving way.

My Approach

As your Shaman Guide it is my pleasure, and one of my greatest talents, to aid you in discovering the source of your problems while also offering you solutions to move you from a place of victim-hood and onto a strong foundation built on self-empowerment.

There are no tricks or fancy words in the work I do. What I do works simply and profoundly. You will receive quick and concise guidance and solutions for any worries you have.

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