Why I Chose To Be An Apprentice Shaman

Why I Chose To Be An Apprentice Shaman

Why I Chose To Be An Apprentice Shaman

Why I Chose To Be An Apprentice Shaman

WWT here⚡. I’d like to introduce you to Cara. She has graciously agreed to let me share her story.
She is doing great as an apprentice and she is a valued member of my tribe. She will be a great blessing to her community.~WWT⚡

Written by Cara:
I’ve known Andy longer than I’ve been an apprentice. I used to sit on the Facebook sidelines and read his posts. I had an interest, but I doubted myself. I wasn’t as good as these people. I didn’t have a knack for anything. I was a faker, a fraud, a poser. I couldn’t do what they did. I didn’t have a natural talent. What in the world could possibly be powerful about me? I’m a stay at home mom to two kids, the only magical thing about me is when I can manage to get the 6 year old to the bus on time and keep socks on my 1 year old. See? I’m not even funny! Why in the world would Andy ever take me on?

Now just in case you can’t tell, I had ZEEEERO self esteem coming into Andy’s classes. But that’s exactly why I was there. After the birth of my daughter in March of last year my Postpartum Depression was through the roof. I had become a sleepwalking ball of negativity. I was a magnet for negativity. They loved my chaotic life, hormonal imbalances, and my nagging self doubt. I felt zapped of all my energy, I felt worthless, empty, and foggy. Finally after exhausting my limited spiritual data bank of sage, meditation, and Tarot I chose to reach out to Andy.



I was nervous to jump into the apprenticeship. I didn’t know if I could keep up. But I’ve found a sense of balance that I didn’t expect since starting the program, and I’ve learned a lot about myself. Pieces that I had ignored, shut out, or completely forgotten have come back to me. It’s been an extremely healing thing to not only feel like myself again but to find a network of people that completely understand where I’m coming from. I didn’t feel less than, I felt welcomed. There’s an amazing level of trust between everyone, a sense of belonging, and so much to learn from each other. It really is a tribe.


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UFO’s Real or Science Fiction?

UFO’s Real or Science Fiction?

UFO’s Real or Science Fiction?

UFO’s Real or Science Fiction?

If you had asked me when I was 21 if UFO’s existed I would have said maybe. Though I love science fiction, the thought that Extra Terrestrials exist bothers me. My last year in the Coast Guard I was on the mid watch. My messenger and I were just chatting about the events of the day. As a Radioman I had to listen to Channel 16 VHF for distress calls. Mariners refer to it has the calling channel to get someone’s attention and then switch to another VHF channel to talk.




While listening for those calls one November night I heard Komosh British Columbia Coast Guard radio call out to all stations. ‘A meteor has just gone over Komosh and is headed for Seattle’s Elliot bay. I sat down at my Radio Console and heard static burst from my northern radio tower on Orcas Island. My messenger was glued to the bay windows and said ‘Look at this’. I looked just in time to see this huge flame in the sky heading south. A few minutes later my Teletype went off with my first and last Flash message. A Flash message has to be handled in 5 minutes or less, they usually use that sort of thing to announce a war or immediate information that has to be acted upon quickly.

The message said that the “meteor” had turned 90 degrees east and had gone down in the Columbia River Gorge. A place known for UFO activity. I asked our Officer of the day how to log that? He said if you ever want to be promoted again, don’t log it. I have a duty to report what I heard, so I logged Komosh CG’s all stations report of a meteor. Never heard another word about it.

Years Later I was interviewing a Bowing Engineer Tommy Richards on my number one radio show on Blog Talk Radio. As a UFO contactee, he says Extra Terrestrials walk among us and contact him with messages and questions about why we do things the way we do. Every now and then we get a glimpse of them and thing they are ghosts or demons. Their technology allows them to bend light around them so they aren’t seen. The ET’s use wormholes to travel and have no problem creating them to bring contactee’s to them, kind of like getting sucked up a vacuum hose.

UFO’s aren’t really my area of interest and though I do have information about them from those I have talked to. Tommy says that the Bay of Pigs was a UFO incident, as we lost control of our nuclear launch capability for a few hours. Seems the ET’s didn’t want us to fire them into Cuba. Their technology according to Tommy is so advanced they loaded a computer control program into the copper wires of the Nuclear Launch control panels. WOW, hard to believe.

I do love this quote: “The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space.”
― Carl Sagan, Contact




Of course if your going to talk about ET’s then your going to have to talk about the Multiverse. Infinite worlds occupying dimensional space who may also be visiting earth. It can’t be that we are just that interesting. As a Native American I am reminded of what happened when Columbus 1st landed in the Americas. Their superior technology allowed them to enslave and exterminate the native population. It’s been said that is what will happen when ET’s make themselves known on Earth.

I like to think that they are better than we are. That they didn’t cross billions of light years to get to Earth just to start a war with the primitive people here. All these years later if you ask me if UFO’s are real my answer is: Yes, of course. I live in Phoenix when you look up into the sky you just never know what your going to see. Day or night, it’s a unique area and I have seen things in the sky I can’t explain and don’t want to think about.

We live in a complicated time and place. Spirits, ET’s and corrupt politicians Oh MY!
May we all be blessed to have the life that makes us the most joyful.

~Walks With Thunder





Success is a side effect of what you do.

That was the message I received in a dream last night. It was a very clear message from my higher self, in my own voice that said. Success is a side effect of what you do. Woke up with it in my head this morning. Ever noticed that people who seem to have everything still commit suicide? Famous Actors with money and seeming great lives decide life isn’t worth living. While most of us would say, that’s a great life well done, the person who has that life finds it intolerable.

As we can all only relate to what we have and not what it looks like others have, it is sometimes difficult to understand their motivation. My dear wife the Bunny says I wake up happy, go to bed and fall asleep in just a few minutes. I’m happy with what I have. Looking back over the years I have gone after what I wanted. Not content to leave that to chance. Though I have chosen poorly at times, I do recall that it was because I wanted the experience. Didn’t want to miss it. Knowing that those choices wouldn’t end well. Most of the time we can’t see what is really going on in someone else’s life, even our own lives are like that. We miss the fine details of what is wrong or right about us.

While observing our barbarian who is four and a half years old, I see he has boundaries. I can’t play right now I sleeping. Weather he knows it or not he has set a boundary. I may have to upgrade his nick name to Savage. He’s been through so much, yet he is very happy. He sings, he plays, he yells with joy and sometimes anger. Making his voice heard! As a child I’m sure I didn’t do that. What would make him need to have his voice heard that he has to yell at an adult.

If you said he’s been abused your probably right. Though we can only guess at what really happened while he was out of our care for 33 days. His version is very innocent of what happened and his way of dealing with it doesn’t seem to be working. Going to give him encouragement on making boundaries and having a positive self-image. Talk about what love is, what care means. Putting that into words a child can understand. The Bunny’s love for him is powerful, he still makes a mess but now he cleans it too. Our boundaries and his can coexist.

Showing my love for the Barba.. Savage means taking care of his needs. Buying him special food or showing him how to fix things. Letting him help me with the pool and the yard. Yesterday the Bunny, the Savage and I were fixing the dishwasher cleaning jets. At one point we went outside in 105-degree weather and used our high-pressure hose to clean it out. Much water ensued as we were all soaked and had to change after cleaning out our malfunctioning water jet. Job done, and much fun was had fixing it. Lesson it can be fun to fix something, use the right tools for the job.

Showing my love is not just food and teaching. It’s watching out for his safety. Having boundaries that enforced with the proper negative result. Make a mess, clean a mess. Time out, iPad taken away for a few minutes or hours, talking about why it’s not a good idea to do that. I do try to make those moments memorable. Using a soft voice, allowing one on one time to talk it over.

Life success isn’t about money, or power, or even magic, it’s about how we care for the ones we love. The innocent powerless ones. I know I can do a better job and I will. Though none of us are perfect just wanting to make better decisions is a good start. May we all become who we have always wanted to be every day.

Walks With Thunder

Animals have pure spirits that live on after death too.

Animals have pure spirits that live on after death too.

May those pure Animal Spirits guide and teach us gently the ways of love for each other.

I have heard that some Christian leaders don’t believe that animals have souls. That god in his wisdom has only given spirit to humans. Hogwash, I know that dogs, cats and so on have a spirit that lives on as ours do. I’m not sure I like this new pope however he does agree with me on this. A few years ago he stated that when we go to heaven we will see our pets who have passed on there as they too have a soul.

Cats have always had a place in my heart and life. My very first pet was a black cat with a white star on his chest. He was so black he could just blend in with the shadows and be invisible. Cats choose who they love and they play favorites. My Black Stuff selected me as his favorite toy. Every night he would come to bed with me, kiss my ear with his cold wet nose and purr. A wet nose purr kiss is not to be missed, I highly recommend one before bed. We moved often when I was a child as my father would build feed lots, the mill that mixed the cows feed and such. Once it was built he was on to the next job and our family to the next little po’dunk town. We moved and our cat moved with us.

One day in the summer my Black Stuff didn’t return home, I was heartbroken. On a day shortly after he went missing, I was sad and in my bed in the afternoon, I felt a cat jump on the bed. Didn’t see one, I felt the bed move with the weight of a cat and felt it walk towards me on it’s little cat feet. Still didn’t see one, though I felt comforted by this spirit cat. Now many years later I know it was the spirit of my Black Stuff coming by to say he was alright. Over the years he has visited many times in those quiet moments when I needed my childhood friend.

We had a Chihuahua dog we called shorty, he was a stray who came to stay a while. He tried to be friends with me but I didn’t like him. Poor little fellow would smile at me and I just wouldn’t have any of it. One summer day we were outside together and he looked at me as if to say ‘I tried kid’ and walked down the street and didn’t look back. He left that day and I remember it clearly. These days it is a source of regret that I didn’t embrace his spirit. As a Shaman I send a blessing back through time to watch over and protect his spirit. Doesn’t make me feel any better but it’s all I can do. You can’t fix something that is that far past. Little dogs don’t live long enough for us to find regret.

Every now and then I can see a little dog spirit in the bed room. Around the edges of vision, or even directly in my vision a little tan Chihuahua dances and plays, following me. I some times feel its Shorty come to say I still love you and I know you miss me. Regret is a horrible thing. Taking a moment to dry my eyes, bad dust in here right now… makes it hard to see my screen.

These days the bunny and I support Small Dog Rescue, Happy Tails, the Trio Foundation, food for the poor and so many local shelters. We drop off blankets and dog treats, dog outfits and of course money. Though I know we can’t help them all we are doing what we can when we can. It doesn’t make up for being mean spirited to a small dog but it does help those that are still here. One day I know I will meet his little dogie spirit and maybe we can be the friends we should have been. This one believes all animals have a spirit and that those spirits are just like ours, created by god and loved by god.

If you find yourself able to help an animal please do, its good for both your spirits. May we all be blessed to have the love, trust and respect of the pure animal spirits that are in our world. May we have the wisdom to give comfort and help to those spirits in need.c

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Stephen Hawkings last laugh

Stephen Hawkings last laugh

Stephen Hawking

I heard yesterday that Stephen Hawking had passed away. My son called me about it today and wanted to point out some oddities of the event. Yes, we think of this as an event as one of the most brilliant minds is now silent. He passed away on Albert Einsteins birthday, and they were the same age when they passed, its also international Pi day. The universe sending its quiet messages that this was an important event to us all.

Of his many quotes I love this one

The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people.

– Stephen Hawking

His disability allowed him to think the deep thoughts most of us dont. Not much to do when everything except thinking is a difficult process. His ability to communicate in such a condition is a miracle. At this late stage of his life he was even on a TV series as a guest star, Big Bang Theory. He still had a sense of humor to share himself in that way.

As we all think about our mortality we have to wonder what we will leave behind us as our little part of life comes to a close. I would hope that the lives of those I have touched was in a good way, that in some way we came closer to understanding spirituality. As a teacher perhaps, I shared a lesson that helps others be a blessing to their community.

Here is the funny part in this for me. Stephen Hawking didnt believe in God. As he crosses over to the next life, what a surprise when he meets those souls who passed away before him. They say Jesus greets you on the other side and you have a chat together. One of the most brilliant minds of our time has just been wrong in a monumental way, as he meets his god.

May we all be a blessing to our families, community and each other. If you cant be kind then try not to be unkind.

Walks With Thunder