May those pure Animal Spirits guide and teach us gently the ways of love for each other.

I have heard that some Christian leaders don’t believe that animals have souls. That god in his wisdom has only given spirit to humans. Hogwash, I know that dogs, cats and so on have a spirit that lives on as ours do. I’m not sure I like this new pope however he does agree with me on this. A few years ago he stated that when we go to heaven we will see our pets who have passed on there as they too have a soul.

Cats have always had a place in my heart and life. My very first pet was a black cat with a white star on his chest. He was so black he could just blend in with the shadows and be invisible. Cats choose who they love and they play favorites. My Black Stuff selected me as his favorite toy. Every night he would come to bed with me, kiss my ear with his cold wet nose and purr. A wet nose purr kiss is not to be missed, I highly recommend one before bed. We moved often when I was a child as my father would build feed lots, the mill that mixed the cows feed and such. Once it was built he was on to the next job and our family to the next little po’dunk town. We moved and our cat moved with us.

One day in the summer my Black Stuff didn’t return home, I was heartbroken. On a day shortly after he went missing, I was sad and in my bed in the afternoon, I felt a cat jump on the bed. Didn’t see one, I felt the bed move with the weight of a cat and felt it walk towards me on it’s little cat feet. Still didn’t see one, though I felt comforted by this spirit cat. Now many years later I know it was the spirit of my Black Stuff coming by to say he was alright. Over the years he has visited many times in those quiet moments when I needed my childhood friend.

We had a Chihuahua dog we called shorty, he was a stray who came to stay a while. He tried to be friends with me but I didn’t like him. Poor little fellow would smile at me and I just wouldn’t have any of it. One summer day we were outside together and he looked at me as if to say ‘I tried kid’ and walked down the street and didn’t look back. He left that day and I remember it clearly. These days it is a source of regret that I didn’t embrace his spirit. As a Shaman I send a blessing back through time to watch over and protect his spirit. Doesn’t make me feel any better but it’s all I can do. You can’t fix something that is that far past. Little dogs don’t live long enough for us to find regret.

Every now and then I can see a little dog spirit in the bed room. Around the edges of vision, or even directly in my vision a little tan Chihuahua dances and plays, following me. I some times feel its Shorty come to say I still love you and I know you miss me. Regret is a horrible thing. Taking a moment to dry my eyes, bad dust in here right now… makes it hard to see my screen.

These days the bunny and I support Small Dog Rescue, Happy Tails, the Trio Foundation, food for the poor and so many local shelters. We drop off blankets and dog treats, dog outfits and of course money. Though I know we can’t help them all we are doing what we can when we can. It doesn’t make up for being mean spirited to a small dog but it does help those that are still here. One day I know I will meet his little dogie spirit and maybe we can be the friends we should have been. This one believes all animals have a spirit and that those spirits are just like ours, created by god and loved by god.

If you find yourself able to help an animal please do, its good for both your spirits. May we all be blessed to have the love, trust and respect of the pure animal spirits that are in our world. May we have the wisdom to give comfort and help to those spirits in need.c

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