Why I Chose To Be An Apprentice Shaman

Why I Chose To Be An Apprentice Shaman

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Healing, Shaman Apprentice, Soul Retrieval, Soul Work, Spiritual Awakening

WWT here⚡. I’d like to introduce you to Cara. She has graciously agreed to let me share her story.
She is doing great as an apprentice and she is a valued member of my tribe. She will be a great blessing to her community.~WWT⚡

Written by Cara:
I’ve known Andy longer than I’ve been an apprentice. I used to sit on the Facebook sidelines and read his posts. I had an interest, but I doubted myself. I wasn’t as good as these people. I didn’t have a knack for anything. I was a faker, a fraud, a poser. I couldn’t do what they did. I didn’t have a natural talent. What in the world could possibly be powerful about me? I’m a stay at home mom to two kids, the only magical thing about me is when I can manage to get the 6 year old to the bus on time and keep socks on my 1 year old. See? I’m not even funny! Why in the world would Andy ever take me on?

Now just in case you can’t tell, I had ZEEEERO self esteem coming into Andy’s classes. But that’s exactly why I was there. After the birth of my daughter in March of last year my Postpartum Depression was through the roof. I had become a sleepwalking ball of negativity. I was a magnet for negativity. They loved my chaotic life, hormonal imbalances, and my nagging self doubt. I felt zapped of all my energy, I felt worthless, empty, and foggy. Finally after exhausting my limited spiritual data bank of sage, meditation, and Tarot I chose to reach out to Andy.



I was nervous to jump into the apprenticeship. I didn’t know if I could keep up. But I’ve found a sense of balance that I didn’t expect since starting the program, and I’ve learned a lot about myself. Pieces that I had ignored, shut out, or completely forgotten have come back to me. It’s been an extremely healing thing to not only feel like myself again but to find a network of people that completely understand where I’m coming from. I didn’t feel less than, I felt welcomed. There’s an amazing level of trust between everyone, a sense of belonging, and so much to learn from each other. It really is a tribe.


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