Father’s Day Owner’s Manual

Father’s Day Owner’s Manual

Wouldn’t it be great to get a “How To” manual on Fatherhood when you pick up the baby from the hospital? Kind of like buying a car… My son and I have been together for 21 years. He’s my constant companion who has lasted through two divorces and countless relationships. If you asked me what my greatest accomplishment is, I would say “My son.” He has grown up to be a good friend as well as a great person with an agile mind and quick wit. His words of wisdom sound very familiar- usually my own words said with a grin. Yep- a Dad’s self-help book might have come in handy for both of us on several occasions… (more…)

Mothers are a gift…

Mothers Are a Gift

It’s true- Mothers are a gift. Now your Mom might be the kind of gift like mine was- one you’d return if you got the chance… But did I learn from her? You bet. Some Mothers are truly “gifted”. Chérie Carter-Scott articulates what gifted Mothers know: (more…)



In my work I see many spirits. It’s a common thing for my students to talk about seeing Fairies, Angels and Grand Father or Grand Mother spirits. Many people who haven’t yet seen a spirit want to experience this first hand and ask how can I see spirits. I tell them its easy and they roll their eyes at me thinking, its easy for you. I roll my eyes back and say it is easy for you too. The ability to see spiritual energy can be a gift, an ability, or even a learned skill. The following is how to develop the skill to see spirits and energy. (more…)

Healing With Water By Walks With Thunder

Our planet called Earth should really be called Ocean or water as our world is 70% or so covered with water. Fun fact, our brain is 85% water, our blood 80%, learned that on Good Eats. Hey if its on food channel it has to be true right? With all that water in our lives it must be really important.

Dr Emoto’s work with water crystals, will and intent fascinate me. Though I think he has just scratched the surface of the water enigma. In my work I use water to heal. Its aneasy process, or I wouldn’t be doing it. Just love those immediate results,don’t you? With this process I get both easy and immediate results.What can you use this healing water on you ask? Insomnia, Cancer, weight loss, mood changes, the applications are endless, only your imagination limits the possibilities.

Of course we are going to need some water, in a container, water bottle or glass etc. I like the water bottle as you can write on it easily. For example,you have insomnia and don’t want it anymore. You can write on your water bottle, My immediate insomnia cure. One of my apprentices took that a step further and doesn’t writeon the bottle any more, she just thinks at it with will and intent, My immediate magical cure for insomnia. After just a few sips she went to sleep and slept though the first night application. If you leave out the modifiers like immediate or magical, the results are not as powerful. Be creative in your use of the water. What do you have to lose really, its water and we have that on tap every where.

Wanted to talk about weight loss as folks seem to have issues with that. As before use a container you don’t mind writing on.This time write “My Magical lose two pounds a week water. ” Youdon’t have to control your portions or deprive yourself of anything. Just drink the water, some in the morning and some in the evening. There is a way to kick start that process even more. 30 minutes before, during and after a meal don’t drink anything. Drinking liquids dilutes your digestive acids, not drinking liquids keeps them potent and you digest your food properly. That alone and with out the water cure should drop a few pounds a month for you. Most folks lose about 15 to 20 pounds in two months.

Walks With Thunder

Prosperity blessing One Spirit Journal

Walks With Thunder

Most of us want prosperity. We try all kinds of things to attract it, even Feng Shui. I have heard of folks putting coins in the corners of their home to attract monetary prosperity. There are some who say changing the position of furniture in a room can make that happen as well. Of course, you can always pay a few hundred dollars and buy the latest secret of prosperity on late-night TV. * This year I even gave myself a prosperity blessing. (more…)

Energy Shielding Made Easy

By, Walks With Thunder

If there were an Easy Button™ for shamanism, it would have my name on it. Sometimes it is a disappointment to those who expect me to have them suffer through a test or ritual to feel worthy. A Vision Quest is not required; nor a stay on a mountain for four days with only a knife and blanket. I am non-traditional, and by that I mean I don’t do many rituals. My way is as easy and powerful as dreaming. I learned how to create an Energy Shield in the Dreamtime. (more…)

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