What You Give Your Power To

Lions and Tigers and Bears- Oh my! What do we give our power to? It’s a choice we make all the time. Some give their voices to another, others allow themselves to be controlled or manipulated by a partner or spouse. Have you caught yourself saying “He won’t let me…” (or) “She’s so controlling…” (or) “I am so stressed” (or) “I just never have enough time…” If so, be careful what you power since what we believe powers everything in our lives.

Karma is a good example. If you believe in it then those rules become real for you. For myself it’s not real. I don’t believe it has power for me, so it doesn’t. On the other hand, I talked with a woman who was abused as a child. Her “advisor” said it was her lot in life because of a past life punishment. What a load of hooey! Children are not responsible for what adults do to them. I told her if you give that idea your power, then what they told you becomes your truth. I say- Why buy into something that does not serve you? If you don’t give it power, then you can release your guilt and heal. Same with spirituality, looking forward, and how folks think the Universe/God/Destiny or whatnot has omnipotent control over my life so I am just along for the ride. Scary. What about your free will and intent and your own moral compass that steers that? Yes, there are a few givens you signed on for before you even came, does that mean the outcome of how you do this life is preordained? Again, more hooey.

And we fear change- fear of the unknown, disbelief we are strong enough, capable enough, smart enough, or lovable enough to make scary changes. Self-doubt and “what ifs”- What if it doesn’t work? What if I make my life and others’ worse? Fear gets a lot of power because we decide not to decide- which is like deciding to stay stuck.

Who’s the wicked in-law of fear? Control. W hen do you let go of your need to “control” everything and everyone and every outcome or emotion or response of another? Did you ever really have it in the first place? I think not. A big part of unlearning this is knowing when to empower others to do what they do best! Each of us does not have to do everything to perfection- we just need to be discerning on who is worthy of our trust in their talents and abilities on their own or our own behalf. If I need energy healing, then I definitely empower the energy healer so they can effectively work on me. As everyone knows, I am picky about that though- have to feel results in five minutes or I have wasted my money. Giving your power to someone who is an expert in what they do can be good. My lawyer Mike is another example- he is so good he gets an embarrassing amount of money for what he does. People give him the money he expects because he gets the results they need. Not a talent of mine. I hire Mike.

There’s a fine line too where people go overboard on powering something that happens “once in a blue moon”- literally- and diminish their power in doing so. I was talking to Cameron at Contact Talk Radio the other day about what we give our power too. If we buy into the power of only certain phases of moon, then we are only powerful at the full moon or the new moon. Instead, what if we could power every day with some thing that boosts our power?

Be creative about what you give your power and you can make each day powerful- no matter what. What about a lucky pair of shoes or a shirt? Maybe you have a rabbits foot that is lucky or you have just rubbed the Buddha’s tummy… Perhaps both.

Mix, match, change things around and empower yourself to power every day with something that boosts our own personal power! What about powering your birthday, birth date, birth year, or even the time of day you were born? Those number combinations will happen every day of the year! My birthday is 01-26-1958- that is my personal power day. Every thing I do that day is more powerful than other normal days. Even the year can be helpful to me. In military time, 1958 is 7:58 PM- comes by once a day. So if I wait till that time to start a blessing or what not, then I get an even more powerful outcome. Then the 26 th comes 12 times a year and January is a powerful month for me as well. See where I am going with this? Also fun- I love thunder storms, those come along many times in the year. My favorite numbers are 4 and 7, so 4:44 a.m. is a powerful time of day for me- as is 7:00 (which comes around twice a day). If I work this right I can even power this on the 4th second- another boost. So if I could get a day with my birthday, a thunderstorm, at 7:58:04 PM and a full moon, well then how good is that! You get the idea… My advice- listen to your inner voice about what you power and be careful about shooting yourself in your own foot. If it doesn’t serve you (and often) then why power it?

Bottom line- most of what we do is in our thoughts, words, and beliefs- uncontrolled, unchecked, unquestioned, and habitualized. That’s what’s scary to me- I meet people all the time who’ve trained themselves and everyone around them about how they should be treated and they have no idea why they get what they got. It’s that lack of awareness that keeps them stuck, unfulfilled, and fearful. So now it’s time for them to wake up and realize they’re not in Kansas anymore and the hokey Wizard is not going to fix this even after the longest walk up that yellow brick road. And while fancy, sparkly shoes and the Good Witch Glenda might help a bit- the best idea yet is to discover you had enough courage, heart, and brains all along. Now pair ‘em with that spirit within and use ‘em.

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