Hello Everyone,

Enjoying my time with my dogs and my son. There are those that say there is no monster under the bed. Perhaps not a monster but some thing small and fast. For years now I have had a strange occurrence while I sleep. The blanket, comforter depending on the season, gets pulled down to the foot of my bed. It starts out over my shoulders and under my chin, but by morning it’s down about 8 inches.

I know your thinking how does he know it is small and fast. Because I have chased it out of my bedroom a couple times. Most recently I was on my computer, I have a clear glass computer desk, and I heard something knock against my wire trash bin. I looked down and saw a small blur abut 14 inches long zoom off towards the bedroom. I was holding my Dis Dog and looked behind me to see her son Goliath sleeping on my sofa. How odd don’t you think? I know it’s not evil as no evil can walk where Angels walk.

I know it followed me when I moved in July the question is why? Is pulling my blanket down every night worth it? Well I guess so Hahahahah.

Have a great day everyone. Know that there is magic everywhere, even under the bed.

Walks With Thunder