Looking forward to another hot day here in the Phoenix area. Lately we have had rain, lightning and my favorite Thunder! As most of you know a good connection to Thunder nation means powerful blessings. Having had Thunder storms for 3 days now it’s a very good time to ask for a blessing for yourself or someone you know that could use one.

Quite often mothers will ask for a blessing for their children, even the grown up ones. Protection and clarity are popular blessings. Though in these economic times a Prosperity blessing is also a great choice.

The mists of time are gathering around me as I remember 1985, November. It had snowed in Seattle and I had just called into work saying I am not coming in. Living on a hill that was iced over I wasn’t ready to risk life and limb on $15 an hour. Having a great setup up in my old house I was about to watch HBO. Back then they had a black background with stars, and the huge letters HBO spun round on the screen as their music came up to a flashy finish.

As that was going on there was a huge knock on the front door. Wham! Wham! Wham! Part of my great setup was I had rented out two of the rooms in my house. My house mates were downstairs and heard this knocking at the front door. Mark the guy who lived in the upstairs said ‘ I will see who that is’. Moments later he called me excitedly and said you have to see this. I rushed over and there was nothing to see, as he pointed out. No one there, no tracks in the 5 inches of snow, not on the side walk, or on the walkway, or on the stairs to my house.

We ran to the back door, same story, nothing. Yet we all heard that Wham! Wham! On the door. Not being used to this magical life that had come calling that day, I was just a little phreaked out. Odd how that is not spelled Freaked out on spell checker hmmm. Mark engaged the services of a priest from the Baptist church down the block. Had our place blessed, did you know it costs $25 in 1985 dollars to get a blessing from a priest? I bet with inflation that is up to $50 or more these days. Nice that he showed up at my house and did the blessing.

Odd how those mists of time just grab a person some times. Have a great day and if your not having a great day then call me and get a blessing so you can have a blessed day!

Walks With Thunder