The 2014 Holiday Season begins.

For weeks now Target has been showing a Christmas add with a little girl featuring the Marshmallow World song. Mass advertising works or they wouldn’t do it. Found myself listening to Christmas music before Thanks Giving. They have just skipped over Thanks Giving, having mixed feelings about that. My Native American roots say Good, why celebrate our people being screwed over by those who invaded our lands. Then the spiritual side of me says it’s a good idea to give thanks for the things we have. Gratitude is a good thing.

I am thankful for my friends, my clients and my family. As I write this my little Dis Dog is on my lap letting me know she loves me. Her son Goliath is on a heated throw blanket. I am thankful that I can pay my bills and have work that I enjoy. Being of service in this way makes my spirit happy.

Many people celebrate Christmas as I do. I love the holiday songs, Christmas in the Northwest is my favorite, google it if you haven’t heard it, worth a listen. Giving gifts and Christmas dinner, holiday cookies and being with those you love. I make a peanut butter blossom cookie, it’s basically a peanut butter cookie with a Rolo in the center. Andrews mom used to make them for us around the holidays, we remember her by keeping those cookies around even though she has passed she is with us in this way.

My son has given me his Christmas wish list and it’s not very big. Easy to make happen thankfully! I have only two things on my list. Life has been good this year, I have been blessed in so many ways there isn’t much I want that I don’t already have. Then again I am not impressed with material possessions, there are a few things I am impressed with, the speed of your computer or size of the hard drive. How nice your kids are or how lucky you are in your marriage. Of course the big screen TV thing, love that other than that not too into possessions or designer labels.

One of my favorite things about the universe is the way it rewards you when you’re on the right path. If your meeting resistance maybe that is not the right thing to do or the right way to go. Love it when things fall into place! My research this year into the Casino Blessing has taught me much about luck, vision and intuition. We all have it but can we use it?

There are magical things in life we all have. Sometimes we don’t want to acknowledge that magic actually happened, it’s more comfortable to not accept something paranormal happened. Even I do it, usually there is another witness to a paranormal event so I can’t deny it happened. Now and then I think maybe there is a special padded room waiting for me. Being one who sees angels, fairies, spirits, ghosts, and dark spirits and so on and on, is difficult. What magical things are going on in your life, this holiday season is a very paranormal time. That blue light in my shirt pocket in the closet, is that a fairy? Ever notice movement in your home when you’re all by yourself? That peripheral vision taking effect showing you spirit does exist.

This is a magical time, ever notice how many ghost stories there are around Christmas? Scrooge, is a great example. Unfortunately this is also a time when many family pressures, the right gift pressure, can push relationships to the breaking point. We have to take into account and allow people to be who they are without letting that take our calm. As an advisor I see so many people struggle at this time of year. We notice that the loved ones we lost aren’t here anymore. In my mind I relive the Christmases past of my childhood and my children’s. It makes me feel better and like those we lost are still with us.

May you be blessed with outstanding holidays. With people that love you for who you are. May your needs be few and your days be joyful. Enjoy this time for tomorrow is uncertain, all you have is the present.

Walks With Thunder.