The one thing you can count on in life is Change! Nothing every stays the same, even love changes as time goes by, the ebb and flow of love. Even one’s paranormal gift changes and grows more powerful or if your unlucky less powerful. Even I amaze myself at the things I see and can do on the phone readings I do. It’s so easy to listen to spirit talking, like a 3rd person on the call.

Have been doing research on the Casino Blessing, I believe that everything has a spirit. Rocks, trees, cars, boats, pens, everything! By asking that spirit to cooperate with us we can become friends. I blessed my Mustang Convertible and asked it’s spirit to cooperate with me. To tell me its needs so I could take care of it in a better way. In return it would run better than it should. The car manual said it would get 27 miles to the gallon of gas on the highway, after the blessing it got 34 miles to the gallon. Some times it would make a noise and I would know exactly what was wrong, an intuitive leap or the spirit of the car giving me insight, could be both.

My Girlfriends sister was with us at a Casino on my birthday, Bunny asked me to give her a blessing to win. After I did the blessing the spirit of the slot machine gave me a vision of the three top symbols, three seven’s on fire, coming into place on the pay line. I told her this slot machine was going to pay the top money. Her Sister gave me a funny look, like yeah right. Three bets later those three symbols came in giving her $5,000. She looked at me with her mouth open and a look of how did you do that. I say I didn’t do that, I am just a good asker. As I work with the blessings I find that when I am in the zone I just know what that spirit of the slot machine is going to do. It’s only a few minutes into the future of what it will do though. I feel like there are signs and clues the spirit of the machines give me, letting me in on the secret workings. Then again it could be my 184 IQ kicking in and giving me an intuitive leap in probabilities.

Later that same night my Bunny and I were at a $1 slot machine, not the $5 dollar ones she usually plays. This machine was showing us both signs it was going to pay out. It gave two double diamonds and a lower symbol. Then a few spins later it did it again. The third time it gave those two double diamond symbols on the pay line I poked my finger at the third double diamond symbol and said “Now!” At that point the symbol locked into place on the pay line giving us a $2,000 payout. Plus the $1,000 or so it had already given from the two double diamonds that came up earlier. I just love my research!

Haven’t been back to a casino since then, but when I do go back. I will once again be in research mode looking for ways to understand luck, prosperity and cooperation between spirit and myself. These quite days in the Desert help me to focus on my work. Sometimes you just have to let change take you where it wants to go. Whatever changes are in store for you may they be good ones.

Walks With Thunder

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