Seasonal Magic

Seasonal magic

I love this time of year. The leaves are falling, changing colors, the air has a chill in it, great weather to be in front of a fire with a book, my dogs and some hot chocolate. When I was growing up my sisters used to make the chocolate for me, seems my mom was delegating her motherly duties to my three sisters. They made the hot chocolate with real milk and sometimes cinnamon tea. To make cinnamon tea you take two cinnamon sticks and put that in a quart and a half of water. Bring to boil and the longer you simmer it the more color and flavor it gets. I love it all by itself or making my hot chocolate with it instead of just plain water! I also like to buy those little candy canes and put one in the bottom of my hot water for hot chocolate, add the chocolate mix and ta da, candy cane hot chocolate. I know I am spoiled, someone has to do it.

The spirits are restless these days. As we head into October and the Day of the Dead celebration. Some call it all hallows eve, or Sam something most call it Halloween. As we pass towards the end of the year the spiritual energy grows and with it paranormal activity rises. My friend who works for a property management company, says they have a spirit that talks to them. It has moved from the “model apartment” to the office. The motion detectors in the office have gone off and there was no one there to set it off, no one alive that is.

I think one of the spirits around here followed me home as I saw it a couple nights ago flying in my bedroom. Just a dark shadow shape, human head, and the rest just a wispy shadow. It didn’t threaten me just wanted to be close to me. Did you know that the more spiritual power you have the brighter your spiritual light? Way back in the early 90’s my mom came to visit. We went to a local supermarket and I told her to watch a parking lot light. It will go out when I get out of the car and when I go into the market it will come back on. Sure enough it did as I said it would. Mom said stop doing what your doing. She didn’t understand that I wasn’t doing anything, just being me, can’t stop being all this (points to self), just not possible. Since then my spiritual light has gotten much bigger than a parking lot. You know those lights that come on when the ambient light is too low, they operate on a photo electric eye that senses light or the lack of it. When my spiritual light is detected, that sensor sees it as sunlight and turns off. I don’t even notice those street lights going out anymore.

I walk my dogs in all kinds of weather and lately there has been so much rain my phone weather app keeps telling me there is a flood warning. On the bright side all that water has gotten rid of the huge flea population we had. Dogs are combing out clean again, flea free! It was raining so hard it looked like someone turned on a huge shower and left it running all day! Had to play doggie dress up and put my dogs in rain gear. That is what my son calls it when I put sweaters or t-shirts on my dogs. I hate that!

Let yourself be pulled into the spirit of the season, I assure you it is real. The spirit of fall, harvest, Oktoberfest, Halloween, allow yourself to embrace joy. If your blessed with more than you need this is a great time to share it. Donate to a food bank, do something in your comfort zone that helps others and you will be blessed even more. May we all find seasonal magic to warm our hearts.

Walks With Thunder

Spirit and Luck, they go together

Spirit and luck

I have a client that loves to go to the money mall (casino) and be a winner (gambler). In the past I have told them that Spirit can’t be used in this way. They often call me and say I am at a Lucky 7 machine is this the right one? I get a feeling or the spirit next to them will say yes or no, or not a chance. The last time they called from the “money mall” I heard a voice say, ‘why are you so resistant to the idea spirit could be used for this?’

I didn’t have a good answer for spirit. Giving my client a blessing to win seemed the thing to do. I asked the spirits that surround them to make them lucky right now so they could win as much money as possible in this moment. They called back to say they won $1400, hmm maybe spirit can be used in this way. Over the course of the evening they called back two more times and I gave two more blessings. They asked a question is this Lucky 7 machine the one, I said no. They played it anyway. The outcome was, got their seed money back $1000 and won $4700 or so.

We talked about it the next day. I said I shouldn’t be so judgmental about what spirit wants to do or not do. In the past spirit has shown me scratch tickets I should buy. I was in a gas station paying for gas and they had a glass box with scratch tickets in it. I don’t like to buy scratch tickets as I see it as a voluntary tax. This time was different. As I walked in the box caught my eye, as it is supposed to do. Then my eye sight zoomed in on the 4th ticket down the roll. I just knew it was a winner. So I purchased four tickets, knowing that three of them were losers and one was a winner. At $5 each I was trusting spirit to be right to the tune of $20. That 4th ticket was worth $250. They said had they listened to my they would have probably won more money in a shorter time as that machine took hours to pay off.

I love Las Vegas because of the shows. Star Trek experience, magic shows, and the food! I don’t gamble much, I do like the dice game Craps. My big sister was with me as I enjoyed my time in Lost Wages. She had run out of money and came up to me and ordered me to give her $100. I said why? Because I am you big sister and you love me. OK can’t argue with that, can I? Reaching into my pocket for my wallet I looked and I had 8 dollars. I don’t like to carry cash, can’t tell where you spent it. Taking those bills out I looked out over a room full of slot machines. I took a deep breath and walked to the one that felt the best. Put my $8 in and pushed every button possible. Hit the big button to spin and out came $118. Taking my $8 dollars back I said take the money its right there. She took it but under her breaths she said. ‘I hate it when he does stuff like that.’

Sometimes I can be stubborn, ok, OK I am stubborn all the time! Spirit gave me another lesson, why put blocks in the path of a prosperity blessing. Prosperity comes from all sorts of places. Even casinos. Remember to be kind today, show love, be love. Love is always the right answer to every question. You just have to figure out how to say it as your answer.

Walks With Thunder

Leaving a bad relationship

Hi Everyone,

Many times we enter a relationship for the wrong reasons. It could be we were lonely, or at a low point in our self-esteem. Perhaps it has just been a very long time since anyone has paid attention to you. That kind of thinking lets people into our lives that wouldn’t normally get through the sniff test.

Sniff Test, When you meet someone for the 1st time, you get to experience their physical presence. In some cases actually smell them, their breath, or cologne, tie that up with the pheromones and you have the sniff test. It’s good or it’s bad. That gut feeling that says I like them or I don’t like them. That can all be disregarded because we aren’t at our best.

I know women that are in bad relationships and stay there because they don’t feel they can do better. They feel they don’t deserve better. They ignore the red flags, He is off his anti-psychotic meds, uses you for money, allows you to pay the bills cause dang it he gave you $200 once. Tells you ‘I’ve never hit a woman before, but honey your dang close. (dang = colorful metaphor chose any you like) You know baby I only hit you because you made me do it, I am not like that really. If someone hits you, then they are exactly like that and it will happen again because you let them get away with it. Just saying.

It can be very difficult to leave such a situation as that negative partner will tear down your self-esteem every chance they get. While they are using you to pay the bills you can’t save money to leave them. Your will to stand up for yourself gets lower as they exert control and isolation in your life. If a person says I don’t like all your friends choose me instead, that is a huge warning sign. They don’t want you to have friends because your friends will spot this controlling behavior and tell you to drop this loser. Often they will create drama around your friends just so you avoid those friends and the drama he makes.

Once that decision is made to leave the loser (TLTL) confidence and self esteem rise. Often reconnecting with old friends for emotional support and help moving is a great step forward out of a controlling, abusive relationship. Remember not all men are like that, only damaged ones.

The 1st thing you should know, it is not your job to fix people who are damaged. It’s not like a house where you build equity by choosing a fixer upper. In this thing called love choose a person who can have a loving relationship. That doesn’t need fixing. Everyone has baggage but do you really want the extra baggage from damaged people? I don’t think so.

Do yourself a favor and choose people that show you they love you, that don’t tear down your self-esteem. Don’t put yourself in danger when leaving a bad relationship. Have your friends help you move out and let the police know there could be trouble when you do. Those damaged people don’t care or even think about the consequences of what they do to you as you have let them get away with it so far.

They may say things you want to hear. I love you baby, ain’t no body gonna love you more than I do. You’re the best thing in my life. Keep in mind you probably are as you are paying the bills. Don’t fall for that distraction. Keep your goal in mind and cut all ties with the damaged ex’s. No good can come of keeping in touch with them. Guard your personal information, don’t let them find out where you are now. Cause you know they are going to want to rekindle this romance. Those bills gotta be paid ya know!

May we all have the self-love needed to be good to ourselves in relationships with others. May the love in our lives be true, nurturing, satisfying, and joyful. Anything less is unacceptable.

Walks With Thunder


Any resemblance of your personal bad relationship is purely coincidental. I am not singling you out because we talked about that this morning and it is in my head now. Hehehehehe Ok well maybe I am. I am a bad bad shaman today!

Might be offensive to Terrorists


Here we are 12 years later and I still want those responsible for 9-11 to suffer till the stars die. I can forgive the stupid thinking they are going to get 72 virgins when they go to heaven. As you might know the Chinese symbol for danger is a roof symbol with two female symbols under it. Now do the math with 72 women under that roof. I wonder what the Chinese symbol for that means, End of the world? Just because I forgive them doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get off with no penalty.

There are many observances today, which is good. Remembering the fallen. I saw a picture on the internet about demolition charges in evidence at ground zero. The more we know the less I like it. What we think we know could be just as bad as what we actually do know. How do we as a nation move forward here?

There is the one million Muslim march today. Not sure how that honors our dead. The two million Biker ride to join the Muslim march was not approved, well duh, why you would put two groups like that together! Maybe we should all remember in our own way. I like the BBQ with neighbor’s idea, or a nice dinner with family.

The best thing to come out of 9-11 was Americans came together. As one nation under god we are against terrorists. Granted our foe is good at diverting our attention. Like racial profiling is a bad thing, don’t look through would be terrorists bags too closely as you might hurt their feelings. Did you know that we have to take off our shoes at the airport because a terrorist had exploding shoes? He was in the Pacific Northwest and it is wet here because it rains much of the time. His shoes must have got wet because he was trying to light the fuse/shoe lace and couldn’t because it was too wet! Can you imagine the fun he is having in prison? Hey buddy you need a light, and they try to light the hair on his feet or something. I know I have a terrible sense of humor. Good thing for us the guys they have doing terrorism aren’t very smart or we would be in trouble! I saw a picture of a terrorist and it had the caption. ‘Died with explosives strapped to his genitals, no one else was hurt in the attack.’ Imagine he is in heaven, and gets his 72 virgins. Tries to get busy but he has blown is man parts to hell, hence not in heaven with him. Those 72 virgins are going to remain virgins Mr. Rocket scientist terrorist.

We as Americans are divided on many issues. President, good or bad, or pretty good at being bad. North and South, I lost a friend over that. She said the South will Rise again, and I said, Why? I guess you have to be southern raised to get that. Republicans and democrats, and tea party, all these labels divide us as a nation. I won’t even go into the sports diversity thing! I don’t watch sports but I do watch Cheerleaders, they always win. In this one thing we as Americans are united against a common foe, Terrorists.

Terrorists be warned, Americans are vigilant and we are watching you. The NSA might be watching us but we are on the lookout for idiots with shoes that have fuses, and racial profiling aside, if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, well god bless it, it’s a duck! May the fallen know peace, may the families of the fallen know they are in our thoughts and prayers. May the stupid terrorists not get smarter. Of course they won’t a smart person doesn’t blow themselves up.

Walks With Thunder

I wish I knew

I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger! I have found that many people have difficulty communicating with the one they love. They send mixed messages, don’t say what they mean as their thoughts are kind of messed up by the oxytocin or pheromones of love, to say what they want correctly. Often they are torn between attraction and running away!

People are single for many reasons. One could say that single people have never had a relationship that has ever worked out. There are some that had their love pass away and others who for no choice of their own are left alone. When a single person finds a love that is bigger than any feeling they have ever had before. It can bring about the approach avoidance syndrome. They are attracted to you, there is just something they see in you that they can’t find anywhere else. However because you are the biggest feeling they have ever had, Attraction! You also represent the biggest relationship failure they could ever have, hence Avoidance.

Communication is the only way to fix that situation. I see people making this work every day. Teach your special someone to communicate with you. This is not the time to use female speak, yes means no, Go ahead and do that when what you really mean is do that and see the consequences of your actions cause I know I won’t like that. Be clear about what you’re saying and doing. Words follow actions, your consistent in who you are, build trust that way.

When your heart invested in a relationship sometimes we get tunnel vision and can’t see our path clearly. You need a person that isn’t involved to see what you’re missing. Most times that is your BFF or a family member, someone you trust. Hopefully they are a person who has a successful relationship. Of course you could always call me, your friendly neighborhood Shaman! I do specialize in love and relationships. When you get that advice, see if it resonates with you, if it does then pay attention. If not then don’t do that!

Set yourself up for successful relationships. Work on your communication skills. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t create problems that don’t exist with your fear. Walk with your head held high and a smile. We all look great with a smile. Be creative about your dates, picnic in at the lake, walk in the mall with a plan. Know your love’s likes and dislikes and remember to listen! Listening is such an underrated skill. I had three sisters and they taught me to listen. Best thing they ever did for me. Not that it was easy to get that lesson, took me years.

I am here for you. May you be blessed with all that you need. May your love be faithful and true.

Walks With Thunder

Blue moon blessings

I did many blessings under the blue moon last night. The thing most had in common was more money please! That is not a surprise to you, of that I am sure. I did see something that touched my heart, a few, said ‘let the love of my lifetime come back to me and if not that person then a better one.’ In our past most of us who have loved deeply and lost, know that feeling of longing. Wanting that special one to come back to us. In some cases that does happen. Usually that is a sign of the epic romance as they do keep coming back till you get it right.

I know I have had an epic romance three times. At some point I expect them all to come back at the same time! Then we will see if I have learned wisdom or not. I like to think that this time I will say the things I should have said then. Do the things I should do to keep that epic romance as my own. If my star came back to me today. Am not sure what I would do. How do you tell someone you have an empty place in your heart where they used to walk? That the magic they brought to your life touched everything since.

Having had three epic romances I know that more are possible. That the next one could be the biggest one ever. To eclipse the ones I have already had. Our spirits break the bonds of time and space to be together. Bigger than that is a tall order, yet I feel spirit will do it. I could ask for it right now but there sometimes reasons we don’t get what we want right now. They might not be ready to have a forever after at this time. Timing is everything.

Walking with power is a tricky thing too. If I get angry then it is possible those I am angry with will suffer. Even though I consciously didn’t focus negative energy on them. Changing the weather is easy to do, yet I don’t do it very often. I wait to be asked. Unless I am in an interview and want to show them something. Knowing when to use power and when to let things happen, not always easy to know.

There are some who wonder why do I charge for the spiritual things I do. I like to eat and have a nice place to sleep. Spirit gave me the gift but doesn’t support me on this life path with money. Even priests charge for a blessing, those aren’t free. Many years ago in 1985 I had a paranormal experience in a snow storm at my home in Freemont. That is north of downtown Seattle. At that time I rented out two rooms of my home. One of the renters had a priest come in and bless the house after that snow storm, cost him $50.

May you all be blessed with more than you need, to be loved every day of your life by those you love. To have health, and the sense to enjoy it!

Walks With Thunder.