I have been moving along in my process of healing my heart. Thursday I had a vision after talking with my pal PMH Atwater, she is the worlds leading researcher on the Near Death experience. I embraced the emptiness I was feeling, let go of the despair and other feelings to find myself in my bedroom. Alone, and letting the reality of everything melt away till it was an empty room. Just my conscience thought there, then even the room melted away leaving only grayness and my awareness of nothingness. I floated there for a time and then its like my head lifted from my chest and I could see.

I saw a bright moss green and it was beautiful. My vision shifted back a bit and I could see it was a woman’s leg she had on a moss green bib overall, green sneakers and T-shirt. She held a baby. Her hair was pale blonde and long to her elbows. Reminded me of Alice in Wonderland with her straight cut bangs in front and her blue eyes. She smiled at me. I could not see the baby’s face. It was a boy about 6 months old and he looked well cared for, happy. She picked him up off her chest and turned him so I could see his face. He had my eyes and a wonderful baby smile. My vision faded and my room once again was around me. I feet healed.

Saturday I had a call from a Client in Seattle and she told me she was so unhappy. I asked her why she had given up. She had put blocks up to her healing and I said why are you doing that. Don’t give up don’t put blocks in your own way, move forward and believe in your vision… Yes I noticed too, its my vision I need to hang on to, its me giving up, its me putting blocks in my path. The universe talks to me and sometimes even I can understand that her problems were really mine.

The next message I got was later that night. Be pure, be thankful for my blessings, and know I am worthy of the love the universe has for me.

This has been a growth period for me, all my metaphysical gifts are empowered and seem bigger or more powerful than ever before. The nations and spirits that surround me have shown me they are watching over me, taking care to show up and be obvious in the love they have for me. Speaking clearly to me with messages.

My vision is real. How can I not follow it to the Islands of Hawaii, so there I will go. Buy a house and just be for a time gathering power and people and enjoying life in our world. Traveling our world and in my small way empowering people to walk their own powerful path.

Moving forward and I am out of my cave. Walking to my future in a confident way.

once more myself

Walks With Thunder

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