I hate evil. It is just a thing with me. When I find it hiding in plain sight I target it and remove it best I can. For some it is an evil entity that has attached itself to their lives. Yes you could call that a curse. Others do evil because they like it. Revel in it and walk around smiling, ribbons, bows, glitter and rainbows, all the while doing evil behind someone who is good. They use that person as a shield and create evil. My friend Audrey was going through a tough recovery from back surgery. An evil person kept her from her friend who could have helped her with a blessing or just being there for her. When I called that evil person out on it, she denied it. Then Audrey backed me up on what that evil person did.

Just because you pointed evil out doesn’t mean it is handled. You have to make sure others are not fooled by it. Evil has a way of pretending to be the victim that the weak and even the good buy into because it is the nice thing to do. As a spiritual warrior I hate that, my god have some back bone and kick evils ass! Evil hurts people, excludes them from associating with good people. They abuse their power by deleting a good person’s voice, painting that good person in a bad light so others doubt the truth. Pushing them out of groups of friends so that they are isolated and shunned. When we allow that we give power to evil. Even the best of us do that because we want to think the best of everyone. Even though we have evidence of what really happened and those we trust have warned us that this person who has such control of a good person’s life is abusing that power.

As a spiritual warrior I deal with the seamy side of spirituality. I am not out there telling you that Angels are light beings, there to protect you. Cause you know what they aren’t there for that. They are there to serve god. When God wants to kill someone he sends an angel, when he wants a city or army destroyed he sends an angle. When you buy a bill of goods that says angels are something else you’re being gullible. When you allow evil to have power in your world and allow it to associate with good people you are allowing evil into your heart, and we can’t do that. Evil has a way of using you, if you let it. The face of evil is a pleasant one. Did you know that the Angel of light is beautiful to look upon, even so Lucifer is evil incarnate, A fallen angel. The best lie evil tells you is I am of the light, not a lie when you think about it, Lucifer means light. It is not a light that I would want to bask in.

Evil curses our lives by making us feel unworthy, low self-esteem, pushed out of a group, alone, worthless, hurts our hearts and so much more. Evil wants and needs to feel powerful, and will lie, cheat, manipulate, steal and sometimes kill to get it. There is nothing evil won’t do to have its day. By allowing evil in our midst we say it is ok for that person to be evil. I ask you do you want to be used by evil or do you want to do something about it? Point out evil where you see it. Talk about what evil did and does to you. Find a way to push that evil out of your life out of your circle. Talk about truth. Shine your light into those dark places where you have allowed evil to have its way.

Put your spiritual hand In mine and say, form this day forward let evil be sent out of my presence. I call on the spirit of God and ask that it clear my path, my home my life of all that do evil or would do evil in my life. Bless me with friends that have backbone and are willing to stand up to evil as I have just done. Bless all the days of my life with people that are truly good, truly my friends, truly worthy of my trust and friendship. Bless me to be such a person as well. May it be so.

Walks With Thunder

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