Just the day before 9/11 I was at our beach house on Hood Canal in Washington. About 8 PM or so I saw a fireball in the sky to the east. Then a few minutes later another fireball in the east. This puzzled me as I had no idea what it meant. The next day 9-11 I saw those same fire balls on the world trade center buildings. That this was a spiritual even i am sure. It changed our world as we knew it. America could be hurt, damaged, but not beaten.

The messages the fallen sent out were not ones of despair or anger, they were of love for family and friends. Those who banded together to take over the plane said goodbye to those they loved because they knew they might and probably would die to protect those on the ground. That was an act of love.

Did the terrorist hurt us, yes. They also made us stronger as a people.  It brought us together like nothing else could have.  Take that gift of love and share it with your family and friends… It’s my way of honoring those who have given every thing on that 11th day in September…

Our laws have changed a bit, the Patriot Act, allowing our government to take away any civil rights we thought we still had.  I like that, though I hope never to be classified as a Terrorist.  These “terrorists” some would say are linked to our own government allowing it to happen. Some even say they created the situation to control future events.  Our lives are changed as airport security now can scan our bodies and see us nude on the screens they have.  Searching adults and little children in X rated ways.

Here we are 10 years later still paying for this terrorist act.  If anything came out of 9-11 it wasn’t us changing our minds about terrorists.  We are still united against that, though there are a few well meaning trying to protect evil peoples rights to harm the innocent. As a Native American I know our prayers to protect us from the Well Meaning have gone unheard.

I ask all the spirits, and Nations that love us to bless us all with discernment so we can see what is true and what isn’t.  To guide out path as a nation to enjoy our freedoms without taking what is not ours. For us all to be protected and those who would harm us to fail in the attempt.  May the victims families find comfort in knowing their loved ones brought us together as a nation. In a good and powerful way I ask that this be so.

Walks With Thunder