A message from your Shaman, Walks With Thunder.

As we move through life we all have difficulties to overcome. For some it is a physical challenge, others may face emotional trauma, still others mentally challenged. I can hear those wheels turning, as your thinking hey he missed my challenge… Go ahead tell me what it is. Now that you have that out of your system, let’s move on.

Sometimes it can feel like we are constantly disappointed by those in our lives. For some odd reason those around us can’t see what we see so clearly. We ourselves may not know what our path through life is; we wander trying things out and making mistakes. Mistakes are good if we learn something from them. Every now and then I say to the universe in general, I learned that lesson, let’s not do that again please. If we don’t learn those life lessons we will repeat the lesson till we get it right.

How can you tell your on your life’s path? Easy, no really that is the answer, everything is easy for you. The everyday process of living is easy. Making money as most of us need it, is easy, relationships are easy, life is good. We take joy in almost everything we do. I personally would be way happier with a person that came in twice a week and cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms for me. I really dislike those chores, but I do them. The rest of my life is easy. Guess I am not fully on the path, maybe 85% on it! When I get that house keeper or learn to enjoy cleaning then 100% on the path.

I love the work I do and feel great about helping people have insight into the difficult situations they find themselves in. Most times a fresh perspective is all you need. Though I do have a special skill set that allows my work to be easy. Often I will say “it’s almost like I am psychic”, my clients and I will laugh, cause you know I am.

Take some time today and look at your path through life. Are you as happy as you could be? Is your life as easy as you would like it? Do you know anyone that needs some extra cash and likes cleaning near your favorite Shaman? Are you the best you possible? If you need a hand with that I can help you find your path.

May your life be blessed in all the good ways!

Walks With Thunder