Sitting here on this cold November day, I feel a little grumpy. Last night I had a talk (heated discussion) with a mother who has a child that has a drug problem. As I was reading my Facebook news feed I ran across another mother with much the same problem, drugs and their child. Having been told I have a blunt way of approaching things, I tried to put this problem into focus. Can’t do it.

It doesn’t seem to matter the income level, both these mothers are at polar opposites on income levels. Yet here they are with the same problem. Over the years I have been of the mind that once a person is addicted to drugs they aren’t the same person you once knew. The drug is their new family now, that is where their loyalty is. You are now just a source of money, and things they can steal for money to buy the drug. Respect, love, family, truth, keeping their word, all that are just ways to get what they need from you. You can’t believe them or trust them, except to screw you over.

Of course there are many variations of this addiction, rehab, detox, and the programs and so on. Couldn’t tell you if they work or not. I know people now that have been drug free 20 years. I do know it is possible to find redemption from this drug addiction. Those same people tell me it is always in the back of their minds they can handle the drug now. It is a constant battle to stay clean. They have to want to be drug free. Sadly they have to hit rock bottom and bounce a few times before they really mean it.

Being Shaman I haven’t really addressed this problem. I don’t have a blessing for it, I don’t have an energy cure, for years I have just not dealt with it. Deep down within myself I feel there is an answer. One I probably won’t enjoy. Most likely that would involve them being with me at some remote area, with great WiFi as I won’t give up my internet. A long way out without any close neighbors. Just me and them, walking a path together for a time. Learning how to live without the drug and holding temptation far away. I don’t even do that with the apprentice program, we skype and seldom meet in person. I do feel the personal touch would be necessary to fight this drug addiction. Helping the addicted become spiritual to rid them of addiction. Could work.

My feelings have always been zero tolerance for drugs and drug users. Though I know many people that smoke weed or drink. I prefer not to be around such activities. My father was a great example of a functioning alcoholic. He showed me what not to do by doing it. To this day I will get up and leave when people are drinking or doing drugs. It is uncomfortable, and it makes me grumpy.

After seeing what these parents go through with their drug addicted children I am so happy my own son didn’t lead me down that path with him. We have our addictions, Computer Games, Movies, and great food. By no means are we perfect, some have called us a pair of teenagers with no responsibilities. We have responsibilities but they are just the everyday kind. Paying our bills and taking care of our pets, being good to each other. I have been blessed, I know that.

One of my sisters married a little man. Really he is 5 or 7 inches shorter than she is. I do find that funny! I once asked him if he was standing in a hole, because he looked so short. Obviously I don’t like him, never have. I remember cursing him to have a disease that didn’t kill him but made him undesirable. I am so bad. He was always bragging that his daughter was such a great athlete, a soccer star. Then he stopped saying anything about his superstar. A few months later I found out his superstar was on drugs, hanging out with the wrong crowd. She was on the front page of the newspaper holding a gun Patty Hurst style while holding up a bank. When she got out of prison she immediately got back with her old crowd. Taking drugs, got pregnant and now they take care of the baby. Drugs are a bad thing and they will impact your family in a negative way if they can.

I am working on a blessing for those drug addicted and their families. I will be thinking about it for a while as I want it to be just right. Putting my will and intent to have spirit show me the way. Wish me luck.

Walks With Thunder