Shamanic Blessings

I have noticed from the feed back I get that an interesting thing is going on with my Shamanic Blessings. As a Native American I know that the Grandfather and Grandmother spirits surround us all the time. Our spiritual belief that all our relations that have passed on before us are still hanging around watching over us, guiding and helping us along our life path. Usually after I call the 7 directions and my favorite nations and say the blessing, it takes 4 to 7 days for a result. Though there is also a chance nothing at all will happen as divine will or divine law says not at this time or not ever.

This past few weeks though, my clients have been saying that the blessing takes only 30 to 39 minutes. A multiple of 3. Could it be that when I ask for that persons name to be on the wind or that the spirits of our subjects objects giving them messages every 3 minutes, Nudges that person to call or think about the love they lost. I work on behalf of the person that calls.

The person we bless is often not the person calling. I am good about letting them know that this is a blessing not a spell. A blessing can be refused by the higher self, a spell just goes out there. So rather than order a person to do some thing, I remind them about that person and how much in love they once were. I suggest rather than command that they could be in a magical relationship with them again, but do it right this time.

We all have our haters or folks that envy our power. You can’t please everyone as everyone has a different agenda than we do. We can however bless those who are negative to us to be some where else in a good happy way. I like to bless them out of my life and into some one else’s that will appreciate them and tolerate them as I am unwilling to have such negative folks in my life. Silly of me to want a nan-drama life I guess but when you walk with power, you might as well use it for yourself too!

A friend of mine had a reading, I came up in it. They said that I would grow so much in the next two months and continue growing in power that they would be amazed by how much when they next saw me. Its been about a month and a half since that reading. Am thinking it was a good one.

May you be blessed in all you do, to be loved for who you are, that your love be returned to you in a kind and gentle way, with passion and magic.

Walks With Thunder

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