The dreams I have been dreaming are kind of out there these nights. Somehow a scrap of a dream hangs on even days after having dreamt it. I am flying in a stormy sky, beautiful lightning lights up the sky. In the dream I am thinking that flying in a storm might not be a great idea for some. Have you seen those disaster movies where the storm is a category 5, bold, powerful and destructive that is the kind of storm I am in. However since I am a part of Thunder Nation it is an awesome idea for me. As I fly I see lighting coming out of my hands to light up the dark stormy skies. The feeling of power and being embraced by the power of this storm. I wake up feeling the power of that storm within me, knowing I can weather any storm and come out the other side in one piece.

Funny how dreams can give you confidence and remind you of a time that may have never been. The message of the dream, boldly go. Fly through any storm and know there is no power in the universe that can stop you if you’re following your dream. Even now I see myself flying, shooting lightning into the clouds, effortlessly moving forward.

Dreams are powerful for a Shaman, or anyone really. In the dream time there are no limits to what we can do. The power of desire, to break the laws of time and space, being with those that has passed from our lives. Some say that we live many lives in dreams. Sampling each life for just a little while as we return to our “normal” life every time we wake up. Every now and then I wake up and long for the dream time to take me to that wonderful magical place only found in dreams.

There have been people I have met in dreams that couldn’t possibly exist. I had once such meeting in November 1985. In that dream this person said he would give me a gift that I could take back to my waking world. I had no idea he was serious. He also said he would grant my wish to be able to change people’s hearts and minds or just blast them from existence. I still remember that dream as though it just happened. Perhaps it was I who was changed and the old me blasted from existence. Life hasn’t been the same since.

As we approach the full moon our dreams become more powerful. This Saturday we will have a lunar eclipse. A great time to let go of those things that don’t serve us. To begin changes in our lives that do serve us. The power to do things of legend are within us all. Having courage is just doing what you need to even though you’re afraid. Fear is just a feeling, you feel hot you feel cold you feel fear. Once you understand that there is no reason to have fear in our lives.

May we all be blessed with powerful dreams that change our lives for the better. That guide and inspire us to have confidence to move through our world without fear holding us back.

Walks With Thunder