I love to watch movies as the American story teller is found there. Way back before TV and Radio folks sat around the camp fire and people would tell stories. The person with the most stories became the “Story Teller”. Usually that person remembered the cultural history of that family or group. Retold stories they had heard as a child and could make up what I would call some great whoppers! I saw a movie 20 years or so ago that has stayed with me all these years. Not because it was a great movie as there are many that are better, because of the wisdom I found there.

Remo Williams returns, the Character Joel Grey portrays is great fun and his lines are memorable. The best one goes kinda like this. ‘You have fear. Fear is just a feeling, you feel hot, you feel cold, you feel fear. Now that I have explained this lets continue with the exercise.’ Granted most of us after hearing that would still feel fear at running along a tall buildings edge. Just looking down gives me the feeling of, not wanting to fall and hit the ground, is that fear or good sense.

That bit of wisdom is real, the movie not so much. This fear feeling keeps us from being who we really are. Imagine if you had a respectable fear, that kept you from doing crazy life threating things but allowed you to move forward in your relationships. Not afraid to share your feelings or talk to a person you’re attracted to. Not afraid to move forward in your goals and dreams, just going for it. Making each decision count towards a dream. Leaving fear behind to embrace who you have always wanted to be.  After all fear is just a feeling. You feel hot, you feel cold, you feel afraid. Exactly so what, take off your coat, put on a sweater, look that fear in the eye and say give me your best shot cause I am coming for you.

There are things we should be afraid of, Genetically Modified Foods, Serial Killers, Terrorists, the Tax man, Martha Stewart hahahahah, ok not Martha so much but you get the idea. Don’t be too fearless you get yourself killed. A healthy respect for what is dangerous and a brave warrior spirit for most everything else.  Follow your spirit to your dreams. What is holding you back? What would be so awful that the fear of failing keeps you from trying? The great thing about trying is you did something. If you never try your never going to succeed. What do you really have to lose? Just saying think about it.

May you find yourself where you always wanted to be with the person of your dreams.

Walks With Thunder