We Live in A magical world

We Live in a Magical World

By, Walks With Thunder

As we walk though life we filter out so much of it. It is theorized that our eyes take in 80,000 pieces of information and sift that down to 20,000 useable pieces of information. I suppose it’s like the sense of smell, if a fragrance is there long enough we don’t notice it anymore. We are used to not seeing the magical and wonderful in our lives that we don’t actually notice when it’s right in front of us. When we do notice we just explain it away. (more…)

A Blessing in my life

Spring time traditionally it’s a time of rebirth, growth. A sign from nature that the cycle of life begins again. Last year I began my apprentice program. My first apprentice Susan, Thunder Angel, has come so far from where she began. Talk about growth, in my time with her she has shown me how much a person who is motivated can do. (more…)

Magic is in the Air and Everywhere

love this time of year… Love is in the air. It’s own magic indeed. Valentine’s Day is a happy day for some. Those who are in love (or think they are) celebrate this day. Those of us that want to be in love or who’ve just come out of a relationship maybe wish we were (in love) and feel just a little left out. It’s an event alright- just ask the retailers. We have special candy, cards, flowers and other trinkets or gifts just for this one day- all in the name of showing someone we care (in a commercial kind of way). (more…)