Hello Everyone,
Just getting my life in order after the holidays. For the past three weeks or so I have been seeing Angels. Last year I had a dream about them and they were gently correcting my math about how busy they are. This year they are showing up big time. I say that because I was over at my pal Angie’s house on a Friday evening around 10 ish. Just looking over my computer emails and zoning out with my computer. I noticed a golden glow to my left. There close to the front door was a very large Angel,wings, sword and down on one knee to fit the room.
This Angel looked at me with its blue eyes and very wavy blond hair and a feeling of peace settled over me. The message I got was “I know your going through a rough time, but things will be alright, We are with you.” I really didn’t own the message that first time. Thought that it was for a pal of mine.
I did some research as I know three Angel readers and asked what they thought. 1. Its an Arc Angle because it was so big. 2. The message is for me. 3. Get ready because things you thought were impossible are now going to be effortless. 4. If you see one there will be more. My pal Dancing Flame, Satin Angel and Shannon told me that.
Seems Micheal was showing me that he could be in many places all at once. Limit less power and no over worked Angels here, thanks.
I still have that calm feeling. The next time I saw just a huge white wing. Again I was at Angie’s house sitting on the floor close to where I was the first time I saw the 1st Angel. Throwing the ball for my dog Dissy, I noticed movement in the mirror above her fire place. I looked up and saw a huge white wing behind me. Angie has a vaulted ceiling so this Angel wing was 8 inches or so from the top of that two story ceiling. The message this time… Don’t worry we are behind you.
Sheelin and Susan have seen Angels that week too. I continue to see them. Three days ago I saw 40 or more white wings in the moon light over a 40 minute period. Some times they showed up in pairs or groups of three or four. All that day they had been rushing past my line of sight, and peripheral vision. The message this time… Have Faith, we are all around you.
The next night no Angels at all just Fairies. Its going to be a good year. I still have this calm feeling. Even though my MSN and Gmail accounts were hacked. Set those Angels out on a mission of Justice for the person who did that. Hey if they are going to hang around they should be helpful.
I will keep you folks posted on what happens next.
Hope all is well in your world.