In my work I see many spirits. It’s a common thing for my students to talk about seeing Fairies, Angels and Grand Father or Grand Mother spirits. Many people who haven’t yet seen a spirit want to experience this first hand and ask how can I see spirits. I tell them its easy and they roll their eyes at me thinking, its easy for you. I roll my eyes back and say it is easy for you too. The ability to see spiritual energy can be a gift, an ability, or even a learned skill. The following is how to develop the skill to see spirits and energy.
Yes there are spirits around us all the time. Ever catch movement with your peripheral vision? Yet when you turn and look dead on there is nothing there. A spirit can look like a small one inch patch of color, a sparkle, a wisp of smoke, a classic fairy with wings, an Angel, a shadow of a human or animal, a patch of fog, even a colored LED. This way of looking is just like seeing your cat in the room, you should be able to look directly at the spirit.
To do this can just ask the spirits around you to bless you. They are there to help if you know how to ask them. Just say, I call the spirits that love me and ask them to allow my eyes to see spirits in a good way, right now. That last part, in a good way, is important so don’t forget that, it is possible to see spirits in a way that isn’t good.
One of my dear friends says she uses a filter to only see good spirits as she doesn’t want to see any negative energy or dark spirits. Great idea, and it works for her. You may want to put that in your request when you ask to see spirits. “”Allow my eyes to see only positive energy and good spirits” and so on.
I have an exercise that you can try. Find a building with trees behind it. Now look above the trees and keep the building in sight. Stare for about 30-60 seconds, this part can be difficult as some of us want to blink before 30 seconds has gone by. When you see what looks like tiny golden sparkles dancing in the sky, your done. Nancy is 67, had taken my class and thought I was joking about seeing this energy. Nine months after telling her this exercise, she saw them. Nancy was so excited she called me on the phone saying. “I saw them I saw them, the golden energy above the trees! Its taken me nine months but I did it.” Usually it doesn’t take that long but she didn’t believe I was giving a real home work task.
Those sparkles are the free energy that we tap into for healing, blessings and powering our energy shields. That way we don’t get tired using our own energy, instead we use that free energy. That energy is so vast even with many of us using it, its like fifty people drinking their fill of water in a vast lake, doesn’t make a bit of difference in the overall energy available to us.
To see energy around the physical body is also easy. You will need a white background, like a piece of copy paper, or white surface. Now dim the lights and hold put your hand on the paper or surface. Look at the outline of your hand. Your looking for a silver lumance around your hand. Usually its 1/8 inch thick around your hand. Keep doing these exercises and your vision will adjust so you can look directly at energy and spirits any time you like.
May all the spirits that love you bless you in all the good ways.
Walks With Thunder