The power of Love, songs are written about it, poems too.  For all that this biggest feeling we can ever feel is still not expressed in such a way that we can all agree on what it is.  When love is returned in the same measure it its given that is magical.  People who see a couple that much in love enjoy being there to have that power validated. I used to say that being with Iris was the best feeling in the world. The air was fresher, the sun light warmer, food tasted better, joy was created just by being together. That was a rare feeling for me.  I had only experienced it with Iris, then Lily, and now Red Rose.  Each time that power is bigger, lasts longer, has more magic to it.  Having loved deeply before my heart is able to love even more deeply now.

Those of us who have loved more than once, carry the scars of past love with us. Some would call those abuse triggers.  There are wounds I would heal with the passage of time or perhaps the certain knowledge that I am loved beyond measure. The feeling of being abandoned or not good enough to have this blessing in my life called love. It’s a self-destructive thing we all do at one time or another. Holding ourselves back from feeling the true power of love.  To be able to love like our hearts had never been broken, sounds like a country song, yet it is a true thing.  In order to have this epic magical love we have to overcome those feelings of doubt, low self-esteem, and fear.  Fear has no place in a loving relationship. The great thing about this is we get to choose what serves us and what doesn’t   We can choose to let that negativity that holds us back go.  What are you choosing right now? To be alone, to not engage your heart fully, to have fear that holds you back, to let low self-esteem keep you from having this magical love.  I love those old sayings, there is a lid for every pot, love is blind, I am in love with a fool isn’t it great! I love you warts and all.

Puget Sound, view from Tacoma WA