love this time of year… Love is in the air. It’s own magic indeed. Valentine’s Day is a happy day for some. Those who are in love (or think they are) celebrate this day. Those of us that want to be in love or who’ve just come out of a relationship maybe wish we were (in love) and feel just a little left out. It’s an event alright- just ask the retailers. We have special candy, cards, flowers and other trinkets or gifts just for this one day- all in the name of showing someone we care (in a commercial kind of way).

I met a wonderful person two months ago. This“Kabala Kutie” wanted my help changing the way men viewed her. Despite her natural sweetness, no one asked her to dance at her dance class. Even worse, no one asked her out. Every now and then I see a situation where logic and reason just don’t make sense… OK, way more than every now and then. This young lady is very cute and visually appealing in a sweet sort of way- in my expert opinion, of course. Still, I gave her a blessing to have many dance partners and advised her to make a list (and check it more than twice) for what she wanted in a lover/partner- keeping in mind that she should raise the bar on her relationships.Actually, let me be perfectly honest here. I told her she should “shoot for the stars and if we only hit the mountain tops we are still a long way from the subterranean area she found her last partner.” We set a time limit on that for 5 months.

Much to my surprise and delight, she contacted me two months later to say that the blessing I gave her is working amazingly well! She got dance partners right away and five weeks later met a man that makes her life so happy that “…It’s like that song on your phone (Everything by Michael Buble)! I wanted someone to love me like that and he does!” Then again, one of my pals called me up and asked why I have that “co-dependent” ringback on my phone… Guess she was having a bad relationship day. Isn’t that one of the signs of the apocalypse? The seas will boil and the sky shall be as black as sack cloth (and thou shall have a bad relationship day)! So, fine. It does feel like the end of the world when a relationship goes bad.

Back to Kutie. Since that was going so well, I had to wonder what she needed to see me about now. Ah yes- she was having feelings that this was too good to be true and that they might not deserve each other (i.e., it might not last). She had been in a relationship that did not meet her needs and now that she found herself in a relationship that did it was a bit too good. Don’t we all wish we could have that sort of a problem? My answer: Another blessing to feel worthy and have the spirits that love them help them make good decisions that allow them to be together in a good way. It’s good to be Shaman.

So magic isn’t limited to Love Potion #9 or my own brand of what I call being a “good asker…” Those darn Fairies are at it again. I’ve been seeing so many more of them lately that I wonder at my own darn self… While I walk my Dis Dog, they flash, glow, and sometimes sparkle at us. Been that way since about December 15th or so… Suppose it’s a big energy build up for this coming year.

I got validation that it’s not just me though- my pal and colleague Terri Clement, a gifted tarot reader, has also noticed an increase in Fairy Energy. Now usually Terri doesn’t see Fairies in the classic “Disney” kind of way, but she recently had an encounter with a new Fairy. Seems she picked up this Tinkerbelle-like Fairy at her sister’s house in December and when Terri noticed someone touching her eyelashes, she decided to ask the Fairy her name. Voila- Kaeleen. Perhaps it’s the blessing I gave her a few months ago to see them and talk to them more clearly… Or maybe it’s just her natural talent coming through with a new boost. Stranger things have happened. Still, Kaleen proceeded to share some advice with Terri for folks who have bad dreams, saying “If you’re having bad dreams then point your shoes away from the bed so the Fairies aren’t confused.” Seems Kaeleen was also very happy to see that more people are interested in the Fairy realm these days… Could there be a Love-Fairy connection going on here? Is that why the energy has been building all these months? Last year saw the end of many relationships. Divorce ran rampant all year long. Or could that all be happening because so many people settled in love long ago, only to wake-up last year and realize they deserved so much more they should just get it over with? I’m laying my bets on the Fairy Realm winning over this year.

Why then, I wonder, would anyone settle for less than what they want and deserve? This problem is epic (no poetic pun intended). A friend of mine was recently reading Eat Pray Love where Elizabeth Gilbert explained it this way, “I have fallen in love more times than I care to count with the highest potential of a man, rather than with the man himself, and then I have hung on to the relationship for a long time (sometimes far too long) waiting for the man to ascend to his own greatness. Many times in romance I have been a victim of my own optimism.” That’s what I call settling. Watch out for that- especially this month when some are so desperate to be in love. Me? I want the song. I want everything. Someone who’s my spiritual and intellectual equal, a good communicator that can listen well too, beautiful and sweet-natured, even-tempered with good humor (like mine, of course), a talented and committed professional, and a great parent who can also be my lover and best friend- the ultimate partner in all things big and small. Sounds impossible? Not so much.

And I guarantee there is match for the kind of love you want out there just waiting for you find them. It’s not as hard as you may think when you’re clear about what you want. Now I do have some experience with this, so when I say you can have it all… I mean it. Here’s how you ask:

  • Step one: Define what you want in your life partner or lover.
  • Step two: Ask. Ask for them to come in a good and gentle way and ask the spirits to give you what you need (and should have asked for but didn’t) and set a time limit for this to happen.
  • Step three: Forget about it. Put a note on the calendar so you check-in with yourself next month and let things move along as they should. Sometimes the spirits will just attract the right person to you. It’s not something you have to work for to earn or a blessing you have to ask for- It’s a gift.

I love getting a gift from the universe! Some of us have had that one relationship that is the measure for all others… Be it a fairytale dream or an actual faulty memory, doesn’t matter. It’s still the measure we use and we have the ability to power what we want with our free will and intent. Who was it that said- If we think it’s impossible, it is. And whether we think we can or not- we’re right… I’d add that if we don’t think we deserve any better, we’re right again.

Guess I’ve gone and “outed” myself. Who would’ve thought it an old curmudgeon like me is a romantic? Might as well spill all the beans while I’m at it. Call it romanticism, occupational hazard, or perk… but I believe being a non-traditional Shaman gives me the license to tell folks I love them any day of the year. And (hold your breath on this one…) It’s OK. Add to that- I think flowers are for any time, just because you’re special. And yes it’s true, I give loved ones “I’m happy to see you” presents even if it’s not their birthday or a holiday. I guess I believe in spreading magic.

May love, fairies, and magic surround you… And may Cupid along with all the angels and spirits bless you with all that you need and more than what ask for.

Walks With Thunder