Intuition is a wonderful thing. We all have it, though most of us ignore it. It’s that little voice in our head that says keep going, turn right, this doesn’t feel right. I wonder how many people paid attention to that little intuition voice yesterday and didn’t go to Boston, didn’t run that race because there was something just not right about it.  When we meet someone new there is a 10 second evaluation period, in that 10 seconds my spirit knows if I like that person or not. Sometimes I just smile and walk away after meeting folks that my intuition says are not good for me. Yes it is rude but so is wasting my time on someone that is just using me.

My intuition has served me well over the past 55 years. It has chosen some of the best people to be my friends, and loves.  The times I regret the most are the times I didn’t listen to my inner voice. I knew it was going to turn out badly but I wanted the ride anyway. Is that wisdom, probably not, was it fun, yes, until it wasn’t.

My apprentices go through a training period to learn how to listen to that inner voice. We play a driving game, for 15 minutes you go in whatever direction you like the best in that moment. If you feel you need to turn you turn, if you need to go straight you go straight. At the end of 15 minutes you stop and see where your inner voice has led you. Get out of your vehicle if it is safe to do so. Walk around for 15 minutes and see what is near you. If there are people check them out if it feels safe talk to them. Most times at the end of your 30 minute game you have discovered a new place that makes you feel good or has spiritual power for you. Every now and then you meet a new friend that you would have overlooked had you not followed your inner voice.  You can do this in a Mall too! Same rules, except you walk.

Have you ever heard your name called and stopped to see who is calling you, only to find no one is there? That is your inner voice, guardian angel, accessorial spirit, or spirit guide delaying you so you don’t get into trouble.  Those few seconds change the course of your life by being too late for an accident or something worse.  Intuition is a wonderful thing if we can make it a part of our lives, being able to hear it or identify the feelings it gives us.

Pay attention to that inner voice, it could mean the difference of running that Boston Marathon or taking it easy and working in your garden instead. Yesterday is just as important as today, those responsible for that act of terrorism are still out there.  We can’t let fear hold us back we have to be strong, confident and listen to that inner voice that wants to guide us safely through our life time.

May those hurt by the terrorist act yesterday be blessed. May they heal and become whole once more. May those who passed away go to a better place.