February 14th,

I love this time of year, the flowers, hearts, candy! Oh yes Love too, knowing it’s a manufactured holiday for retail sales.  We still buy into it, movies, songs, gifts, candy, and doing things that say I love you to that special some one.

Being Shaman I see things others don’t.  Perhaps its because I am open to that part of life.  Most folks just go about their day missing the magic that just is.  Fairies, little people, lights, glows and flashes all around us.  Of course there is the dark side to that but it doesn’t come round me anymore.  Its good to be Shaman! I see the magic of love, not going to settle for less than a twin flame.  Having had three in my life time I am optimistic about there being a fourth.

How did I get three your wondering.  I said a blessing after my divorce papers were signed.  To have the woman of my dreams come and love me.  There is so much wrong with that blessing.  I wasn’t specific enough.  Didn’t say to come and love me the rest of my life, or say the best woman of my dreams as dreams is plural…. So three came to me in the space of about 4 months.  Talk about trouble and bliss..

The really hard part of that was having to chose one of them.  Imagine having three people that meet your needs, inspire you to be more than you are with out them.  Each one a goddess.  Choosing a twin flame from three is very difficult as your going to hurt two some ones.  My heart was confused and I chose poorly.  Perhaps I should have gone with the one that had the most passion, or the one with the most sexual energy, or the sweetest disposition, or the smartest.

Twin Flames are magical, they can join you in your dreams and remember. They know what your thinking and doing.  Even in Las Vegas so what you do there is known to them. The magic of merging your spirits from a distance, feeling a kiss or caress even though they aren’t around.  So much loving energy that the people around you are happy because your in love.  The food tastes better, the air is sweeter, colors are brighter and the sexual energy between you is off the charts powerful.

Having had that and more, I can’t settle for less than a twin flame. A regular romance just won’t do it for me.  For those of you in those regular every day romances, I say, Good for you.  Enjoy it, savor it, cherish it because for you that is the best you have ever done. Not reaching the heights of the twin flame relationship is a blessing.  You have no idea what your missing so the bar is set low and happiness is attained.  Talk about blissfully ignorant!

Those of you that know me on Facebook see my beautiful friends and wonder if I am seeing one of them.  Nope am single, just being beautiful isn’t enough to satisfy me anymore, there has to be that magic of who they are, and who we are together. The chemistry that doesn’t end, even now I love my twin flames though at a distance.  They have a piece of my heart and I theirs.  Some times they visit me in my dreams and that is enough for now.  One day though my fourth twin flame will walk into my life and that will be a day that inspires me the rest of my life.

My advice, having bungled my romantic life isn’t worth much.  Here it is anyway, love with your whole heart no holding back.  Say “I love you!” and mean it.  Kiss like it’s the very last time you will ever kiss her because it may very well be your last kiss so make it worth remembering. Don’t let the small stuff get in the way of the biggest feeling you will ever have.