I love those easy days, when you can get up late and there are no consequences. There are many of my friends and clients that don’t have easy days. They stress over money, jobs, relationships the list goes on and on. I always say Worry is a wasted emotion, it doesn’t make you jump higher, or run faster, or store more food for the winter. Yet we all do it at one time or another, seems like worry is hardwired into our brain. Spirit has always taken care of me, always there to catch me when I fall, always there to lean on if I need it. As a result I don’t worry anymore.

What is this thing I call spirit? When I look at the world around me my 184 IQ says this is by design. The orbits of the planets, the atom that so looks like a small solar system, the rings that a rain drop makes in a puddle of water. The cycle of life and seasons, the way the body repairs itself, has such diversity and yet still the same. That can’t be an accident, the double helix of DNA, the code of life all of that in something so small you need an electron microscope to see it. There is a divine energy to everything, as everything has a spirit, rocks, trees, cars, animals even you have a spirit. Some of us call it a soul. That spark of life within us, it lives on past the body. I call upon that spirit of everything to cooperate with me, though as a shaman I do command spirits when it is the right time to do so.

I was walking with an Apprentice graduate of mine yesterday. I had asked her to make sure we had some sun for our walk, of course we did. Now around Puget Sound the weather is usually cold, wet and windy. We had some of that too, but mostly sunny. She had focused her will and intent to move some storm clouds east, we stopped and rested on a bench. I looked at her storm cloud and it was going east though it seemed it wanted to go north east a bit. This huge dark grey storm cloud was moving east just because she wanted it to. I love that.

Life is like that storm cloud, we can just ask it (spirit) to cooperate with us. Drop our worries, and fears, pick up our smile and confidence, just cause we want to!

May our lives be all we want and need. May worry and fear be memories we leave behind us as we make our dreams real.