Some say a new year is a new beginning. I know that on my spiritual path there are many beginnings and endings that have nothing to do with the calendar. A couple years ago in January (my personal power month), I began seeing Fairies. Last January, I began seeing Angels and Michael himself gave me messages. This year… who knows what January will bring! As with each of you, I am a work in progress. I love that! My path always has something new… and that means I am still learning all the time.

From that first meeting with the Fairies, my life changed. Wonderful people came into my life- the “once in a lifetime” kind and each of them touched my soul. They came quickly and together we made great memories. And while most of these folks left just as quickly as they came, by January 2008 only one was still there… and the Angels came along too.
Somehow in all of this, my relationship with the Angels began with a 20-foot tall Angel with a sword. While I later learned this was Michael, my first impression was of knowing his thoughts without speech- I know your going through a bad time, it’s going to be alright. Specifically, he wanted me to know “Have faith, I am with you.” Simple. Later, he and other Angels visited and repeated the message with the swish of wings- “Have faith, I am behind you.” Or a feeling of warmth- “Have faith, we are all around you.” And the all time Angel favorite- “Choose love.” That’s new to this Warrior Spirit I am and they’ve had to repeat it a lot. I do have faith that it’s all going to be all right, yet there are times I have forgotten to choose love when someone I care about is hurting…

That one friend I mentioned has moved on in her life, leaving our friendship behind. For months now I have chosen to be grumpy about this- not choose to love. My friend Maureen says I live in my memories of love and am afraid to move on and give my heart once more. That makes me grumpy, it hasn’t served me in too many ways other than the weather. Here in Seattle, the weather sometimes mirrors my moods. In fact, we had a few extra thunderstorms this last summer… As a part of the Thunder Nation, I love the lightning- but I had no idea it came in so many colors like the fairies! In fact, I sat in the back yard once and just watched the show. Sometimes during these storms, Thunder Nation would have a message for me to ponder. Other times, a Fairy would be about- making mischief. I even met a grumpy Fairy- it’s orange and likes to sit on my lap and be grumpy with me… And here’s my point: I attracted that grumpy fairy. And the storms. What are you attracting?

Michael Buble’s Song Lost is a favorite of mine. It can feel that we have lost our way in a hostile world making it very difficult to choose love when those that we love turn away. There is always magic around us and even I can lose sight of that. My friends remind me that there is a hope for something, some one better even though it’s hard to believe there could be anything better than what we lost.

I now choose Love. I called my friend to share this news- hadn’t even realized it myself, but those Angels are a persistent bunch. These days you find me traveling away from my beloved Seattle (and thunderstorms). You can find me in LA, San Francisco, Texas, Nashville and soon many more places. Spirit (and quite possibly that extra large Angel with a sword) has ways of making you feel small when you don’t follow simple suggestions. It has a way of molding a person to be who they need to be and it’s been my experience they don’t ask permission- but I choose what to bring along… Yes, the Angels changed who I am. I don’t react to situations the same way I used to- I most often choose Love. And I’m working on that so I can choose Love all the time…

Am I telling you to choose Love even when your life seems the darkest and your friends all seem far away? Yes, choose Love. Invite Love along for those rides when Spirit has a way of taking you along without your consent, you still get to do the packing… Choose Love- even if it’s just a favorite smell, a quiet moment, a cute picture of your dog, or a quick phone call to a friend. Don’t live in your memories, move forward with your life and trust that it’s all going to be alright anyways. I’ve learned that being grumpy doesn’t serve you or anyone else- it’s a waste of Spirit to stay there so just pass through instead of setting up camp!

Follow your heart. Some folks they say “I don’t know how to follow my heart my head has so many confusing thoughts in it. I am sure in years to come I will know what you mean but right now I don’t.” Following your heart is not logical, you don’t think about it. Feeling is the way to follow your heart, what feels right to you. Does it resonate within you as the right thing to do? If it does then that is following your heart. Even if it goes against your logical minds thoughts about it. When you’re not sure keep checking your feelings about what you feel you should do. When they are consistent then you have truly heard your heart speaking about what way you should go and what you should do to get there.
My late friend Debbie says “You should be like a feather in the wind, let it take you to happiness.” So for me: I’m just going to settle into friend the Wind and let it take me where I need to be. I’ll smile more often and laugh all year long, and soon our hearts will heal… I choose Love. By doing that my heart has led me to work with love. Showing people how to have a magical love. The kind of love that you see in movies or read in books but with “Magic” that takes your breath away and lights your life even in your dreams.

May the wind in your life be gentle and strong so it can take you where you should be. May your friends and your love be true. May you know how happy you are now so you fully enjoy those rare, blessed moments.
Walks With Thunder.