Magic in the morning.


Enjoying life is one of my top priorities. I don’t have time for folks that are negative or try to push me around. That of course is a mistake on their part as the spirits that surround me aren’t kindly to those folks. They tend to disappear, and I like that. One of my joys is teaching spiritual classes. I know most folks don’t believe in ghosts, angels, demons, fairies and dark spirits. Kind of makes me the odd one out until you realize they are actually real. That fact makes my life magical. Those precious few that I teach have a magical door open that can never be closed.

Having just finished a yearlong break from teaching my apprentice classes, they have started once again. I give homework for the 1st 30 days they learn the tobacco offering in the ancient way, no white mans string or cloth to steal power from this spiritual ritual. This blessing is so magical you can actually see and sometimes feel the spirits take the tobacco as it fades from view. The 1st time that happened to me I was on the ground looking for it on a 124 degree day at the Pine Ridge Reservation. At the time I was on a quest to end this paranormal life. My choices were to continue to be a victim or take control of it. Vitim doesn’t look good on me. Watching the apprentices deal with this breaking of the laws of matter conservation is fun. I, like Bugs Bunny, ‘never studied law.’

They also begin to change the weather, look for fairies and get pictures. This morning one of the apprentices in Florida sent me a picture of a bright green fairy in the morning light. The magic of our world always amazes me. On December 26th Bunny and I were on our way to our hotel 6 minutes from Disneyland and I saw a blue fairy with a blue white light trail fall to earth near our hotel room. I didn’t say anything about it as I didn’t want Bunny to feel left out at not seeing this beautiful sight. Bunny says, ‘hey did you see that fairy?!’ She often surprises me with her spiritual growth. I am not teaching her how to do these things she is just picking it up anyway. Poor thing. She then proceeded to describe what I saw in perfect detail. Used to be that I would try and deny I saw anything at all and then the person with me would tell me what they say and I couldn’t deny I saw it too. Guess that makes me a reluctant shaman.

As time goes by, it seems it speeds up in its passing. Seems only last week I began teaching apprentices and here we are 9 years later, doing it again. It’s a warm beautiful day here in Phoenix AZ. My dogs are out by the pool catching some sun and I am in the man cave with my thoughts. My trusty computer at hand to record my thoughts and memories. It’s good like that. Yesterday I accepted a new apprentice from the UK. She is working on getting her computer ready for classes.

Did you know that for thirty thousand years Native Americans didn’t have a police force? Didn’t need them as we had holy men, chief’s, tribal councils, and Shaman to hold the piece. Oh yes that word Shaman, it means one who knows and has it’s origin in Siberia of all places. It’s kind of like a Medicine man but I don’t like that term. Though my Grandfather was a medicine man, it’s like the family business. Not that I had a choice in it. When spirit wants you to do something, you do it. Resist all you like but it will get its way. May we all be blessed to know rather than have faith.

Holiday Season 2014


The 2014 Holiday Season begins.

For weeks now Target has been showing a Christmas add with a little girl featuring the Marshmallow World song. Mass advertising works or they wouldn’t do it. Found myself listening to Christmas music before Thanks Giving. They have just skipped over Thanks Giving, having mixed feelings about that. My Native American roots say Good, why celebrate our people being screwed over by those who invaded our lands. Then the spiritual side of me says it’s a good idea to give thanks for the things we have. Gratitude is a good thing.

I am thankful for my friends, my clients and my family. As I write this my little Dis Dog is on my lap letting me know she loves me. Her son Goliath is on a heated throw blanket. I am thankful that I can pay my bills and have work that I enjoy. Being of service in this way makes my spirit happy.

Many people celebrate Christmas as I do. I love the holiday songs, Christmas in the Northwest is my favorite, google it if you haven’t heard it, worth a listen. Giving gifts and Christmas dinner, holiday cookies and being with those you love. I make a peanut butter blossom cookie, it’s basically a peanut butter cookie with a Rolo in the center. Andrews mom used to make them for us around the holidays, we remember her by keeping those cookies around even though she has passed she is with us in this way.

My son has given me his Christmas wish list and it’s not very big. Easy to make happen thankfully! I have only two things on my list. Life has been good this year, I have been blessed in so many ways there isn’t much I want that I don’t already have. Then again I am not impressed with material possessions, there are a few things I am impressed with, the speed of your computer or size of the hard drive. How nice your kids are or how lucky you are in your marriage. Of course the big screen TV thing, love that other than that not too into possessions or designer labels.

One of my favorite things about the universe is the way it rewards you when you’re on the right path. If your meeting resistance maybe that is not the right thing to do or the right way to go. Love it when things fall into place! My research this year into the Casino Blessing has taught me much about luck, vision and intuition. We all have it but can we use it?

There are magical things in life we all have. Sometimes we don’t want to acknowledge that magic actually happened, it’s more comfortable to not accept something paranormal happened. Even I do it, usually there is another witness to a paranormal event so I can’t deny it happened. Now and then I think maybe there is a special padded room waiting for me. Being one who sees angels, fairies, spirits, ghosts, and dark spirits and so on and on, is difficult. What magical things are going on in your life, this holiday season is a very paranormal time. That blue light in my shirt pocket in the closet, is that a fairy? Ever notice movement in your home when you’re all by yourself? That peripheral vision taking effect showing you spirit does exist.

This is a magical time, ever notice how many ghost stories there are around Christmas? Scrooge, is a great example. Unfortunately this is also a time when many family pressures, the right gift pressure, can push relationships to the breaking point. We have to take into account and allow people to be who they are without letting that take our calm. As an advisor I see so many people struggle at this time of year. We notice that the loved ones we lost aren’t here anymore. In my mind I relive the Christmases past of my childhood and my children’s. It makes me feel better and like those we lost are still with us.

May you be blessed with outstanding holidays. With people that love you for who you are. May your needs be few and your days be joyful. Enjoy this time for tomorrow is uncertain, all you have is the present.

Walks With Thunder.

My Hero


I just love movies! Even bad movies, Battlefield Earth, voted worst movie in 100 years, awesome! That was John Travolta as the lead evil alien. Yes it was bad, but I loved it! Guardians of the Galaxy not sure what the buzz is on that yet but I loved it! Been thinking about being in the movies, yes I have been on a TV Series but you know we are all the stars of our own life movie.

We get to choose are we the hero? Perhaps comedy relief? What role do we play in our daily lives? Some times I think I am a super hero, you know, magical powers and such. To change the weather or remove pain with the touch of my hand. To bless or remove blessings for those who deserve it. Vision to see others life path, vision to see what others can’t. My son used to say that I had Jedi powers. They were like holy men, used the force to heal as I heal with energy, could see things others could not as I do. They had a battle with the dark side as I do. You know I wouldn’t mind being a Jedi!

My ex-wife Laura tells stories about our life together. In one such remembrance, one November evening at our beach house in Belfair WA. I had just visited my next door neighbor Pat and dropped off a new DVD. I collect movies and Pat watches them after I do, you know just being good neighbors. Laura goes off to start the car and I am walking back through the fog to the car. I step inside and Laura says! Hey did you see that? See what? As always being the awesome superhero I am, ever vigilant…. Not! She says as you were strolling back from Pat’s I saw a huge bear like dark shadow creature running for it’s life. A few seconds later you just casually stroll around the corner, like nothing’s wrong and everything is great! I just love it that my humble self engenders fear in Dark Spirits, just by being me.

Sometimes we don’t choose what role we play in our life movie. The Director has some surprises for us. What drama will he put in our path today? Maybe it’s not a movie of our lives but a reality show of our lives. Our costars, become our good friends, our perhaps not friends. We get to choose what we do and how we react.

I have always been calm in a crisis. Came in handy when I was a Radioman in the Coast Guard. Last thing you want is the guy who is helping you to freak out . Seeing things calmly does help me everyday. I used to have a problem of yelling at people who I felt needed it. Though that might have been a reaction to high blood sugar. I yelled at my son when he was 8 or so and my I saw how it shook him up. Over the years I have worked hard at not yelling at all. Though I do yell at times it is usually to show someone that I can yell and what it really sounds like.

Yes I do have a temper but I have a lid on it most of the time. Though it can bubble to the surface instantly to my surprise. I used to have a radio show in Seattle on 1130 AM radio. One of my guests was a spiritual woman. Her interview was going well until she mentioned she was going to a peace rally against the war. Out of the blue I heard myself saying, ‘ You go to that piece rally, but just remember that those US men and women of our Armed Forces paid for your right to protest them with blood and lives.’ They deserve our respect. If you want to protest the war then aim that at the folks who decided to go to war, not our heroes who protect us. My producer said that was good radio. I felt that my poor guest should probably have not mentioned that protest. I told her after the interview that I had no idea I felt so strongly about our Service men and women.

My son is my hero, he does things I could never do. I often say he is the new improved me. The mark 4 series. Smarter, stronger, easy going, and much nicer. You know that math they do on Big Bang theory, all that scientific notation and formulas, when he was 16 he was tutoring college students on how to do that. Yes he is brainy and plays computer games. When he asked me if he had to go to high school graduation I said your 18 son, do what you want. He chose not to go, a week later he graduated from Community College as well. We went to pick up his High School diploma and our reception at the high school office as kind of cold. Usually you get a hard cover for that diploma, he didn’t get one. Just the paper, then they added two more papers. Awards for math and science, as well as two medals that came with them. Maybe I am just a proud dad but maybe with the Governors letter of acknowledgement that my son was in the top 2% of all graduates in our state. Two years later at the age of 20 he graduated with his 4 year degree. Yes he is my hero.

In the movie of my life I am a lead character but my son is the hero. Now a new heroine has been added to my life. My leading lady, there to inspire me to hold me to a higher standard. I have been content with life and my leading lady wants way more than my simple life. Perhaps we will both learn and find that happy middle ground. I know there have been other leading ladies in my story. They have played their time on the stage and moved on. Send me your blessings, as one who knows the power of such things I am grateful for your blessing.

Walks With Thunder

Mist of time, Again!


Looking forward to another hot day here in the Phoenix area. Lately we have had rain, lightning and my favorite Thunder! As most of you know a good connection to Thunder nation means powerful blessings. Having had Thunder storms for 3 days now it’s a very good time to ask for a blessing for yourself or someone you know that could use one.

Quite often mothers will ask for a blessing for their children, even the grown up ones. Protection and clarity are popular blessings. Though in these economic times a Prosperity blessing is also a great choice.

The mists of time are gathering around me as I remember 1985, November. It had snowed in Seattle and I had just called into work saying I am not coming in. Living on a hill that was iced over I wasn’t ready to risk life and limb on $15 an hour. Having a great setup up in my old house I was about to watch HBO. Back then they had a black background with stars, and the huge letters HBO spun round on the screen as their music came up to a flashy finish.

As that was going on there was a huge knock on the front door. Wham! Wham! Wham! Part of my great setup was I had rented out two of the rooms in my house. My house mates were downstairs and heard this knocking at the front door. Mark the guy who lived in the upstairs said ‘ I will see who that is’. Moments later he called me excitedly and said you have to see this. I rushed over and there was nothing to see, as he pointed out. No one there, no tracks in the 5 inches of snow, not on the side walk, or on the walkway, or on the stairs to my house.

We ran to the back door, same story, nothing. Yet we all heard that Wham! Wham! On the door. Not being used to this magical life that had come calling that day, I was just a little phreaked out. Odd how that is not spelled Freaked out on spell checker hmmm. Mark engaged the services of a priest from the Baptist church down the block. Had our place blessed, did you know it costs $25 in 1985 dollars to get a blessing from a priest? I bet with inflation that is up to $50 or more these days. Nice that he showed up at my house and did the blessing.

Odd how those mists of time just grab a person some times. Have a great day and if your not having a great day then call me and get a blessing so you can have a blessed day!

Walks With Thunder

Monsters under the bed, yeah right


Hello Everyone,

Enjoying my time with my dogs and my son. There are those that say there is no monster under the bed. Perhaps not a monster but some thing small and fast. For years now I have had a strange occurrence while I sleep. The blanket, comforter depending on the season, gets pulled down to the foot of my bed. It starts out over my shoulders and under my chin, but by morning it’s down about 8 inches.

I know your thinking how does he know it is small and fast. Because I have chased it out of my bedroom a couple times. Most recently I was on my computer, I have a clear glass computer desk, and I heard something knock against my wire trash bin. I looked down and saw a small blur abut 14 inches long zoom off towards the bedroom. I was holding my Dis Dog and looked behind me to see her son Goliath sleeping on my sofa. How odd don’t you think? I know it’s not evil as no evil can walk where Angels walk.

I know it followed me when I moved in July the question is why? Is pulling my blanket down every night worth it? Well I guess so Hahahahah.

Have a great day everyone. Know that there is magic everywhere, even under the bed.

Walks With Thunder

Everything has a spirit


The one thing you can count on in life is Change! Nothing every stays the same, even love changes as time goes by, the ebb and flow of love. Even one’s paranormal gift changes and grows more powerful or if your unlucky less powerful. Even I amaze myself at the things I see and can do on the phone readings I do. It’s so easy to listen to spirit talking, like a 3rd person on the call.

Have been doing research on the Casino Blessing, I believe that everything has a spirit. Rocks, trees, cars, boats, pens, everything! By asking that spirit to cooperate with us we can become friends. I blessed my Mustang Convertible and asked it’s spirit to cooperate with me. To tell me its needs so I could take care of it in a better way. In return it would run better than it should. The car manual said it would get 27 miles to the gallon of gas on the highway, after the blessing it got 34 miles to the gallon. Some times it would make a noise and I would know exactly what was wrong, an intuitive leap or the spirit of the car giving me insight, could be both.

My Girlfriends sister was with us at a Casino on my birthday, Bunny asked me to give her a blessing to win. After I did the blessing the spirit of the slot machine gave me a vision of the three top symbols, three seven’s on fire, coming into place on the pay line. I told her this slot machine was going to pay the top money. Her Sister gave me a funny look, like yeah right. Three bets later those three symbols came in giving her $5,000. She looked at me with her mouth open and a look of how did you do that. I say I didn’t do that, I am just a good asker. As I work with the blessings I find that when I am in the zone I just know what that spirit of the slot machine is going to do. It’s only a few minutes into the future of what it will do though. I feel like there are signs and clues the spirit of the machines give me, letting me in on the secret workings. Then again it could be my 184 IQ kicking in and giving me an intuitive leap in probabilities.

Later that same night my Bunny and I were at a $1 slot machine, not the $5 dollar ones she usually plays. This machine was showing us both signs it was going to pay out. It gave two double diamonds and a lower symbol. Then a few spins later it did it again. The third time it gave those two double diamond symbols on the pay line I poked my finger at the third double diamond symbol and said “Now!” At that point the symbol locked into place on the pay line giving us a $2,000 payout. Plus the $1,000 or so it had already given from the two double diamonds that came up earlier. I just love my research!

Haven’t been back to a casino since then, but when I do go back. I will once again be in research mode looking for ways to understand luck, prosperity and cooperation between spirit and myself. These quite days in the Desert help me to focus on my work. Sometimes you just have to let change take you where it wants to go. Whatever changes are in store for you may they be good ones.

Walks With Thunder

Low Self-esteem relationships


As of 11 AM PST 2-15-14, I have heard 4 people tell me they had a breakup over Valentine’s Day. I often tell people that this time of year is rough on relationships, though we can also say that about Christmas through New Year’s as another rough patch. Perhaps it is the pressure of this made up holiday, or just a good excuse not to continue on with a relationship your just not feeling good about anymore.

I saw a movie a few years ago, Valentine’s day, the star of the movie starts out with a beautiful woman he has just proposed to and she feels she isn’t ready and breaks up with him and moves out. Though he does get a happy ending with his good friend who is in a low self-esteem relationship with a married man. Most of the time that doesn’t work out so well for everyone concerned. The simple fact is men lie to get laid. A stiff (you know what) has no conscious. Man wisdom isn’t concerned with long term consequences, just in the moment am I happy. As long as both are getting their immediate needs met no harm to them but the wife or husband being cheated on takes an emotional beating. Have to say that if they were meeting the needs of their spouse, they wouldn’t be cheated on. Everyone in the love triangle has a part in what goes on there.

A friend of mine is married to a Playboy Playmate of the year (she was playmate of the year 4 times!). We would have a great time in LA and I would see a beautiful woman and say something nice about her and he would say, I have better at home. I had met his wife many times and though she was pretty I didn’t really give her a second look. One evening I was over with my girlfriend and his wife called out from the house as we approached and asked if we could give her a hand with some cases filled with jewelry. They were bulky but very light, so I picked up 4 and my girlfriend got 4 too. As we walked up to the house, I saw a beautiful woman in a blue sparkle gown kissing my friend. I just stood there stunned at her beauty. It was his wife but I had never seen her with makeup or in anything other than jeans and a sweatshirt. Suddenly I was snapped out of this perfect moment with at smack to the back of my head and the words “get going!” Things didn’t go well from there! That is a perfect example of two people getting their needs met. I can’t say that mike was a handsome man or that he was in anyway extraordinary. His love for his wife is real though.

When a relationship ends during a stressful time I have found that remorse sets in and the person who broke it off will call and want to patch things up. It may take hours or even weeks but it does happen. A great opportunity to change what you don’t like in the relationship. I can take you back however I need X to change. X in this case being an end to a behavior that really bothers you. You might say I can take you back but I am now the priority in your life and there are just us two in this relationship.

I often say you cannot give someone what you do not have. You have to love yourself before you can love others in a powerful way. If you don’t honor yourself then you settle for less than you could have because you just don’t deserve better. When you’re ready you will know this wisdom. May your life be everything you always wanted it to be. May you have your happy ever after and may it satisfy you.

Walks With Thunder

A message of Love


My last dream was of my 1st girlfriend. When I was in 1st grade, having mastered English in Kindergarten, I made a new friend. She was a blond girl with big blue eyes and a pony tail. We were both at the back of the classroom of about 20 kids. The teacher was talking but we didn’t understand what she was saying because we couldn’t see the chalk board she was referring to. Our 1st words to each other were: “do you know what she is talking about?” That lasted about 5 minutes till our teacher came over and asked us what we were talking about. Being an experienced teacher she pronounced us both as needing glasses and put us at the front of the class. Oddly I don’t remember my 1st grade teachers name.

Over the school year my mom had cancer and was in the hospital for months. Having three sisters I noticed she was gone but it didn’t really change my everyday life. Still went to school, did my chores, played outside, and my cat still slept with me. My teacher did stop by and drop off a tuna noodle casserole with mushrooms in it. It was good, but then any food my mom didn’t cook was good, she was awful at cooking.

A week later we both had glasses. Hers were a pretty blue and mine were “the you’re not ever going to get a girlfriend black style”. As it turned out that experience bonded us together, June (little Blond) girl and I had a great year together. Playing at recess, having lunch together. As fate would have it her grandmother lived across from my backyard. So I got to see her over the summer too. We never kissed, though I did get a hug on my birthday and a card. It was an innocent kind of love we had.

At that age I had no words for it, even if I did they would have been in Spanish as that was the language I knew best. As an older person I now realize it was love. Had I know it then it would have been ICKY! We had something more than friendship and fate seemed to be throwing us together. I love that about fate.

These days as a “grownup” fate doesn’t rule my life as much as it did as a child. I get to choose where I go and when. Though fate does offer me choices now it still plays a small part. I am calling fate that random event that throws people together. Now I say I am making choices that “put us together”, or “choose love most often”. Maybe I have you thinking about what your choices have been. When Angie passed away last summer, I made a choice not to live in that house anymore. Every time I let the dogs out I could see her last breath and I didn’t want to keep seeing her last moment.

There are many kinds of love. Love is what we are here to do, to be love. Of course there are lessons along the way. I feel the best thing we as humans do is love, it’s not science, or art, or math, or music, not anything else. Being able to love is the most powerful thing we can ever do. On this made up holiday, you can tell it’s made up as the banks are open and schools are open too, Valentine’s day lets buy into for just long enough to hear the message of love we want to be. May we all be blessed to know love in all its good ways.

Walks With Thunder

Your Life’s path


A message from your Shaman, Walks With Thunder.

As we move through life we all have difficulties to overcome. For some it is a physical challenge, others may face emotional trauma, still others mentally challenged. I can hear those wheels turning, as your thinking hey he missed my challenge… Go ahead tell me what it is. Now that you have that out of your system, let’s move on.

Sometimes it can feel like we are constantly disappointed by those in our lives. For some odd reason those around us can’t see what we see so clearly. We ourselves may not know what our path through life is; we wander trying things out and making mistakes. Mistakes are good if we learn something from them. Every now and then I say to the universe in general, I learned that lesson, let’s not do that again please. If we don’t learn those life lessons we will repeat the lesson till we get it right.

How can you tell your on your life’s path? Easy, no really that is the answer, everything is easy for you. The everyday process of living is easy. Making money as most of us need it, is easy, relationships are easy, life is good. We take joy in almost everything we do. I personally would be way happier with a person that came in twice a week and cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms for me. I really dislike those chores, but I do them. The rest of my life is easy. Guess I am not fully on the path, maybe 85% on it! When I get that house keeper or learn to enjoy cleaning then 100% on the path.

I love the work I do and feel great about helping people have insight into the difficult situations they find themselves in. Most times a fresh perspective is all you need. Though I do have a special skill set that allows my work to be easy. Often I will say “it’s almost like I am psychic”, my clients and I will laugh, cause you know I am.

Take some time today and look at your path through life. Are you as happy as you could be? Is your life as easy as you would like it? Do you know anyone that needs some extra cash and likes cleaning near your favorite Shaman? Are you the best you possible? If you need a hand with that I can help you find your path.

May your life be blessed in all the good ways!

Walks With Thunder

Time Travel


We are all time travelers. My friend’s 83 year old mother gave me an insight into this. Imagine a journey from 1930 to today. She would have seen the beginning of world war 2, lived through December 7th 1941, Kennedy’s assassination, Space race and so much more.

There she is this sweet old lady, who has a wealth of information about how it felt to be an American in those times. She may even have known or met some of the people who made history. From the day we begin to remember we become time travelers. The older we get the longer the journey.

When I was in the Coast Guard I was called aside and asked what I knew about Neil Goldschmidt, the former mayor of Portland Oregon. I had worked in the same building with him and once had lunch with him. I had no idea he had become the Secretary of Transportation, at that time the Coast Guard was part of that Department. Without knowing it I suddenly had Congressional influence and according to the Coast Guard Intelligence my service record now had a Gold bar on it to show I had it. I seriously doubt he would have remembered me and even if he did that it would have made a difference one way or another. The hand of fate had written that we had crossed paths and that was very funny to see how the Coast Guard thought that meant something.

Over the years I have met some people that make me smile as they were movie stars when I was a child. Mariette Hartley was at a church near Topanga Canyon in Southern California years ago. I had seen her there and wanted to meet her. I loved her in a movie where she had two navels! A sexy redhead from my youth, and there she was just a few feet away. The friends I was with told me I should meet her and I wanted to as well. However I had some eye drops for my contacts in my car so I went over and got them. While I was gone Mariette Hartley met my friends, they told her I was a fan and a Shaman. She wanted to meet me too! I guess I lingered too long putting those drops in and I missed meeting her! That stupid hand of fate again!

Though I have some famous clients they are just people who need my help. I don’t get all geeked out about talking to them. Some are famous singers, actors and actresses. None of them got me as excited to meet as Zara Beth from Star Trek. I remember things from my childhood very clearly, like the day John F Kennedy was shot and killed. The moon landings, and Tricky Dicky no longer our president. I have often thought Nancy Reagan was our 1st woman president as Ronald was in no shape to run the country.

In your own life you have memorable moments on your journey through time. Over the journey I have discovered that our attitude is what colors our memories of those moments. The 1st time I went to Disneyland with my 1st wife Debora. That woman could trip on a dust mote and sometimes did. She was so patient with me and taught me so much about being a good person.

She didn’t have much to work with, I was and still am stubborn, and often get grumpy. If I am a good person today or have any good qualities as a husband, boyfriend or friend it is because of the lessons she taught me. I know that I can be there in times of trouble because I was there for her. I know that I can make the tough choices because I have made them. I know that when someone loves you as much as she loved me I love them back that same way. She taught me how to forgive what others wouldn’t. How to be kind to those around me that might not deserve it. Looking back I should have treated her much better than I did. She also gave me the best gift I ever got. It cost her so much to give me our son. She lost her health and quality of life to do so. Of course we didn’t know that at the time. It was like the warranty ran out on her body. Our journey through time lasted 17 ½ years.

Even in her death she taught me how much I cared for her. I cried for 4 months after she passed. Funny how we do things we didn’t think we would. Every time our son does something of note I miss her. When Andrew graduated from Community College with his AA degree, or a week later when he graduated High School with a letter from the Governor for being in the top 1% of all graduates that year, winning the science medal and the math medal, I miss her. He graduated from Evergreen State College with a Phi Beta Kappa Key, at age 20, we miss her.

Though her journey through time was only 42 years her legacy lives on in our son. You could even say it lives on in me as she taught me so much. Though I am still a work in progress as I travel through time, I am grateful for the memorable people I have met on this journey. I can see that even now I have less days in front of me and more behind, makes me want to leave my mark somehow. Remember that our journey through time does end. I want to be smiling at the end knowing I made a difference in people’s lives for the better. Maybe not all people but the ones whose lives I touched on this Journey through time.

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