I hate evil. It is just a thing with me. When I find it hiding in plain sight I target it and remove it best I can. For some it is an evil entity that has attached itself to their lives. Yes you could call that a curse. Others do evil because they like it. Revel in it and walk around smiling, ribbons, bows, glitter and rainbows, all the while doing evil behind someone who is good. They use that person as a shield and create evil. My friend Audrey was going through a tough recovery from back surgery. An evil person kept her from her friend who could have helped her with a blessing or just being there for her. When I called that evil person out on it, she denied it. Then Audrey backed me up on what that evil person did.

Just because you pointed evil out doesn’t mean it is handled. You have to make sure others are not fooled by it. Evil has a way of pretending to be the victim that the weak and even the good buy into because it is the nice thing to do. As a spiritual warrior I hate that, my god have some back bone and kick evils ass! Evil hurts people, excludes them from associating with good people. They abuse their power by deleting a good person’s voice, painting that good person in a bad light so others doubt the truth. Pushing them out of groups of friends so that they are isolated and shunned. When we allow that we give power to evil. Even the best of us do that because we want to think the best of everyone. Even though we have evidence of what really happened and those we trust have warned us that this person who has such control of a good person’s life is abusing that power.

As a spiritual warrior I deal with the seamy side of spirituality. I am not out there telling you that Angels are light beings, there to protect you. Cause you know what they aren’t there for that. They are there to serve god. When God wants to kill someone he sends an angel, when he wants a city or army destroyed he sends an angle. When you buy a bill of goods that says angels are something else you’re being gullible. When you allow evil to have power in your world and allow it to associate with good people you are allowing evil into your heart, and we can’t do that. Evil has a way of using you, if you let it. The face of evil is a pleasant one. Did you know that the Angel of light is beautiful to look upon, even so Lucifer is evil incarnate, A fallen angel. The best lie evil tells you is I am of the light, not a lie when you think about it, Lucifer means light. It is not a light that I would want to bask in.

Evil curses our lives by making us feel unworthy, low self-esteem, pushed out of a group, alone, worthless, hurts our hearts and so much more. Evil wants and needs to feel powerful, and will lie, cheat, manipulate, steal and sometimes kill to get it. There is nothing evil won’t do to have its day. By allowing evil in our midst we say it is ok for that person to be evil. I ask you do you want to be used by evil or do you want to do something about it? Point out evil where you see it. Talk about what evil did and does to you. Find a way to push that evil out of your life out of your circle. Talk about truth. Shine your light into those dark places where you have allowed evil to have its way.

Put your spiritual hand In mine and say, form this day forward let evil be sent out of my presence. I call on the spirit of God and ask that it clear my path, my home my life of all that do evil or would do evil in my life. Bless me with friends that have backbone and are willing to stand up to evil as I have just done. Bless all the days of my life with people that are truly good, truly my friends, truly worthy of my trust and friendship. Bless me to be such a person as well. May it be so.

Walks With Thunder



Its been a strange week here, 3 of my “friends” have labeled me racist. My pal Angie says that I am not a racist as I am not a white person. I looked it up on Wikipedia. I don’t fit the definition, so there ya go Angie is right. I see humor where it is meant to be. The most recent posting I was called a racist was a picture of two men, labeled rednecks, using a new word, Obama. Used in a sentence ‘ I drank a six pack of beer Obama self. Now that is funny. My comment was “I think this is like Ebonics, maybe it will just fade away…” Ebonics is a real word and you could get a degree in it from Stanford University. Nothing racist about that, funny but real.

Had I used derogatory words like the dreaded W word or some other colorful metaphor to describe rednecks then I guess I could have been racist. Seems to me that people see in others what they are themselves.

I think I am very funny. Sometimes a new apprentice will not be as respectful as I think they should be so I give them the impression that they are going to be ‘cursed with loose bowel movements’. My apprentices see me change the weather in 5 minutes or less, remove pain in the body in seconds, colored quartz changes colors when I touch it as it becomes blessed to store spiritual energy just from my touch or the words of my blessing. When they think I am displeased they have to wonder did he really do it just to show me he could. I had an apprentice who was getting a divorce she is 5‘2 ¾” tall and her husband was 6’4” tall. When they would argue he would menace her by standing very close and looking down on her. It frightened her, so I told her that I would give him the runs every time he did it. She said you can’t do that, can you? I replied, of course I can, just watch what happens next time. Within 24 hours she had called me to say, ‘OMG he was menacing me again and all of a sudden he grabbed his stomach and ran to the bathroom. He has been in there 30 minutes already.” I said don’t worry he should be out in another 30 to 45 minutes. Even though I am good to my apprentices they know I have a sense of humor.

Sometimes they take action even when they don’t need to. One such apprentice thought she was in trouble, and took some laxatives so she wouldn’t be effected by the ‘curse’. Spent the whole weekend giving offerings to the porcelain god. On Monday she called and said you didn’t do anything did you? I said, No not at all. How did you know? Yes I am very funny. Perhaps I haven’t grown up all the way as I still think bathroom humor is funny.

There are people of all races that I don’t like, but I don’t like them on a personal basis not a whole race sort of thing. Yes I think that big black piece of coal shipped to Mt Rushmore is funny as they are supposed to use it to add Obuma to that monument. Hilarious, cause it is funny, not cause he is that n word thing. Yes I know I called the president Obuma not Obama (self) hehehehehe still funny! It is just a thing I do. Am sure he can think of many things to call me if he wants to.

Now the next person that calls me a racist is gonna get it. I am going to send them such a whammy they won’t know what hit them. You been told. I know what you’re thinking, does he mean that or not… Just try me ;o)

Walks With Thunder



I love to watch movies as the American story teller is found there. Way back before TV and Radio folks sat around the camp fire and people would tell stories. The person with the most stories became the “Story Teller”. Usually that person remembered the cultural history of that family or group. Retold stories they had heard as a child and could make up what I would call some great whoppers! I saw a movie 20 years or so ago that has stayed with me all these years. Not because it was a great movie as there are many that are better, because of the wisdom I found there.

Remo Williams returns, the Character Joel Grey portrays is great fun and his lines are memorable. The best one goes kinda like this. ‘You have fear. Fear is just a feeling, you feel hot, you feel cold, you feel fear. Now that I have explained this lets continue with the exercise.’ Granted most of us after hearing that would still feel fear at running along a tall buildings edge. Just looking down gives me the feeling of, not wanting to fall and hit the ground, is that fear or good sense.

That bit of wisdom is real, the movie not so much. This fear feeling keeps us from being who we really are. Imagine if you had a respectable fear, that kept you from doing crazy life threating things but allowed you to move forward in your relationships. Not afraid to share your feelings or talk to a person you’re attracted to. Not afraid to move forward in your goals and dreams, just going for it. Making each decision count towards a dream. Leaving fear behind to embrace who you have always wanted to be.  After all fear is just a feeling. You feel hot, you feel cold, you feel afraid. Exactly so what, take off your coat, put on a sweater, look that fear in the eye and say give me your best shot cause I am coming for you.

There are things we should be afraid of, Genetically Modified Foods, Serial Killers, Terrorists, the Tax man, Martha Stewart hahahahah, ok not Martha so much but you get the idea. Don’t be too fearless you get yourself killed. A healthy respect for what is dangerous and a brave warrior spirit for most everything else.  Follow your spirit to your dreams. What is holding you back? What would be so awful that the fear of failing keeps you from trying? The great thing about trying is you did something. If you never try your never going to succeed. What do you really have to lose? Just saying think about it.

May you find yourself where you always wanted to be with the person of your dreams.

Walks With Thunder



Intuition is a wonderful thing. We all have it, though most of us ignore it. It’s that little voice in our head that says keep going, turn right, this doesn’t feel right. I wonder how many people paid attention to that little intuition voice yesterday and didn’t go to Boston, didn’t run that race because there was something just not right about it.  When we meet someone new there is a 10 second evaluation period, in that 10 seconds my spirit knows if I like that person or not. Sometimes I just smile and walk away after meeting folks that my intuition says are not good for me. Yes it is rude but so is wasting my time on someone that is just using me.

My intuition has served me well over the past 55 years. It has chosen some of the best people to be my friends, and loves.  The times I regret the most are the times I didn’t listen to my inner voice. I knew it was going to turn out badly but I wanted the ride anyway. Is that wisdom, probably not, was it fun, yes, until it wasn’t.

My apprentices go through a training period to learn how to listen to that inner voice. We play a driving game, for 15 minutes you go in whatever direction you like the best in that moment. If you feel you need to turn you turn, if you need to go straight you go straight. At the end of 15 minutes you stop and see where your inner voice has led you. Get out of your vehicle if it is safe to do so. Walk around for 15 minutes and see what is near you. If there are people check them out if it feels safe talk to them. Most times at the end of your 30 minute game you have discovered a new place that makes you feel good or has spiritual power for you. Every now and then you meet a new friend that you would have overlooked had you not followed your inner voice.  You can do this in a Mall too! Same rules, except you walk.

Have you ever heard your name called and stopped to see who is calling you, only to find no one is there? That is your inner voice, guardian angel, accessorial spirit, or spirit guide delaying you so you don’t get into trouble.  Those few seconds change the course of your life by being too late for an accident or something worse.  Intuition is a wonderful thing if we can make it a part of our lives, being able to hear it or identify the feelings it gives us.

Pay attention to that inner voice, it could mean the difference of running that Boston Marathon or taking it easy and working in your garden instead. Yesterday is just as important as today, those responsible for that act of terrorism are still out there.  We can’t let fear hold us back we have to be strong, confident and listen to that inner voice that wants to guide us safely through our life time.

May those hurt by the terrorist act yesterday be blessed. May they heal and become whole once more. May those who passed away go to a better place.

Easy Days


I love those easy days, when you can get up late and there are no consequences. There are many of my friends and clients that don’t have easy days. They stress over money, jobs, relationships the list goes on and on. I always say Worry is a wasted emotion, it doesn’t make you jump higher, or run faster, or store more food for the winter. Yet we all do it at one time or another, seems like worry is hardwired into our brain. Spirit has always taken care of me, always there to catch me when I fall, always there to lean on if I need it. As a result I don’t worry anymore.

What is this thing I call spirit? When I look at the world around me my 184 IQ says this is by design. The orbits of the planets, the atom that so looks like a small solar system, the rings that a rain drop makes in a puddle of water. The cycle of life and seasons, the way the body repairs itself, has such diversity and yet still the same. That can’t be an accident, the double helix of DNA, the code of life all of that in something so small you need an electron microscope to see it. There is a divine energy to everything, as everything has a spirit, rocks, trees, cars, animals even you have a spirit. Some of us call it a soul. That spark of life within us, it lives on past the body. I call upon that spirit of everything to cooperate with me, though as a shaman I do command spirits when it is the right time to do so.

I was walking with an Apprentice graduate of mine yesterday. I had asked her to make sure we had some sun for our walk, of course we did. Now around Puget Sound the weather is usually cold, wet and windy. We had some of that too, but mostly sunny. She had focused her will and intent to move some storm clouds east, we stopped and rested on a bench. I looked at her storm cloud and it was going east though it seemed it wanted to go north east a bit. This huge dark grey storm cloud was moving east just because she wanted it to. I love that.

Life is like that storm cloud, we can just ask it (spirit) to cooperate with us. Drop our worries, and fears, pick up our smile and confidence, just cause we want to!

May our lives be all we want and need. May worry and fear be memories we leave behind us as we make our dreams real.

Cooking up Cooperation


My world is filled with Psychic Fairs, Expos, and scheduling individual appointments. My work as a Non-Traditional Shaman is spiritual work; however, there is a necessary business side to that in order to live. I was doing a fair a bit west of Seattle. Even though I hesitated for 4 months before I actually participated. I started this doing this fair in 2007 (Guess I just wasn’t listening to my inner voice very well…) However, there was something about this fair that wasn’t quite right, but I told myself it was a new way to advertise and went ahead anyway.

The “deal” was the problem: The person who coordinated the fair (paid only a nominal advertising fee to run a paragraph advertisement and rent for the space) charged me and the other Readers 50% of each client’s payment for service. Not only that, she set my rate much lower than usual. I felt like I was devaluing myself. True, I agreed to this “sharecropper” status. Even worse, when I started marketing my DVD I agreed to another $25 fee, as I was technically a Vendor as well as a Reader. The person who put on the fair automatically made $25 more than I did every time I simply walked into the fair. As if that was not bad enough, all the while taking advantage of my personal advertising and name recognition in the area and not even listening to my request to change the system.

Yes, I am stubborn and outspoken (I have been criticized for the “sharecropper” terminology), but sometimes this works for me. Therefore, with very few regular fairs in my area, I had little choice in the matter if I wanted routine income. So, I put up with these state of affairs for about five months, otherwise the options were: Do these fairs or no fairs that month. Finally, I listened to my inner voice and stopped going. Something had to change.

Right about the same time, my dear friend had also started doing a fair put on by one of the spiritual publications in our area. Go figure- the person who put on that fair also subscribed to the same model (why people think its ok to take financial advantage of psychics because someone else does) makes no sense to me. My friend was upset at the way she was being treated, like a non-important person, whose ideas were insignificant. She was so upset, she didn’t want to do the fair any more however, she didn’t have another source of income for that weekend. I said, “We are just going to have to have our own fair.”

As a diamond is formed from coal, under intense pressure, our Magical Pathways Fair was born in much the same way. We hatched a plan to go to four locations and ask about renting the space for our fairs. In 24 hours we had four locations for our fairs. Now since Terri and I had both felt we had no say in the fairs we had participated in, it was important to us that each person in our fair have a voice. As a Co-Op, each of us owns the Magical Pathways Fair. Each of us is responsible for advertising (together we comprise a 1/3 page advertisement), each of us helps with setup, and each of us gathers Readers to our fairs. As with all good things, they take on a life of their own. In just four days we had 20 readers who wanted to participate.

Now the Co-Op efforts didn’t go unnoticed by the other fair coordinators. In fact, one of our members was sending our group’s private emails to them. Oddly, they didn’t contact me directly even though they had my phone number and email address from the emails (though they did say things directly to me in the email that wasn’t addressed to me). I later saw that they said they felt “slapped in the face” and “punched in the gut.” Since I had not sent them these emails but instead simply coordinated a fair with my friend, my response was, “Whoever is sending this information to them is sending them negative energy, as they feel slapped and punched. That negative energy has a way of sticking to a person, perhaps they should stop that.”

I share this because it’s important to know that doing your own fair creates challenges for others and they will respond in kind. For the folks around here who ran local fairs before we started Magical Pathways, it seems they felt a tad guilty and wanted a sort of hold harmless agreement. My use of “sharecropper” terminology inflamed a few to the point that there was a page and a half of response floating around for a while… I would have thought that someone who puts on a spiritual fair would have the moxie to contact me directly if what I said/did bothers them. Instead, this person actually tried to defend taking 50% of the Readers’ fees and setting the Readers’ prices- likening themselves to “realtors” and saying that we were really paying for a service (which by the way is typically 4% rather than 50%). They also contacted our advertisers and tried to discourage them from advertising our fair. Oh my.

It’s true, I use a steamroller when I create a path to get where I’m going. If you’re going to go do a thing, why be timid when you do it? Do it big. I see our Co-Op fairs as being a blow for psychic freedom. Psychics are a gift from the universe to our communities and should be respected and taken care of, not taken advantage of. A month after Terri and I promoted Magical Pathways on our show,, we had an inquiry from New Jersey and New York asking about putting on a fair like ours over there. Again, good things take a life of their own!

Terri C and I offered to share all our information with them and be associated with them. We shared a few phone calls, looked over the process they had, fixed a few little problems, and advised them to remove a problem member who was slowing the whole process down to a glacial crawl (had they followed that person’s advice they would maybe had a fair by October even though it was late April). After cutting away the micro-manager, they now have a Magical Pathways Fair scheduled in June. That Group from New Jersey inspired another group in Sacramento and they too have a fair scheduled to start in June. And so on and so on…

Here’s a recipe to start your own Magical Pathways Co-Op:

1. Gather a need for more “fair” Fairs.
2. Mix Tarot Readers, Psychics, Energy Healers.
3. Vigorously sprinkle with financial equality and shared decision making.
4. Add 3T frugal advertising.
5. Stir 1c. (heaping) of creativity.
6. Pour in 8oz. of confidence.
7. Blend well and check for lumps that slow down the process. Remove lumps right away, or they may delay or abort a great outcome.
8. Add 7 large, warrior Thunder spirits to give it some backbone and kick some blocks out of the way, it’s what they do for me.

Our Fairs are like a Diamond in the rough. My vision for our Magical Pathways CoOp is to go Nation/worldwide in a good way. Each of our associate CoOp groups working with each other- throwing off the financial oppressors and (Can ya hear the national anthem here?) striking a blow for psychic freedom everywhere! We have a web site for our fairs

If you like the idea of having your own CoOp send us an email, give us a call. We would love to help you get started! It’s easier than they want you to know…

Walks With Thunder

Getting out of the way.


Sounds easy sometimes- to just let things happen as they should. And yet… we want to jump in and “help” things along for ourselves and those we love. I do that. In fact I’ve always thought I should step-in when someone I love needs a hand with relationships, healing, and life in general. But the miracles happen when I just let the old ego and agenda of self fall away- come what may…

A dear friend of mine told me, “Just bless the situation for the best outcome for everyone and let it be.” At the time I wanted to say “Easy for you to say!” I thought about the advice though- it sounded strangely like that releasing technique I teach for addictions, habits, negative self-talk, etc. Having a warrior spirit, when family or friends are wronged I instinctively get out my spiritual war gear and get ready to kick some serious behind. But the Angels have been telling me Not so fast… “Choose love in every thing.” Talk about not easy! I have been doing my best to switch gears and choose love, even in those difficult moments where I feel I should come to the rescue. When I can choose to respond with kindness (or love) instead of power and command, I am practicing love. It’s a conscious shift for me… I’m a work in progress.

My apprentices have noticed this difference- some of them are used to the warrior spirit kicking butt or calling in Grandfather and Thunder Spirits’ discipline, so they see it as a sign of weakness… I say it’s a sign of power to consciously choose love, though this should not be confused with indecision (been there). In fact, to choose love is powerful and good for everyone. I admit- being a warrior is the only choice when you’re faced with irrational, unreasonable, emotionally unstable, or just plain mean people… Yeah baby, my lightning bolts are ready!

The folks that listen to my blog talk radio show have noticed too, saying Walks With Thunder seems softer now, more approachable… It’s true- most of the time. I don’t do so much of that discipline stuff anymore- the Angels have begun to change me. It’s a time of self-discovery and spiritual re-invention for me. I admit, for a while there my mind was going north while my spirit headed south… My usually confident self was confused and it was difficult to make a decisions. I found myself in the Land of Waffling (that’s that place of indecision I warned you about earlier).

Looking at my own life as though it were someone else’s put everything into perspective- to let go of my feelings and personal interests and remind me that this work is not about me. The free energy I tap into heals folks in 5 minutes or less and sticks around to keep them healed- it’s not my omnipotent power, I’m just the conduit. This transition in my life is an important reminder to get out of my own darn way, cut that which does not serve me, look at my life from the outside, and take time to listen to Spirit… It’s all good. And you know, those same apprentices now say that Walks With Thunder is back!

May you be blessed to make the decisions that make sense in your life- to let go of the judgments that you perceive others hold for you so that you stop saying “should,” “can’t,” “won’t,” “never,” and “always.” May love for yourself and others bless you with clarity of Spirit.

Walks With Thunder

911, we remember


Just the day before 9/11 I was at our beach house on Hood Canal in Washington. About 8 PM or so I saw a fireball in the sky to the east. Then a few minutes later another fireball in the east. This puzzled me as I had no idea what it meant. The next day 9-11 I saw those same fire balls on the world trade center buildings. (more…)

Freedom, Liberty and justice: A Basic Native American Right: For Vision magazine July 09


Freedom, Liberty and Justice: A Basic Native American Right

Yes, I know that is in the American Constitution too. Have you ever seen those shirts and posters that say “Fighting Terrorism since 1492” and then there is a picture of Sitting Bull in his war paint? It’s a statement from a people who hold negative feelings. It was not that long ago that African Americans and Indians had to use the back door not the front, that we could not walk as equals in America because our skin was not pink. Our people, the old ones and some middle aged ones, still remember this. They hold hatred for the White people they feel took our way of life and our land. (more…)

Follow your dreams, don’t give up


“If the Great Spirit wanted men to stay in one place He would make the world stand still; but He made it to always change…”
–Chief Flying Hawk, OGLALA SIOUX (more…)

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