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Hi Everyone,

I had a promotion over the summer for folks to write a short Essay about why they want to be an Apprentice in my program.  The fee is $250 per month.  The program can be completed in a year but most take 1.5 to two years to finish.  The prize for the best Essay is/was 1 month free in the Apprentice program.  We have one class weekly, at 10 AM PST 1 PM EST.  Apprentices call me twice a week to work on home work or how to apply the classes into daily life.  This program is not for everyone.  Real magic happens, and you’re making it happen.

The first 3 months are very difficult, and very magical.  There is a side effect that happens to apprentices, they become confident, that confidence touches every relationship they have.  Self Esteem grows, people that are in your life and don’t treat you well will fall away from your life as you won’t put up with that anymore.

I expect each apprentice to be a blessing in their community.   If you think you want to try this out then send me an Essay about why you want to be an Apprentice. I will be choosing folks for the next 30 days.   I just have to like what you have to say.  If you feel you can’t write well then send me an email and we can talk on the phone and you can talk to me about why you want to be an Apprentice.

May you be blessed with all you need and want in a good way.

Walks With Thunder

9-11: 10 years later we Remember


Just the day before 9/11 I was at our beach house on Hood Canal in Washington. About 8 PM or so I saw a fireball in the sky to the east. Then a few minutes later another fireball in the east. This puzzled me as I had no idea what it meant. The next day 9-11 I saw those same fire balls on the world trade center buildings. That this was a spiritual even i am sure. It changed our world as we knew it. America could be hurt, damaged, but not beaten.

The messages the fallen sent out were not ones of despair or anger, they were of love for family and friends. Those who banded together to take over the plane said goodbye to those they loved because they knew they might and probably would die to protect those on the ground. That was an act of love.

Did the terrorist hurt us, yes. They also made us stronger as a people.  It brought us together like nothing else could have.  Take that gift of love and share it with your family and friends… It’s my way of honoring those who have given every thing on that 11th day in September…

Our laws have changed a bit, the Patriot Act, allowing our government to take away any civil rights we thought we still had.  I like that, though I hope never to be classified as a Terrorist.  These “terrorists” some would say are linked to our own government allowing it to happen. Some even say they created the situation to control future events.  Our lives are changed as airport security now can scan our bodies and see us nude on the screens they have.  Searching adults and little children in X rated ways.

Here we are 10 years later still paying for this terrorist act.  If anything came out of 9-11 it wasn’t us changing our minds about terrorists.  We are still united against that, though there are a few well meaning trying to protect evil peoples rights to harm the innocent. As a Native American I know our prayers to protect us from the Well Meaning have gone unheard.

I ask all the spirits, and Nations that love us to bless us all with discernment so we can see what is true and what isn’t.  To guide out path as a nation to enjoy our freedoms without taking what is not ours. For us all to be protected and those who would harm us to fail in the attempt.  May the victims families find comfort in knowing their loved ones brought us together as a nation. In a good and powerful way I ask that this be so.

Walks With Thunder

Power of Love


The power of Love, songs are written about it, poems too.  For all that this biggest feeling we can ever feel is still not expressed in such a way that we can all agree on what it is.  When love is returned in the same measure it its given that is magical.  People who see a couple that much in love enjoy being there to have that power validated. I used to say that being with Iris was the best feeling in the world. The air was fresher, the sun light warmer, food tasted better, joy was created just by being together. That was a rare feeling for me.  I had only experienced it with Iris, then Lily, and now Red Rose.  Each time that power is bigger, lasts longer, has more magic to it.  Having loved deeply before my heart is able to love even more deeply now.

Those of us who have loved more than once, carry the scars of past love with us. Some would call those abuse triggers.  There are wounds I would heal with the passage of time or perhaps the certain knowledge that I am loved beyond measure. The feeling of being abandoned or not good enough to have this blessing in my life called love. It’s a self-destructive thing we all do at one time or another. Holding ourselves back from feeling the true power of love.  To be able to love like our hearts had never been broken, sounds like a country song, yet it is a true thing.  In order to have this epic magical love we have to overcome those feelings of doubt, low self-esteem, and fear.  Fear has no place in a loving relationship. The great thing about this is we get to choose what serves us and what doesn’t   We can choose to let that negativity that holds us back go.  What are you choosing right now? To be alone, to not engage your heart fully, to have fear that holds you back, to let low self-esteem keep you from having this magical love.  I love those old sayings, there is a lid for every pot, love is blind, I am in love with a fool isn’t it great! I love you warts and all.

Puget Sound, view from Tacoma WA

Meditation about love. My thoughts about twin flames


Meditation of the Day – September 28

“Love is something that you can leave behind you when you die. It’s that
–John (Fire) Lame Deer, ROSEBUD LAKOTA (more…)

Changing the weather 101


As many of you have noticed our weather has been changing on its own.  If we can believe a man who claims to have invented the internet, our planet is in trouble.  Our recent category 5 Hurricanes and record numbers of tornadoes as well as record high temperatures would all seem to support a growing trend that could actually make me believe a politician could be right about the weather.  Then again I am not used to trusting that sort of person and can take care of the weather with the help of my friends.  Sorry did I forget to tell you I am a modern Shaman.  I change the weather all the time, as long as it helps the people.

Last October I had an interview for a local paper in the Puget Sound area of North Western Washington and while chatting on the phone with the interviewer I told her that Hurricane Rita would be a category 5 at sea, 2 when it hit land and a 1 when it was over any cities. A week later that is exactly what happened.  How do I do that you say, I ask the spirit of the weather to cooperate with me that’s how. You see in my world everything has a spirit.  In your world too, sometimes you even notice it, ever had a car with a name?  Did someone you know name their favorite tool?  Boats often have names as well, I bet you have even talked to your car or boat asking it to cooperate with you at times.

To ask the spirit of the weather to cooperate with you is an easy thing.  Now some folks will tell you that you need a blanket, music, blind fold and have to lay down.  Those are the same people who claim to have invented remote viewing. What I am going to share with you in a simple way is what Shaman all over the world have done for 30,000 years or more.  I learned this in a dream, and you don’t need any props to do it.  Many of my students do this waiting in line at the grocery store or at the dentist office.

Take a deep breath or three and frame what kind of weather you want to ask for in your mind.  Close your eyes or keep them open your call here.  In your mind’s eye imagine that you are talking to the spirit of whatever weather you want in your area.  Then ask them politely to change the weather to what you want it to be. Be specific about when and how this change should be, August 19th at 10:00 a.m. I would like no rain in Tacoma, WA. This should happen in a good way and last until 6:00 p.m.  Usually I ask the Thunder Nation to give me a hand with this sort of thing, I see them as a storm cloud over the ocean or as a Native Warrior, and sometimes as a Thunderbird with lighting flashing from its eyes.

When I was new at this weather control ability I had a friend in Canada email me and ask for my help, here is a copy of her email:

To: WalksWithThunder; Gray Buzzard; Can’t dance (Their names changed, mine is the same)

Subject: Kelowna fires

Hi Shamanic friends:

My friend in Kelowna tells me they lost another 200 homes last night to fire.  On a suggestion from her shaman in town (his name is Preben) I did a journey last night to help calm down the fire and the wind.  It went well in my journey but all it did was change directions.  At least that’s good it’s blowing east now away from the city but it’s still almost 75 km/hr in places and is fueled by the fire.  I wonder if we all do a journey to calm the wind and fire if that will help?


What happened next was unthinkable to me.  These other two folks are Shamanic Practioners and they said they would not be able to help because of the butterfly effect.  Sorry wrong answer, Shaman are here to help the people.  When people are losing their homes, I as a shaman should help if I can.  In this case my friend had permission to ask for outside help from a local Shaman.  These two wanna be’s couldn’t see past political correctness to do their duty as Shaman.  I replied, sure I can help, we Natives have been changing the weather for thousands of years, if we had a charter it would be in there, Shaman change the weather for  the good of the people and nature.

I did the exercise above, closed my eyes and saw a black storm cloud over the ocean.  I called out to the Thunder Nation and asked them to have pity on these poor Canadians and put out the fire.  They answered in my mind saying we can and will help in four days.  I then had an idea that I should ask the spirit of the fire to have pity on these poor Canadians and stop burning down their homes.  Behind me I felt heat, as though from a hot oven.  I turned around and there was a large human made of black rock, he had orange cracks in the join areas that spit fire and smoldered.  He sat down and I sat across from him.  He said in my mind, “if you are brave enough I will do as you ask.”  A shiver of fear ran down my spine, as this guy was about 8 feet tall and looked like he could break me in half with one hand.  I looked at him closely and noticed he had what looked like a sword handle pointing towards me.  A stray thought told me this was what he used to keep the fire going and spreading.  On impulse I grabbed this handle and took his weapon away from him.  He looked at me in a slightly disappointed way, as he didn’t get to break me in half, and walked away.  I knew I had passed his bravery test.  In four days there was a cloud burst over the area that put out the fire in 30 minutes.  10,000 Canadians were able to return to their homes.

Shamanic Blessings, More power effortlessly


Shamanic Blessings

I have noticed from the feed back I get that an interesting thing is going on with my Shamanic Blessings. As a Native American I know that the Grandfather and Grandmother spirits surround us all the time. Our spiritual belief that all our relations that have passed on before us are still hanging around watching over us, guiding and helping us along our life path. Usually after I call the 7 directions and my favorite nations and say the blessing, it takes 4 to 7 days for a result. Though there is also a chance nothing at all will happen as divine will or divine law says not at this time or not ever. (more…)

My thoughts about twin flames


“Love is something that you can leave behind you when you die. It’s that powerful.”

–John (Fire) Lame Deer, ROSEBUD LAKOTA

The Old Ones say, love is all anyone needs. Love doesn’t go away nor can

love be divided. Once you commit an act of love, you’ll find it continues.

Love is like setting up dominos one behind the other. Once you hit the first

domino, it will touch the second one which will touch the third one and so

on. Every love act or love thought has an affect on each person as well as

touching the whole world. If you live a life filled with love, the results

will affect your friends, relatives and other people, even after you go to

the other side. So… Love.

My Creator, let me love. Let me put into action the love dominos.

Don Coyhis

I know that love is the most powerful thing we do as humans. It’s not science, art or war, its love. It has the power to lift us up and make us more than we are or were. To give us courage to go on when a sane person would quit and just die. Yes I do think a person in love is not sane, who would walk in the rain and not even notice but a person who has lost all senses.

We write books about love, make movies, and tell our stories, best of all we love that feeling of being in love. For me holding hands while walking together, a sweet kiss that lives in my memories, the curve of her face, the way her hair catches the light, the sound of her voice, seeing her again just makes you fall more in love with this angel of your heart… sigh. .

Love can also be the most painful thing you will ever leave behind. I know that you take this love with you when you cross over to the other side. It’s one of the few things we get to keep. Ever notice when you meet someone and you instantly feel one way or another about them. That is a past life partner, for good for ill, you recognize each other’s souls and act accordingly.

The soul mate, twin flame, ideas are about love so strong the word love alone cannot describe the in tenseness of the love you feel. Being connected on a soul level or even beyond a soul level. Think about this, in love with a person from a past life time and this one too, having a deep memory of loving them. Combine that with loving them this lifetime and you have an even stronger connection. Just being in the room with them is powerful, they don’t even have to touch you and your happy happy.

The twin flame connection is so powerful it usually doesn’t last, though it can if you put effort into it. It can come at the wrong time in your life to handle its intensity, ride this out, it’s worth it! I feel it’s a taste of what our relationships are like on the other side. We get a taste of heaven from that relationship. When its over we mourn its loss like a death of a beloved family member. Would I pass up that experience, no way, would I do it again, oh if only I could, YES!

May the creator bless us with a love that comes at the right time, which fulfills our needs and exceeds our dreams. May it come in a good but powerful way.

One who has healed his own heart

Walks With Thunder

Cooking up Cooperation


My world is filled with Psychic Fairs, Expos, and scheduling individual appointments. My work as a Non-Traditional Shaman is spiritual work; however, there is a necessary business side to that in order to live. I was doing a fair a bit west of Seattle. Even though I hesitated for 4 months before I actually participated. I started this doing this fair in 2007 (Guess I just wasn’t listening to my inner voice very well…) However, there was something about this fair that wasn’t quite right, but I told myself it was a new way to advertise and went ahead anyway.

The “deal” was the problem: The person who coordinated the fair (paid only a nominal advertising fee to run a paragraph advertisement and rent for the space) charged me and the other Readers 50% of each client’s payment for service. Not only that, she set my rate much lower than usual. I felt like I was devaluing myself. True, I agreed to this “sharecropper” status. Even worse, when I started marketing my DVD I agreed to another $25 fee, as I was technically a Vendor as well as a Reader. The person who put on the fair automatically made $25 more than I did every time I simply walked into the fair. As if that was not bad enough, all the while taking advantage of my personal advertising and name recognition in the area and not even listening to my request to change the system.

Yes, I am stubborn and outspoken (I have been criticized for the “sharecropper” terminology), but sometimes this works for me. Therefore, with very few regular fairs in my area, I had little choice in the matter if I wanted routine income. So, I put up with these state of affairs for about five months, otherwise the options were: Do these fairs or no fairs that month. Finally, I listened to my inner voice and stopped going. Something had to change.

Right about the same time, my dear friend had also started doing a fair put on by one of the spiritual publications in our area. Go figure- the person who put on that fair also subscribed to the same model (why people think its ok to take financial advantage of psychics because someone else does) makes no sense to me. My friend was upset at the way she was being treated, like a non-important person, whose ideas were insignificant. She was so upset, she didn’t want to do the fair any more however, she didn’t have another source of income for that weekend. I said, “We are just going to have to have our own fair.”

As a diamond is formed from coal, under intense pressure, our Magical Pathways Fair was born in much the same way. We hatched a plan to go to four locations and ask about renting the space for our fairs. In 24 hours we had four locations for our fairs. Now since Terri and I had both felt we had no say in the fairs we had participated in, it was important to us that each person in our fair have a voice. As a Co-Op, each of us owns the Magical Pathways Fair. Each of us is responsible for advertising (together we comprise a 1/3 page advertisement), each of us helps with setup, and each of us gathers Readers to our fairs. As with all good things, they take on a life of their own. In just four days we had 20 readers who wanted to participate.

Now the Co-Op efforts didn’t go unnoticed by the other fair coordinators. In fact, one of our members was sending our group’s private emails to them. Oddly, they didn’t contact me directly even though they had my phone number and email address from the emails (though they did say things directly to me in the email that wasn’t addressed to me). I later saw that they said they felt “slapped in the face” and “punched in the gut.” Since I had not sent them these emails but instead simply coordinated a fair with my friend, my response was, “Whoever is sending this information to them is sending them negative energy, as they feel slapped and punched. That negative energy has a way of sticking to a person, perhaps they should stop that.”

I share this because it’s important to know that doing your own fair creates challenges for others and they will respond in kind. For the folks around here who ran local fairs before we started Magical Pathways, it seems they felt a tad guilty and wanted a sort of hold harmless agreement. My use of “sharecropper” terminology inflamed a few to the point that there was a page and a half of response floating around for a while… I would have thought that someone who puts on a spiritual fair would have the moxie to contact me directly if what I said/did bothers them. Instead, this person actually tried to defend taking 50% of the Readers’ fees and setting the Readers’ prices- likening themselves to “realtors” and saying that we were really paying for a service (which by the way is typically 4% rather than 50%). They also contacted our advertisers and tried to discourage them from advertising our fair. Oh my.

It’s true, I use a steamroller when I create a path to get where I’m going. If you’re going to go do a thing, why be timid when you do it? Do it big. I see our Co-Op fairs as being a blow for psychic freedom. Psychics are a gift from the universe to our communities and should be respected and taken care of, not taken advantage of. A month after Terri and I promoted Magical Pathways on our show,, we had an inquiry from New Jersey and New York asking about putting on a fair like ours over there. Again, good things take a life of their own!

Terri C and I offered to share all our information with them and be associated with them. We shared a few phone calls, looked over the process they had, fixed a few little problems, and advised them to remove a problem member who was slowing the whole process down to a glacial crawl (had they followed that person’s advice they would maybe had a fair by October even though it was late April). After cutting away the micro-manager, they now have a Magical Pathways Fair scheduled in June. That Group from New Jersey inspired another group in Sacramento and they too have a fair scheduled to start in June. And so on and so on…

Here’s a recipe to start your own Magical Pathways Co-Op:

1. Gather a need for more “fair” Fairs.
2. Mix Tarot Readers, Psychics, Energy Healers.
3. Vigorously sprinkle with financial equality and shared decision making.
4. Add 3T frugal advertising.
5. Stir 1c. (heaping) of creativity.
6. Pour in 8oz. of confidence.
7. Blend well and check for lumps that slow down the process. Remove lumps right away, or they may delay or abort a great outcome.
8. Add 7 large, warrior Thunder spirits to give it some backbone and kick some blocks out of the way, it’s what they do for me.

Our Fairs are like a Diamond in the rough. My vision for our Magical Pathways CoOp is to go Nation/worldwide in a good way. Each of our associate CoOp groups working with each other- throwing off the financial oppressors and (Can ya hear the national anthem here?) striking a blow for psychic freedom everywhere! We have a web site for our fairs

If you like the idea of having your own CoOp send us an email, give us a call. We would love to help you get started! It’s easier than they want you to know…

Walks With Thunder

Getting out of the way.


Sounds easy sometimes- to just let things happen as they should. And yet… we want to jump in and “help” things along for ourselves and those we love. I do that. In fact I’ve always thought I should step-in when someone I love needs a hand with relationships, healing, and life in general. But the miracles happen when I just let the old ego and agenda of self fall away- come what may…

A dear friend of mine told me, “Just bless the situation for the best outcome for everyone and let it be.” At the time I wanted to say “Easy for you to say!” I thought about the advice though- it sounded strangely like that releasing technique I teach for addictions, habits, negative self-talk, etc. Having a warrior spirit, when family or friends are wronged I instinctively get out my spiritual war gear and get ready to kick some serious behind. But the Angels have been telling me Not so fast… “Choose love in every thing.” Talk about not easy! I have been doing my best to switch gears and choose love, even in those difficult moments where I feel I should come to the rescue. When I can choose to respond with kindness (or love) instead of power and command, I am practicing love. It’s a conscious shift for me… I’m a work in progress.

My apprentices have noticed this difference- some of them are used to the warrior spirit kicking butt or calling in Grandfather and Thunder Spirits’ discipline, so they see it as a sign of weakness… I say it’s a sign of power to consciously choose love, though this should not be confused with indecision (been there). In fact, to choose love is powerful and good for everyone. I admit- being a warrior is the only choice when you’re faced with irrational, unreasonable, emotionally unstable, or just plain mean people… Yeah baby, my lightning bolts are ready!

The folks that listen to my blog talk radio show have noticed too, saying Walks With Thunder seems softer now, more approachable… It’s true- most of the time. I don’t do so much of that discipline stuff anymore- the Angels have begun to change me. It’s a time of self-discovery and spiritual re-invention for me. I admit, for a while there my mind was going north while my spirit headed south… My usually confident self was confused and it was difficult to make a decisions. I found myself in the Land of Waffling (that’s that place of indecision I warned you about earlier).

Looking at my own life as though it were someone else’s put everything into perspective- to let go of my feelings and personal interests and remind me that this work is not about me. The free energy I tap into heals folks in 5 minutes or less and sticks around to keep them healed- it’s not my omnipotent power, I’m just the conduit. This transition in my life is an important reminder to get out of my own darn way, cut that which does not serve me, look at my life from the outside, and take time to listen to Spirit… It’s all good. And you know, those same apprentices now say that Walks With Thunder is back!

May you be blessed to make the decisions that make sense in your life- to let go of the judgments that you perceive others hold for you so that you stop saying “should,” “can’t,” “won’t,” “never,” and “always.” May love for yourself and others bless you with clarity of Spirit.

Walks With Thunder

Choose Love Now


Some say a new year is a new beginning. I know that on my spiritual path there are many beginnings and endings that have nothing to do with the calendar. A couple years ago in January (my personal power month), I began seeing Fairies. Last January, I began seeing Angels and Michael himself gave me messages. This year… who knows what January will bring! As with each of you, I am a work in progress. I love that! My path always has something new… and that means I am still learning all the time. (more…)

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