It’s the Holiday Season


The holidays are almost here. I can feel magic gathering in the air, its like an expectant electricity waiting for someone to focus it.  The weather seems to be showing off, sunshine, snow, wind, rain, and my favorite Thunder and lightning.  Today I am listening to the sound of rain on the roof as I gather my thoughts for you.  Sharing this time together, passing on life lessons and metaphysical happenings.

I have noticed many movements in the house these past few weeks.  Movement, colors, shapes crossing my field of vision.  The fairies and Angels that gather at my house just to keep me company, letting me know they are just within reach.  Sometimes tickling my fingers as type or glowing from my shirt pocket in the closet. I love this season of magic.

Do you believe in the spirit of Christmas? How about the magic of the holiday spirit? I remember being a boy of or so waiting for Santa Clause.  My family was poor, our presents few, but the joy of those Christmas mornings was and still is a bright light in my memories.  You see I didn’t know we were poor.  My three sisters and I gathered round the lit tree.  Those big lights, with tinsel sparkling, the smell of a real tree my dad had cut from the forest.  A magical time.  Christmas dreams of toys and candy.  Much has changed these days. LED lights and artificial trees. Electronic gifts and games, fancy candies.  It’s a long way from that little boy I once was.  I am sure your memories of Christmas past are just as bright to you.  Though there are some who don’t have bright memories.

The holiday season, I was once told, has the highest rate of suicide than any other time of the year.  Yes crime and abuse still go on.  Yet there is still that element of magic in the air.  Having the vision to see Angels, Fairies and spirits, also allows me to see the magical sparkle that surrounds us all.  Have you noticed how many Holiday Ghost stories there are?  I once had an old book that had so many holiday ghost stories in it.  I got it for Christmas from one of my sisters.

Have been planning a trip to Disney World to see the holiday decorations there.  It’s a magical place any time of the year but this will be my 1st time there during the holidays.  It has something to do with children’s dreams and the fantasy that the inner child of the adults that go there bring to it.  Yes I know its commercialization at its best, yet it still brings with it a pure magic one can’t explain.  However it’s created or attracted it’s there waiting for us if we allow it into our lives. Magic.

We just had a fun event 11-11-11 though its really 11-11-2011 not quite as powerful as 1st presented.  I think that the power of 11 is really the power of 2.  It’s such a romantic number, a couple, a pair a duo, a twosome.  Then what would three twosomes mean? Actually three twosomes and a pair as that 2 in the 20 still counts for 2. Four pair, in the Native American way four is a sacred number representing the 4 directions and pair for each direction.  I love that.  Romance no matter which way you turn.

Here in the North West where I have lived since 1980 we have our own Christmas songs. Brenda Whites, Christmas in the Northwest, is my all-time favorite.  When I am away from the Northwest I miss those songs we have here.  When I was in LA they has some great old songs. All I want for Christmas is a hippopotamus. The movie tunes from White Christmas, My friend Debbie Vicarie’s version of Santa Baby, you can find her on YouTube.

I love the parties at this time of year.  I used to have a Ginger Bread house party every year I was married.  The food the creation of fun.  Making cookies, and cooking things I saw on Food TV.  Just something about fudge and cookies that makes me feel it’s the holidays!  Alton Brown has a brined Turkey recipe that is just awesome! His prime Rib is also a favorite of mine for New years!

My point, embrace the magic of the season. Understand the commercialization of the holidays and love it anyway. Create a bright memories with your friends and family. See the magic that children bring to the season. Take in the music, the sounds, and the sights and let that magic grow with in your spirit.  Don’t just have a merry Christmas, hold the spirit of the season in your heart.   Be generous if you can and give a poor child a gift, it may be the only one they get.  Remember friends absent and present.  Add that special magic of your own to a season of magic.

May your holidays be all that you could wish for and more.

Walks With Thunder

A Paranormal Season is upon us! Enjoy it!!


Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!

This time of year the spirits that be make themselves known.  For those of us that see spirits and even those that are only aware of them, it’s a fun time.  These first few weeks of October have had me seeing fairies and such around the house.  Red fairies, White Angels, ultra bright Thunder spirits hanging around.  Haven’t seen a dark spirit in years, knock wood (taps forehead).

Had a visit from the Sand Man 1st week of October.  I was waking up and then my conscious self left my body for a view of the ceiling looking down on my body as I was getting up.  Then a large Sea Shell of dark brown with light brown spots materialized over my body it was about  ft long 3 ft around. It gently bounced on my body and I was asleep again. I woke up when the phone rang, answered my call hung up and that shell came back bounced on me again. Back to sleep for a while.  This happened a few times that morning, answering the phone and going back to sleep.  Finally got out of bed about 11:45 AM.  Wiped the sand from my eyes and got my day going!

Life is good to me.  I have an income that doesn’t care about 9 to 5 hours.  So I can have a visit from the sand man and still make a living.  Not everyone is fortunate to live like I do, I am blessed.  I have time for those magical questions.  Like is the Sand Man real, Do Fairies exist, if those exist do Dragons exist?  Yes I know for a fact Fairies exist.  Fact Angels exist, as do Fallen Angels.  Dark Spirits exist, so do light ones. I haven’t seen a dragon yet but I am open to it.  Haven’t seen an ET but I don’t really want to either.  If I did though it would probably be in this energized time between October 1st and January 3rd.

Maybe it’s the energy the holiday season brings.  Folks anticipating, dreaming of the holidays puts extra energy in the air.  It’s like the feeling I have when I go to Disneyland or Disney World, its magic about to happen.  This spiritual time is ripe for paranormal experiences.  Some folks go out and visit graveyards or tell scary stories. Playful spirit and some that are not hangout in graveyards, and may come home with you if you’re not careful.  My ex-wife Laura said I wasn’t allowed to go to graveyards ever as things love to follow me home.  Did you know that on a daily basis we all pass by areas when people have died recently?  Look along the streets and highways and you will find little memorial sites to those that died there.  Traffic accidents create those little reminders someone died there.  That someone may yet linger there.  I can see them when they do, others feel the presence of those passed on. This time of year that energy gets stronger.

I dislike that feeling of being watched.  Used to get it when I was in the forest, gazing out at a clearing or creek. Knowing something was watching me, something with intelligence.  Back then I hadn’t embraced my Shamanic gifts, so I couldn’t see them.  Quite often those intelligent beings are surprised to find me looking back at them.  When caught they slink off out of sight.  That’s OK with me, lets me know they are cowards, choosing only those that can’t look back to bother.

If you’re bothered by spirits or some paranormal being, the best thing to say is…. I do not worship you, let me pass.  It’s got respect and it’s kind of spunky too as it lets them know you’re not buying whatever they are selling.  My little Apprentices from 7 to 12 like to say, Walks With Thunder is gonna kick your butt if you bother me.  Oddly that works too.  For some not all, saying the Sheppard’s prayer works.  I like the part Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear not for I am the badest thing out here. Evil had better run or I am gonna kick it’s a$$.  OK that’s the way I say it. I still like that prayer.

It’s a funny thing that we are not told or taught in bible study that because we have a divine spark of life within us we ourselves are powerful and can defeat evil spirits with that divine spark of light within us.  We just have to have faith that our creators protection is there and it will be.

Enjoy this season of holidays,  Look for the magic and the spirits that surround this time of year.  Embrace the magic of you and the power of love.  May you be blessed to have more than you need and not want for anything.

Walks With Thunder

Shamanic Blessings, More power effortlessly


Shamanic Blessings

I have noticed from the feed back I get that an interesting thing is going on with my Shamanic Blessings. As a Native American I know that the Grandfather and Grandmother spirits surround us all the time. Our spiritual belief that all our relations that have passed on before us are still hanging around watching over us, guiding and helping us along our life path. Usually after I call the 7 directions and my favorite nations and say the blessing, it takes 4 to 7 days for a result. Though there is also a chance nothing at all will happen as divine will or divine law says not at this time or not ever. (more…)

We Live in A magical world


We Live in a Magical World

By, Walks With Thunder

As we walk though life we filter out so much of it. It is theorized that our eyes take in 80,000 pieces of information and sift that down to 20,000 useable pieces of information. I suppose it’s like the sense of smell, if a fragrance is there long enough we don’t notice it anymore. We are used to not seeing the magical and wonderful in our lives that we don’t actually notice when it’s right in front of us. When we do notice we just explain it away. (more…)

Magic is in the Air and Everywhere


love this time of year… Love is in the air. It’s own magic indeed. Valentine’s Day is a happy day for some. Those who are in love (or think they are) celebrate this day. Those of us that want to be in love or who’ve just come out of a relationship maybe wish we were (in love) and feel just a little left out. It’s an event alright- just ask the retailers. We have special candy, cards, flowers and other trinkets or gifts just for this one day- all in the name of showing someone we care (in a commercial kind of way). (more…)

Prosperity blessing One Spirit Journal


Walks With Thunder

Most of us want prosperity. We try all kinds of things to attract it, even Feng Shui. I have heard of folks putting coins in the corners of their home to attract monetary prosperity. There are some who say changing the position of furniture in a room can make that happen as well. Of course, you can always pay a few hundred dollars and buy the latest secret of prosperity on late-night TV. * This year I even gave myself a prosperity blessing. (more…)

Energy Shielding Made Easy


By, Walks With Thunder

If there were an Easy Button™ for shamanism, it would have my name on it. Sometimes it is a disappointment to those who expect me to have them suffer through a test or ritual to feel worthy. A Vision Quest is not required; nor a stay on a mountain for four days with only a knife and blanket. I am non-traditional, and by that I mean I don’t do many rituals. My way is as easy and powerful as dreaming. I learned how to create an Energy Shield in the Dreamtime. (more…)

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