Febuary 14th 2012


February 14th,

I love this time of year, the flowers, hearts, candy! Oh yes Love too, knowing it’s a manufactured holiday for retail sales.  We still buy into it, movies, songs, gifts, candy, and doing things that say I love you to that special some one.

Being Shaman I see things others don’t.  Perhaps its because I am open to that part of life.  Most folks just go about their day missing the magic that just is.  Fairies, little people, lights, glows and flashes all around us.  Of course there is the dark side to that but it doesn’t come round me anymore.  Its good to be Shaman! I see the magic of love, not going to settle for less than a twin flame.  Having had three in my life time I am optimistic about there being a fourth.

How did I get three your wondering.  I said a blessing after my divorce papers were signed.  To have the woman of my dreams come and love me.  There is so much wrong with that blessing.  I wasn’t specific enough.  Didn’t say to come and love me the rest of my life, or say the best woman of my dreams as dreams is plural…. So three came to me in the space of about 4 months.  Talk about trouble and bliss..

The really hard part of that was having to chose one of them.  Imagine having three people that meet your needs, inspire you to be more than you are with out them.  Each one a goddess.  Choosing a twin flame from three is very difficult as your going to hurt two some ones.  My heart was confused and I chose poorly.  Perhaps I should have gone with the one that had the most passion, or the one with the most sexual energy, or the sweetest disposition, or the smartest.

Twin Flames are magical, they can join you in your dreams and remember. They know what your thinking and doing.  Even in Las Vegas so what you do there is known to them. The magic of merging your spirits from a distance, feeling a kiss or caress even though they aren’t around.  So much loving energy that the people around you are happy because your in love.  The food tastes better, the air is sweeter, colors are brighter and the sexual energy between you is off the charts powerful.

Having had that and more, I can’t settle for less than a twin flame. A regular romance just won’t do it for me.  For those of you in those regular every day romances, I say, Good for you.  Enjoy it, savor it, cherish it because for you that is the best you have ever done. Not reaching the heights of the twin flame relationship is a blessing.  You have no idea what your missing so the bar is set low and happiness is attained.  Talk about blissfully ignorant!

Those of you that know me on Facebook see my beautiful friends and wonder if I am seeing one of them.  Nope am single, just being beautiful isn’t enough to satisfy me anymore, there has to be that magic of who they are, and who we are together. The chemistry that doesn’t end, even now I love my twin flames though at a distance.  They have a piece of my heart and I theirs.  Some times they visit me in my dreams and that is enough for now.  One day though my fourth twin flame will walk into my life and that will be a day that inspires me the rest of my life.

My advice, having bungled my romantic life isn’t worth much.  Here it is anyway, love with your whole heart no holding back.  Say “I love you!” and mean it.  Kiss like it’s the very last time you will ever kiss her because it may very well be your last kiss so make it worth remembering. Don’t let the small stuff get in the way of the biggest feeling you will ever have.

A Touch of Love


Just a few minutes ago while i was watching a DVD, I felt a hand on the top of my head. Remarkable only because I am at home alone with my dogs.  It was familiar, like someone I loved playing with my hair, making it twirl and gently scratching the top of my head.  I didn’t ask who it was, didn’t turn around to see them, and just enjoyed it for about four minutes.  Feeling like I was in love again, important to some one that cared about me.

There is so much spirit energy this month and it’s still building.  My phantom lover is gone now, I guess not she’s back.  Feeling her fingers in my hair again.  I just asked who are you, come to me show yourself.  Still feeling her fingers in my hair but no sign or sight of her other than that.  I guess it could be a twin flame reaching through time to give me love again.  I do know some very magical women.

I miss two of them very much.  Over the years they and I have grown apart.  It’s a thing that happens when someone is as busy as I was. Getting my TV pilots going, teaching classes, and traveling so much.  There is a strange thing that happens to the friends I knew.  Some of them get envious of what I have done. Being on TV, having a number 1 radio show with 45K listeners. That makes negative energy and they start to say things about me that make them feel better about who they are and what they haven’t done yet. Writing a book about Magical love doesn’t make your reputation higher. It’s taking longer than I thought as I keep getting distracted with the research.

That sort of reputation doesn’t attract your old friends to come on by and say hi.  Some feel guilty about what back stabbing they did, or unworthy about how they treated me.  When the universe sends me a touch of love it just makes me sad to remember those that I loved the most were turned away by those small petty people that used to call themselves my friends. For some odd reason my success made my so called friends feel small, it hurt them to see the power I walk with.  Rumors, negative energy, envy, all conspire to change what could have been an epic romance into just a magical memory.

I call the grandfather and grandmother spirits, and all the nations that love me.  I ask them to give this blessing to me and others like me that are missing our twin flame.  To have that flame know we love them and would welcome them back into our lives. To clear away all that negative energy made by others and ourselves, and leave only a clear path for us to follow to an epic romance.  I ask that those that have loved deeply have their hearts mended so they can love even more deeply than ever before. I ask that those that feel hurt, that spread rumors, that can’t take the high road be forgiven so they can move on.  In a great and powerful way I ask that the blessing I should have given be given. I thank the nations and spirits gathered.

It’s the Holiday Season


The holidays are almost here. I can feel magic gathering in the air, its like an expectant electricity waiting for someone to focus it.  The weather seems to be showing off, sunshine, snow, wind, rain, and my favorite Thunder and lightning.  Today I am listening to the sound of rain on the roof as I gather my thoughts for you.  Sharing this time together, passing on life lessons and metaphysical happenings.

I have noticed many movements in the house these past few weeks.  Movement, colors, shapes crossing my field of vision.  The fairies and Angels that gather at my house just to keep me company, letting me know they are just within reach.  Sometimes tickling my fingers as type or glowing from my shirt pocket in the closet. I love this season of magic.

Do you believe in the spirit of Christmas? How about the magic of the holiday spirit? I remember being a boy of or so waiting for Santa Clause.  My family was poor, our presents few, but the joy of those Christmas mornings was and still is a bright light in my memories.  You see I didn’t know we were poor.  My three sisters and I gathered round the lit tree.  Those big lights, with tinsel sparkling, the smell of a real tree my dad had cut from the forest.  A magical time.  Christmas dreams of toys and candy.  Much has changed these days. LED lights and artificial trees. Electronic gifts and games, fancy candies.  It’s a long way from that little boy I once was.  I am sure your memories of Christmas past are just as bright to you.  Though there are some who don’t have bright memories.

The holiday season, I was once told, has the highest rate of suicide than any other time of the year.  Yes crime and abuse still go on.  Yet there is still that element of magic in the air.  Having the vision to see Angels, Fairies and spirits, also allows me to see the magical sparkle that surrounds us all.  Have you noticed how many Holiday Ghost stories there are?  I once had an old book that had so many holiday ghost stories in it.  I got it for Christmas from one of my sisters.

Have been planning a trip to Disney World to see the holiday decorations there.  It’s a magical place any time of the year but this will be my 1st time there during the holidays.  It has something to do with children’s dreams and the fantasy that the inner child of the adults that go there bring to it.  Yes I know its commercialization at its best, yet it still brings with it a pure magic one can’t explain.  However it’s created or attracted it’s there waiting for us if we allow it into our lives. Magic.

We just had a fun event 11-11-11 though its really 11-11-2011 not quite as powerful as 1st presented.  I think that the power of 11 is really the power of 2.  It’s such a romantic number, a couple, a pair a duo, a twosome.  Then what would three twosomes mean? Actually three twosomes and a pair as that 2 in the 20 still counts for 2. Four pair, in the Native American way four is a sacred number representing the 4 directions and pair for each direction.  I love that.  Romance no matter which way you turn.

Here in the North West where I have lived since 1980 we have our own Christmas songs. Brenda Whites, Christmas in the Northwest, is my all-time favorite.  When I am away from the Northwest I miss those songs we have here.  When I was in LA they has some great old songs. All I want for Christmas is a hippopotamus. The movie tunes from White Christmas, My friend Debbie Vicarie’s version of Santa Baby, you can find her on YouTube.

I love the parties at this time of year.  I used to have a Ginger Bread house party every year I was married.  The food the creation of fun.  Making cookies, and cooking things I saw on Food TV.  Just something about fudge and cookies that makes me feel it’s the holidays!  Alton Brown has a brined Turkey recipe that is just awesome! His prime Rib is also a favorite of mine for New years!

My point, embrace the magic of the season. Understand the commercialization of the holidays and love it anyway. Create a bright memories with your friends and family. See the magic that children bring to the season. Take in the music, the sounds, and the sights and let that magic grow with in your spirit.  Don’t just have a merry Christmas, hold the spirit of the season in your heart.   Be generous if you can and give a poor child a gift, it may be the only one they get.  Remember friends absent and present.  Add that special magic of your own to a season of magic.

May your holidays be all that you could wish for and more.

Walks With Thunder

Epidemic of Approach Avoidance syndrome


I hear this sad story all day long. “My love and I are constantly getting close and then we talk about commitment and a few days later they are gone for days or weeks. Then they come back and everything is fine for a while. Then we talk about commitment and that puts us back into this cycle again.”  Men and Women are both doing this behavior.  On the one had they want intimacy and on the other they avoid commitment.

Not communicating for days weeks and in some cases months. Then coming back into your life like nothing happened.  You bring it up and they agree to change and then can’t seem to change this odd behavior. They are attracted to you, say the right things, it’s wonderful when you’re together. However they leave after commitment is talked about.  I like to think it’s a learned behavior, which their parents had this behavior and now they are modeling it with you because it’s what they know.  They have no idea that this hurts you and lowers your confidence and self-esteem.  That your heart breaks a little more as they create this distance between you.

Something in their eyes, smile, attracts us like no other or we would tell these damaged dysfunctional butt heads to pack it up and move on.  Yet we hope that they will grow out of it, break the cycle and realize what a blessing it is to be together. That this sort of love is rare, worthwhile and enjoyable.  It’s almost like they are addicted and can’t stay away for too long before they come back.  We enjoy those little honey moons only to be left along again as the cycle of Approach Avoidance begins again.

In some cases the best idea is to walk away as it’s too painful and has gone on too long to stay in such a relationship.  In other cases it’s just beginning and is changeable as it’s not a set pattern.  They have to realize how important you are to them.  That try as they may they can’t walk away. Knowing that they must also realize that this sort of behavior can’t continue. It won’t be long till you lose interest, grow self-esteem or someone new enters your life and takes your breath away as well as your heart.  Usually during those times when they are avoiding you and your vulnerable to someone who has something nice to say to you.  Has no problem calling you or making you a priority in their day.  Its powerful stuff this thing called a “normal relationship”.

75% of my daily calls are about this problem. I usually recommend a blessing for them to come out of this cycle and realized the vulnerable position they are in.  No one wants to be in that cycle of approach avoidance.  Usually that person is a past life lover that your spirit recognized and crated an instant connection with you.  Then over time you create a soul mate relationship that bonds you together so you can’t leave the cycle as the feelings and spiritual connection are too strong to let go.  Talk about putting the D in dysfunctional!

I would never tell anyone to walk away from such a relationship.  Soul mates and twin flames are awesome and worth the trouble if you can save it.  To be with that one person that inspires you to love more deeply than ever before! Oh if only we could all have that in our lives.  Even the dysnfuctionality of the approach avoidance relationship, if it has the soul mate connection is worth the trouble of saving.  Even if you could walk away from it, which most can’t, you would regret it the rest of your life.

What to do about it.  Endure, release your negative energy around it, do things that nurture you.   In some cases you will need to disconnect your spirit, and heart so you can walk away. Last resort though.  My heart tells me not to give up and I always try to follow my heart.  Choose love in what you do.  Forgive that person as they are damaged goods, and can’t help this low self-esteem behavior they do.  Love is a gift, a past life, or soul mate relationship is a big gift from the universe.  Get counseling if you can, help them realize it’s a hurtful thing they do to you so they can stop abusing you in this way.

If you have tried everything and you still can’t get them to stop this behavior of approach avoidance then for your own self-esteem, self-love, and self-confidence. Then you’re going to have to consider letting them go.  A huge task, you have to be ready for it and given up all hope of them changing.  Its possible I can show you how to disconnect, and let go.  It’s a long process taking months and sometimes years. Knowing in your heart your worthwhile and you did everything you could helps.  May you be blessed with some one that loves you for who you are and who grows with you.  May the magic of love be yours.

Walks With Thunder.

Power of Love


The power of Love, songs are written about it, poems too.  For all that this biggest feeling we can ever feel is still not expressed in such a way that we can all agree on what it is.  When love is returned in the same measure it its given that is magical.  People who see a couple that much in love enjoy being there to have that power validated. I used to say that being with Iris was the best feeling in the world. The air was fresher, the sun light warmer, food tasted better, joy was created just by being together. That was a rare feeling for me.  I had only experienced it with Iris, then Lily, and now Red Rose.  Each time that power is bigger, lasts longer, has more magic to it.  Having loved deeply before my heart is able to love even more deeply now.

Those of us who have loved more than once, carry the scars of past love with us. Some would call those abuse triggers.  There are wounds I would heal with the passage of time or perhaps the certain knowledge that I am loved beyond measure. The feeling of being abandoned or not good enough to have this blessing in my life called love. It’s a self-destructive thing we all do at one time or another. Holding ourselves back from feeling the true power of love.  To be able to love like our hearts had never been broken, sounds like a country song, yet it is a true thing.  In order to have this epic magical love we have to overcome those feelings of doubt, low self-esteem, and fear.  Fear has no place in a loving relationship. The great thing about this is we get to choose what serves us and what doesn’t   We can choose to let that negativity that holds us back go.  What are you choosing right now? To be alone, to not engage your heart fully, to have fear that holds you back, to let low self-esteem keep you from having this magical love.  I love those old sayings, there is a lid for every pot, love is blind, I am in love with a fool isn’t it great! I love you warts and all.

Puget Sound, view from Tacoma WA

Meditation about love. My thoughts about twin flames


Meditation of the Day – September 28

“Love is something that you can leave behind you when you die. It’s that
–John (Fire) Lame Deer, ROSEBUD LAKOTA (more…)

My thoughts about twin flames


“Love is something that you can leave behind you when you die. It’s that powerful.”

–John (Fire) Lame Deer, ROSEBUD LAKOTA

The Old Ones say, love is all anyone needs. Love doesn’t go away nor can

love be divided. Once you commit an act of love, you’ll find it continues.

Love is like setting up dominos one behind the other. Once you hit the first

domino, it will touch the second one which will touch the third one and so

on. Every love act or love thought has an affect on each person as well as

touching the whole world. If you live a life filled with love, the results

will affect your friends, relatives and other people, even after you go to

the other side. So… Love.

My Creator, let me love. Let me put into action the love dominos.

Don Coyhis

I know that love is the most powerful thing we do as humans. It’s not science, art or war, its love. It has the power to lift us up and make us more than we are or were. To give us courage to go on when a sane person would quit and just die. Yes I do think a person in love is not sane, who would walk in the rain and not even notice but a person who has lost all senses.

We write books about love, make movies, and tell our stories, best of all we love that feeling of being in love. For me holding hands while walking together, a sweet kiss that lives in my memories, the curve of her face, the way her hair catches the light, the sound of her voice, seeing her again just makes you fall more in love with this angel of your heart… sigh. .

Love can also be the most painful thing you will ever leave behind. I know that you take this love with you when you cross over to the other side. It’s one of the few things we get to keep. Ever notice when you meet someone and you instantly feel one way or another about them. That is a past life partner, for good for ill, you recognize each other’s souls and act accordingly.

The soul mate, twin flame, ideas are about love so strong the word love alone cannot describe the in tenseness of the love you feel. Being connected on a soul level or even beyond a soul level. Think about this, in love with a person from a past life time and this one too, having a deep memory of loving them. Combine that with loving them this lifetime and you have an even stronger connection. Just being in the room with them is powerful, they don’t even have to touch you and your happy happy.

The twin flame connection is so powerful it usually doesn’t last, though it can if you put effort into it. It can come at the wrong time in your life to handle its intensity, ride this out, it’s worth it! I feel it’s a taste of what our relationships are like on the other side. We get a taste of heaven from that relationship. When its over we mourn its loss like a death of a beloved family member. Would I pass up that experience, no way, would I do it again, oh if only I could, YES!

May the creator bless us with a love that comes at the right time, which fulfills our needs and exceeds our dreams. May it come in a good but powerful way.

One who has healed his own heart

Walks With Thunder

Getting out of the way.


Sounds easy sometimes- to just let things happen as they should. And yet… we want to jump in and “help” things along for ourselves and those we love. I do that. In fact I’ve always thought I should step-in when someone I love needs a hand with relationships, healing, and life in general. But the miracles happen when I just let the old ego and agenda of self fall away- come what may…

A dear friend of mine told me, “Just bless the situation for the best outcome for everyone and let it be.” At the time I wanted to say “Easy for you to say!” I thought about the advice though- it sounded strangely like that releasing technique I teach for addictions, habits, negative self-talk, etc. Having a warrior spirit, when family or friends are wronged I instinctively get out my spiritual war gear and get ready to kick some serious behind. But the Angels have been telling me Not so fast… “Choose love in every thing.” Talk about not easy! I have been doing my best to switch gears and choose love, even in those difficult moments where I feel I should come to the rescue. When I can choose to respond with kindness (or love) instead of power and command, I am practicing love. It’s a conscious shift for me… I’m a work in progress.

My apprentices have noticed this difference- some of them are used to the warrior spirit kicking butt or calling in Grandfather and Thunder Spirits’ discipline, so they see it as a sign of weakness… I say it’s a sign of power to consciously choose love, though this should not be confused with indecision (been there). In fact, to choose love is powerful and good for everyone. I admit- being a warrior is the only choice when you’re faced with irrational, unreasonable, emotionally unstable, or just plain mean people… Yeah baby, my lightning bolts are ready!

The folks that listen to my blog talk radio show have noticed too, saying Walks With Thunder seems softer now, more approachable… It’s true- most of the time. I don’t do so much of that discipline stuff anymore- the Angels have begun to change me. It’s a time of self-discovery and spiritual re-invention for me. I admit, for a while there my mind was going north while my spirit headed south… My usually confident self was confused and it was difficult to make a decisions. I found myself in the Land of Waffling (that’s that place of indecision I warned you about earlier).

Looking at my own life as though it were someone else’s put everything into perspective- to let go of my feelings and personal interests and remind me that this work is not about me. The free energy I tap into heals folks in 5 minutes or less and sticks around to keep them healed- it’s not my omnipotent power, I’m just the conduit. This transition in my life is an important reminder to get out of my own darn way, cut that which does not serve me, look at my life from the outside, and take time to listen to Spirit… It’s all good. And you know, those same apprentices now say that Walks With Thunder is back!

May you be blessed to make the decisions that make sense in your life- to let go of the judgments that you perceive others hold for you so that you stop saying “should,” “can’t,” “won’t,” “never,” and “always.” May love for yourself and others bless you with clarity of Spirit.

Walks With Thunder

Choose Love Now


Some say a new year is a new beginning. I know that on my spiritual path there are many beginnings and endings that have nothing to do with the calendar. A couple years ago in January (my personal power month), I began seeing Fairies. Last January, I began seeing Angels and Michael himself gave me messages. This year… who knows what January will bring! As with each of you, I am a work in progress. I love that! My path always has something new… and that means I am still learning all the time. (more…)

Choose Love, the edited version almost ready for print


Jan Feb 2009
Some say a new year is a new beginning. I know that on my spiritual path there are many beginnings and endings that have nothing to do with the calendar. A couple years ago in January (my personal power month), I began seeing Fairies. Last January, I began seeing Angels and Michael himself gave me messages. This year… who knows what January will bring! As with each of you, I am a work in progress. I love that! My path always has something new… and that means I am still learning all the time. (more…)

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