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Hi Everyone,

I had a promotion over the summer for folks to write a short Essay about why they want to be an Apprentice in my program.  The fee is $250 per month.  The program can be completed in a year but most take 1.5 to two years to finish.  The prize for the best Essay is/was 1 month free in the Apprentice program.  We have one class weekly, at 10 AM PST 1 PM EST.  Apprentices call me twice a week to work on home work or how to apply the classes into daily life.  This program is not for everyone.  Real magic happens, and you’re making it happen.

The first 3 months are very difficult, and very magical.  There is a side effect that happens to apprentices, they become confident, that confidence touches every relationship they have.  Self Esteem grows, people that are in your life and don’t treat you well will fall away from your life as you won’t put up with that anymore.

I expect each apprentice to be a blessing in their community.   If you think you want to try this out then send me an Essay about why you want to be an Apprentice. I will be choosing folks for the next 30 days.   I just have to like what you have to say.  If you feel you can’t write well then send me an email and we can talk on the phone and you can talk to me about why you want to be an Apprentice.

May you be blessed with all you need and want in a good way.

Walks With Thunder

If you give an Apprentice some Fairy Dust….


If you give an Apprentice some Fairy dust…

Here I am at 49 just getting back to where I began as a child, seeing and believing in Fairies. Yes I am a confident man, in myself and my abilities. Why then should I want or even care that Fairies are real and in our world. Hope, is a good reason, that they are here gives me hope that humans have a chance to live in a world of peace and happiness. (more…)

A Blessing in my life


Spring time traditionally it’s a time of rebirth, growth. A sign from nature that the cycle of life begins again. Last year I began my apprentice program. My first apprentice Susan, Thunder Angel, has come so far from where she began. Talk about growth, in my time with her she has shown me how much a person who is motivated can do. (more…)

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