Just a few minutes ago while i was watching a DVD, I felt a hand on the top of my head. Remarkable only because I am at home alone with my dogs.  It was familiar, like someone I loved playing with my hair, making it twirl and gently scratching the top of my head.  I didn’t ask who it was, didn’t turn around to see them, and just enjoyed it for about four minutes.  Feeling like I was in love again, important to some one that cared about me.

There is so much spirit energy this month and it’s still building.  My phantom lover is gone now, I guess not she’s back.  Feeling her fingers in my hair again.  I just asked who are you, come to me show yourself.  Still feeling her fingers in my hair but no sign or sight of her other than that.  I guess it could be a twin flame reaching through time to give me love again.  I do know some very magical women.

I miss two of them very much.  Over the years they and I have grown apart.  It’s a thing that happens when someone is as busy as I was. Getting my TV pilots going, teaching classes, and traveling so much.  There is a strange thing that happens to the friends I knew.  Some of them get envious of what I have done. Being on TV, having a number 1 radio show with 45K listeners. That makes negative energy and they start to say things about me that make them feel better about who they are and what they haven’t done yet. Writing a book about Magical love doesn’t make your reputation higher. It’s taking longer than I thought as I keep getting distracted with the research.

That sort of reputation doesn’t attract your old friends to come on by and say hi.  Some feel guilty about what back stabbing they did, or unworthy about how they treated me.  When the universe sends me a touch of love it just makes me sad to remember those that I loved the most were turned away by those small petty people that used to call themselves my friends. For some odd reason my success made my so called friends feel small, it hurt them to see the power I walk with.  Rumors, negative energy, envy, all conspire to change what could have been an epic romance into just a magical memory.

I call the grandfather and grandmother spirits, and all the nations that love me.  I ask them to give this blessing to me and others like me that are missing our twin flame.  To have that flame know we love them and would welcome them back into our lives. To clear away all that negative energy made by others and ourselves, and leave only a clear path for us to follow to an epic romance.  I ask that those that have loved deeply have their hearts mended so they can love even more deeply than ever before. I ask that those that feel hurt, that spread rumors, that can’t take the high road be forgiven so they can move on.  In a great and powerful way I ask that the blessing I should have given be given. I thank the nations and spirits gathered.