Spring time traditionally it’s a time of rebirth, growth. A sign from nature that the cycle of life begins again. Last year I began my apprentice program. My first apprentice Susan, Thunder Angel, has come so far from where she began. Talk about growth, in my time with her she has shown me how much a person who is motivated can do.
I met Susan last year in a magical place called Llynyas in Freeland WA. At our first meeting she said, I know you’re my new teacher. At that time I was resisting having an apprentice program, the spirits had a different opinion. This thoughtful woman’s comment stayed with me for hours. Not knowing anyone in the area I consulted my class list and called her to ask where a good place to eat was. I always ask the locals as they usually know where the best food can be found. Traveling as much as I do you get to know where to eat and where not to. She told me a little place up the road was a good place for breakfast and would I like company. Another one of those things I dislike doing, eating by myself. Of course I said yes. So it began, our journey into apprenticeship and friendship.
Yes, it does sound like I love Susan, and I do. I dare you not to love her, she is a powerful healer, oracle, teacher and friend. The passion she leads her life with inspires me. Her life has been hard, tempered in the fire; she has come out the other side stronger than ever. She has a dedication to being the best she can be every day, working hard at maintaining that level of excellence all the while.
If your in trouble, there isn’t a better friend to have. If you need a hand she is the first person to call. If you need healing, one of the best people to have work on you. I was on a hike last summer. The trail was so steep it had stairs. Just so you know I am a computer potato. A hike was probably not the best idea to start my exercise, I realized this as my heart was pounding in my ears. I had to sit down at the wonderful little benches provided just for that on the trail. My back hurt, my chest hurt and I was thankful to just sit and breathe. Susan was along and was staying with me as the others in my group went on ahead to the falls we were going to.
About ¾ of the way there I stopped and decided just to wait for them to come back. Susan asked me if I was ok? I said Not sure, my chest hurts, its hard to breathe and I can hear my heart pounding in my ears. Then she said, do you want me to heal you? Not even a mention of try to heal you but heal you, talk about confident! I said yes please.
Have to admit I am the worst at letting an energy healer work on me, I demand results immediately. Of course I am also resistant, not a good combination if your in trouble. Did I trust my apprentice to be able to use what I had taught her. Yes! She proceeded to heal me in her way, channeling the free energy into me. Folks I work with tell me they feel like they are floating after I work on them, I had never had that feeling till that day. The pain in my chest went away in a minute, the pounding in my head stopped, I could breathe again. The others came back and I rested a bit more, just enjoying the feeling of being healed. Then they walked down the trail and I floated down the trail. I didn’t stop but one time to sit on a bench and wasn’t on it but a few minutes before I floated down the rest of the way.
In November I took a tread mill test for my hear. While there I had some fun with the Doctor and the Medical Technician. The goal of the test is to get your heart rate up to 145 beats per minute. The test is automated, they hook up some wires to a machine that measures your heart beat and more. My base line was 62 beats per minute. The tread mill went a little faster and tilted up a little more, my heart beat went up to 83. I said I liked 62 so lets go back to 62 and the computer monitor went back to 62 beats per minute. After a couple more minutes the machine increased in speed and tilted up again. Heart beat 87, I said I like 71, lets go to 71 and the monitor showed my heart beat drop to 71. This went on for about 15 minutes and the Medical tech said this test is going to take a long time if you keep doing that. I laughed and said ok, I am going to let your test continue with out my playing with it. 5 minutes later we were done. In my heart healed, yes, I passed my tread mill test. Did I heal it myself, no, my Dear first Apprentice did that.
As if that wasn’t enough, Dear Susan is gifted in many ways. I was in Las Vegas with my pal Kirk, just having a good time and checking out a radio station for my radio show. Kirk and I are walking down the strip and I get this phone call from Susan and Sheelin, They were saying, Hey why are you guys sniffing and what has that got to do with strippers? Kirk and I laugh. We had been in Down Town Las Vegas and were watching the big screen roof when a woman from a gentleman’s club came up and handed us some tickets to get into her club. Her perfume was nice but over whelming. Being the logical folks Kirk and I are we associated this perfume scent with strippers. As we moved through the crowds of people on the strip we would occasionally catch this scent in the air. So we would sniff, laugh at each other, while reaching for our wallets and some $1 bills, and say Strippers! Kind of scary that she would know that. Kind of spooky to know your broadcasting your private joke to your apprentices. Sheelin called about 10 minutes later and asked the same thing. You know I am really going to have to work on my personal energy shield while I am on vacation.
Susan came up with an idea for a class that I would never have thought of. Women’s Empowerment, most of the women I meet are already powerful. The class was designed to give women who are not apprentices a spiritual tool kit that apprentices have. Did I mention she also does a card reading with her computer?
The best thing about Susan is her voice. She uses it to let you know exactly what she thinks and feels. Some times that is a good thing. Other times it’s a voice of reason, caution or encouragement. I know that I would not be where I am today without Susan in my life. There have been many apprentices since the first one. Susan is my Red Dragon at the gates to apprenticeship. She interviews the apprentice candidate and uses her discernment to tell if they have what it takes to be an apprentice. She has never been wrong, if she thinks an apprentice won’t last long, invariably they don’t. If she thinks they are just right, they are still apprenticing.
Throughout this last year I have learned many things from Susan, and she from me. To date I have lost 32 pounds, and am now 197, 7 more pounds to reach my goal of 190. I am sure she helped with that by telling me to watch what I eat. Even when she is upset with me she is still there for me. Susan continues to be a blessing in my life.
May you all be blessed with a special friend in your life that tells you when you about to screw things up and isn’t afraid to tell you so. May that friend be a blessing in your life.
Walks With Thunder